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19 Rarely Seen Photos of Royal Siblings

Updated: Jun. 17, 2022

In honor of Sibling Day, we've pulled together some rarely seen photos of members of the royal family with their brothers and sisters.

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Historical Collection 50 Elizabeth Ii with Her Sister Margaret Rose in 1933 - the Chair and the Handbag Were Made by Disabled Soldiers

A future Queen and her little sister

In 1933, the future Queen Elizabeth II stands beside her four-years younger baby sister, Princess Margaret Rose, holding a handbag that was reportedly made by disabled soldiers.

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Britain Lives Of Royal Spares

Same family, divergent destinies

Elizabeth and Margaret were born “minor” royals in that they were the daughters of the Duke of York, who was the second son of the King and therefore not expected to become a monarch. But when King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in December 1936, the Duke of York ascended, thrusting Elizabeth into the role of heir presumptive. Nevertheless, the two always remained close, although this photo from 1955 (when Elizabeth had been Queen for three years already) poetically catches the sisters as they gaze on in different directions.

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Princess Beatrice Pokes Her Tongue Out At Photographers While Playing With Her Sister Princess Eugenie In Klosters. Lp3d Princess Beatrice - Winter Sports
Mike Forster/Daily Mail/Shutterstock

Cheeky sisters

Princess Beatrice of York and her little sister, Princess Eugenie of York, enjoy playing in the snow in Switzerland. Both women are first cousins of Prince William and Prince Harry and are natural redheads, just like Harry. Find out 15 fascinating facts you may not know about Princess Beatrice.

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Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, Kensington Gardens, London, UK - 19 Jun 2018
Richard Young/Shutterstock

The Princesses of York, looking chic in the present

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are still playing happily together, only now Beatrice smiles for the camera at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London’s Kensington Gardens in 2018. Don’t miss these 14 surprising things you never knew about Princess Eugenie.

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Princess Diana taking Prince William and Henry Harry to Wetherby school London, Britain - 1989
Peter Brooker/Shutterstock

Prince Harry and Prince William head off to school

In the mid-1980s, Prince Charles’s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, head off to the Wetherby School in London, a private pre-K program. That’s their mum, Princess Diana, standing behind them in red.

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Prince William and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre, London, UK - 26 Apr 2018

A private joke among public brothers

In April 2018, Prince William joined his younger brother, Prince Harry, who was just one month away from his wedding day at the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre in London. The two share a laugh. Check out these beautiful photos from royal weddings throughout history.

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Children of Edward Vii Circa. 1875

King Edward VII’s five children

Prince Albert Edward was the eldest son of Queen Victoria. “Bertie,” as he was known, grew up to be King Edward VII, but at the time this photo of his five children was taken in 1875, Victoria was still reigning. Bertie’s two sons, Prince George and Prince Albert Victor stand behind their sisters, the Princesses Louise, Maud, and Victoria. George was the second son, but after the tragic death of Albert Victor of flu in 1918, he ascended the throne as King George V.

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Edward, Prince of Wales and Prince Albert - British Royalty

The once and future kings

The two brothers pictured here in their dapper chapeaux are Prince Edward and Prince Albert, the first two sons of King George V. In a highly unusual turn of events, both of these brothers would become Kings… while both were still alive. Here is the scandalous story of how both brothers would become Kings.

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Princess Mary, Prince Edward and Prince Albert, 1902

The future kings with their sister, Princess Mary

Pictured when they were much younger, Edward and Albert are shown with their sister, Princess Mary, who would one day become Princess Royal. The title, “Princess Royal” is an honor the monarch may bestow on his/her eldest daughter. The current Princess Royal is Princess Anne. Here’s how all your favorite royals got their titles.

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Historical Collection 180 Queen Victoria's Nine Children From Portraits by the German Painter Franz Xaver Winterhalter From Left to Right: Princess Vicky of Great Britain(1840-1901 Later Victoria Empress of Germany) Eldest Daughter of Queen Victoria Princess Alice(1843-78 Later Duchess of Hesse-darmstadt) Third Child and Second Daughter of Queen Victoria Prince Alfred 'Affie' (1844-1900 Later Duke of Edinburgh) Second Son and Fourth Child of Queen Victoria Princess Helena 'Lenchen' (1846-1923 Later Princess Christian of Schleswig-holstein) Third Daughter and Fifth Child of Queen Victoria Edward Prince of Wales (1841 - 1910 Later King Edward Vii) Princess Louise (1848-1939 Later Duchess of Argyll) Sixth Child and Fourth Daughter of Queen Victoria Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught (1850-1942) Fourth Son and Seventh Child of Queen Victoria Prince Leopold(1853 - 1884 Later Duke of Albany) Fourth Son of Queen Victoria Princess Beatrice(1857-1944 Later Princess Henry of Battenberg) Youngest Child of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria’s baseball team-sized brood

When you have nine children, you need a cheat sheet to keep them all straight! Pictured here are all Queen Victoria’s children, from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Princess Victoria “Vicky,” Princess Alice, and Prince Alfred ‘”Affie”
  • Princess Helena “Lenchen,” Prince Edward (later King Edward VII), and Princess Louise
  • Prince Arthur, Prince Leopold, and Princess Beatrice.

