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36 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Coworkers, Friends and Neighbors

Take the guesswork out of your Secret Santa shopping. We've got the right gifts at the right price for anyone who ends up on your list.

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37 Best Secret Santa Gifts Ft Via MerchantRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Holding a Secret Santa gift exchange makes a lot of sense when you have a big group of people who want to celebrate the season. But what do you buy that secret someone? We’ll take the guesswork out of finding Secret Santa gifts, even for those who have everything.

What is Secret Santa?

For a traditional Secret Santa experience, members of a group all put their names in a drawing, then each person picks someone anonymously. You’re the Secret Santa for the person you draw, and you’ll pick out a gift based on what you know about the recipient. This group sets parameters for how small or elaborate each gift should be beforehand.

What are good Secret Santa gifts?

There’s definitely an art to choosing the perfect Secret Santa gifts. For colleagues, neighbors, book club members or even close friends, it’s all about homing in on what you know about the person, even if it’s the tiniest nugget of information, and choosing a present that speaks to their interests (maybe incorporating a little humor). Or you can go with something that’s universally appealing and simply qualifies as a fabulous gift for any man or woman in your life.

We’ve got dozens of affordable and unique Secret Santa gift ideas for you to choose from, and even better, many of these gifts can be delivered at the last minute. If you’re looking for a white elephant gift, some of these gift ideas will certainly work, though you’ll also want to take a look at these gag gifts that will get anyone laughing.

Chefn Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the sweet tooth: Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

Anyone on your Secret Santa gift list who loves ice cream will enjoy the simple process of making it at home. The Chef’n Sweet Spot ice cream maker is a handy kitchen gadget that allows the recipient to control what goes into it, whether they want to make their sweet treat dairy-free, sugar-free or vegan. It also makes slushies and frozen margaritas. Hopefully, this gift will score you an invite to their next gathering.

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Acrylic Paint Tool Medium Art Set Ecomm Via Artzea.comvia merchant

For the amateur artist: Arteza Acrylic Paint Set

If you’re looking for Secret Santa gifts for artists, here’s a set to consider. We love that Arteza’s acrylic paint set fits so many high-quality art supplies in this package that even a first-time artist can easily use. It includes 24 acrylic paints, one paint palette, one painting knife, five paintbrushes, three painting pads and a storage case for it all.

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Nail Polish Set Eternal 5 Piece Kit Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the one who’s always polished: Eternal Nail Polish Set

This nail polish set is free of 21 harmful ingredients commonly used in beauty products. It doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, either. We love that these festive colors add just the right amount of pizzazz during the holiday season—and all year long. This set makes a great gift for tweens.

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Hallmark Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu Decoupage Christmas Tree Ornament Ecomm Via Target.comvia merchant

For the Star Wars enthusiast: Baby Yoda Christmas Tree Ornament

Baby Yoda, the adorable creature from The Mandalorian, has become an online sensation in the past few years thanks to his adorable big eyes. This Christmas tree ornament lets any Star Wars fan proudly display perhaps the most popular character in the series. At $7, it’s also a smart pick if you’re looking for cheap gifts to maximize your holiday budget. The ornament is a high-quality present that doesn’t break the bank.

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Traybo Laptop Tray Ecomm Via Yogibo.comvia merchant

For the work-from-home professional: Traybo 2.0 Laptop Desk

Who wants a desk when you can have a lap desk? If your giftee likes to switch up their scenery while they work, this fabric and bamboo tech accessory will be a lifesaver. We love that it’s designed to conform perfectly to any lap, and it has a built-in groove to hold a tablet or smartphone, too. Plus, it comes in six different colors, so you can choose the one that best matches their home office decor.

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Knot Pillow Ecomm Via Bearaby.comvia merchant

For the hugger: Bearaby Hugget

The hugger in your life is certain to smile big when they receive the Hugget! It’s like a hug when one isn’t readily available. Beyond that, it’s a pillow that has the look of a pop art sculpture. It was designed to soothe your senses and help relieve stress, which also makes it a good present for coworkers and family members alike who are trying to de-stress.

