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15 Dog Cartoons to Make Every Owner Chuckle

These funny dogs will make you sit, stay, and beg for more.

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cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Runner dog

I promised him a treat at the end of this! For more laughs, check out these cartoons that prove daily life is funnier than any stand-up comedy routine.

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"I'll only give yo the paper if you promise not to let the news upset you."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Top dog

Sometimes dogs have to watch out for their owners.

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Dog wants to take a nap and is jealous of cat on owner's lap, "My life philosophy can be expressed thusly: I like naps, and don't share laps".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Cat has to go

 Dogs get first dibs on their humans’ laps. Check out these animal jokes that find humor in beasts big and small.

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"For the record, Sumo wrestling is a rotten way to choose top pet."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Top pet

Dogs always win. No competition is necessary.

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"He's reacting to a shift in the market that only he can hear."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

High frequency

Does anyone else hear that? Find out 11 seriously cool “superpowers” that all dogs have.

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Business cartoon of business dog and business cat, each with a chart solving a problem. 'How to address a problem: two methods'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Cat versus dog

They have slightly different ways of approaching things. If you’re more of a cat person, check out these hilarious cat memes that will make you laugh every time.

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"Remember we don't beg we make a list."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Christmas pups

Begging will mean no bones under the tree.

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Business cartoon showing a meeting, a leader pointing to manager dog and saying, 'As an expert in loyalty, Fido will create an emotional bond with each customer'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Office dog

He’s going to bring in the most customers. These hilarious work cartoons will help you get through the week.

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The farm dog is helping the farmer by driving the tractor and the farmer says to his friend, "Now THAT is a great farm dog!".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Hard worker

He only does it to eat all the corn he collects. These dog videos will make you crack up.

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cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Digging for days

How come there aren’t any bones down here?

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"Dad, the team feels your feeding leadership is lacking."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Dog dad

 We demand more play time! Check out these hilarious dog puns that will give you paws.

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"Excuse me, EXCUSE ME, what's that you are eating?"Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Don’t eat that!

What’s for dinner tonight?

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"Top dog or not, you gotta slow down."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Top dog

How could anyone give a cute face like that a speeding ticket? For even more laughs, check out these dog memes.

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cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Backseat driver

I think it’s time to invest in a muzzle.

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cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Science pup

I keep losing them in the backyard so now I have to figure out how to make new ones. Canine lovers also need to see these 30 funny dog photos.