Queen Victoria was a talented artist, and one of her daughters was a famous sculptor.

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VARIOUS Princess Louise, Prince Arthur and Prince Leopold, three children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, 1856.
Universal History Archive/UIG/Shutterstock

The ones in the middle

The three siblings shown here in 1856, Princess Louise, Prince Arthur, and Prince Leopold, are three out of four of the youngest children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The youngest sibling, Princess Beatrice, would not be born until 1857.

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Historical Collection 9 Queen Victoria with Her Youngest Daughter Princess Beatrice (princess Henry of Battenberg 1857-1944) 1819 - 1901

Queen Victoria’s “Baby”

Many people believe Queen Victoria wasn’t particularly maternal. But she is believed to have had a favorite child—the youngest of her brood, Princess Beatrice. Queen Victoria referred to as Beatrice as “Baby” and showered her with more attention than her other siblings, resulting in enduring bitterness on the part of her older brother, the eventual King Edward VII.

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Prince Of Wales - 26th May 1954 Prince Charles And Princess Anne Pictured Framed In The Window Of The Royal Train When They Arrived At Balmoral For A Holiday....royalty
Daily Mail/Shutterstock

The eldest children of Queen Elizabeth II

When this photo was taken in 1954, Princess Anne and Prince Charles were the only two children of Queen Elizabeth II. The next to be born, Prince Andrew, wouldn’t come along until 1960, and the fourth and last, Prince Edward, was born in 1964.

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Prince Edward with Princess Andrew, London, Britain
Lisa Sheridan/AP/Shutterstock

The next two

Prince Andrew is ten years younger than Princess Anne and 12 years younger than Prince Charles, which meant that he and younger brother Prince Edward barely shared their childhood with their elder siblings. The two younger brothers are pictured here in 1966 on Edward’s second birthday. Find out 18 things you didn’t know about the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Sarah, Duchess of York.

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Trooping the Colour ceremony, London, UK - 17 Jun 2017
Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

Half a century later…

In June 2017, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew are still “playing” together as they ride in a carriage at the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony. Here’s more about Trooping the Colour, one of the 10 royal traditions you might not know about.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with members of their family on the occasion of a dinner hosted to mark their forthcoming Diamond Wedding Anniversary, Clarence House, London, Britain - 18 Nov 2007

The four siblings together

Marking their forthcoming Diamond Wedding Anniversary at Clarence House in London in 2007, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh enjoy a photo opportunity with their four children, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Charles. Don’t miss these 23 rarely seen photos of the royal family throughout the years.

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Royals At Sandringham 1988. The Queen Elizabeth Ii And Prince Philip With Their Grandchildren Prince''s Harry And William With Master Peter Phillips And Sister Zara And The Prince And Diana Princess Of Wales Looking On At A Vintage Fire Engine In The
Mike Forster/Daily Mail/Shutterstock

Siblings and the next generation of siblings

In 1988, Princess Anne and Prince Charles brought their respective kids together, along with their parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The children, pictured left to right, are Prince Harry, Zara Phillips (the daughter of Princess Anne), Prince William, and Peter Phillips (the son of Princess Anne).

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Andy Murray V Roger Federer Wimbledon Final. Hrh The Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton (right) And Her Sister Pippa Middleton In Royal Box During The Trophy Prsentation. The Championships Wimbledon 2012 8th July 2012 Day Thirteen Pic: Murray Sander
Murray Sanders/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

Kate and Pippa

The former Kate Middleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) and her sister, Pippa Middleton, hang out together watching Andy Murray play Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2012.

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The Christening of Prince Louis, London, UK - 09 Jul 2018

A new sibling for Charlotte and George

Princess Charlotte and Prince George hold the hands of their father, Prince William as the family arrives at the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace for the christening of their new baby brother, Prince Louis, who is being carried by their mum, Kate Middleton. Read on for 21 rarely seen candid photos of the royal family.