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Procase Tablet Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the business traveler: ProCase Laptop Bag

This reviewer-favorite laptop sleeve, which has more than 29,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, is sleek, stylish and does its job of protecting 14- to 15.6-inch laptops. We love that it comes in a variety of striking color combinations. Plus, its price is on point for a lower-budget Secret Santa gift.

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Two Room Set Sonos Speaker Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the music lover: Sonos Speaker Set

Big sound comes in a small package with this set of smart speakers. It empowers music fans to enjoy their favorite tunes throughout their homes, and it offers a deep, high-quality, powerful sound as well as a compact design that fits easily into almost any space. Choose this if you’re looking for gifts for music lovers.

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Wanderlust Packs Ecomm Via Puravida.braceletsvia merchant

For jet-setters: Pura Vida Wanderlust Bracelets

With their lovely compass and mountain designs, this eye-catching bracelet trio will make your giftee want to plan their next adventure. Better yet, the set supports a great cause, providing jobs to artisans around the world and partnering with charities that make an impact. It even comes in recyclable packaging, so you can feel extra good about giving this eco-friendly gift.

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Things They Dont Teach You In School Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the game night lover: Things They Don’t Teach You in School Trivia Game

With more than 400 questions, this trivia game is ideal for your office party or next family gathering. Want to know why the Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows or when shampoo was invented? We bet you do now!

This is one of those Secret Santa gift ideas that also makes a great stocking stuffer for family members, not to mention a fun Christmas activity once all the presents are opened.

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Vision Journal Notebook Ecomm Via Erincondren.comvia merchant

For the go-getter: Erin Condren Vision Journal

This spiral journal will encourage anyone with a big goal to go for it. Filled with inspirational quotes as well as brainstorming and reflection pages, this notebook will guide them through the process of achieving their goals in a way that isn’t overwhelming. It also makes a thoughtful gift for a sister or college student who could use a little nudge in the right direction.

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Prank Pack Pet Sweep Prank Gift Box Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the prankster: Pet Sweep Dust Boots

This gag gift box will make the recipient do a double take. At first it appears to be a bizarre, animal-powered debris-removal system. But don’t worry—we aren’t suggesting that Fido get to work. He should, of course, spend his time savoring long walks, eating treats and enjoying belly rubs from you instead. This is just an empty box that you can use to cover the real gift!

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Samsonite Tote A Ton Inch Duffel Bag Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the weekend adventurer: Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag

Who doesn’t want to keep things simple during the complex travel process? This classic Samsonite duffel bag is great for packing anything you need to get away for a weekend, and it also works as a great carry-on when paired with other luggage for longer adventures. We love its many interior and exterior pockets to keep things organized. This duffel bag is also a good gift for a boss—a practical present that also encourages time off!

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Iris Usa Woozoo Air Circulator Fan Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the one who runs hot: Personal Fan

If your giftee is always complaining about the heat, this quiet fan will give them the cooling relief they so desperately desire. It works for the office or a bedroom, and it’s so light, they can easily tote it from room to room, depending on their needs that day.

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Lasko Heating Space Heater Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the one who runs cold: Lasko Space Heater

Your always-cold coworker might actually stop wearing their bulky winter coat in the office if they have a Lasko space heater on their desk. This space heater is just six inches high and four inches wide, and it will provide the perfect burst of heat when they need it most. Bonus: Since it’s low wattage, it can be plugged in anywhere.

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Thoughtfully Gourmet Master Hot Sauce Collection Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the spicy food enthusiast: Hot Sauce Sampler Set

This 30-piece sampler is tailor-made for the person who always orders the hottest dish on the menu. Set their taste buds on fire (in a good way) with a wide range of hot sauces. They’ll need just the littlest bit for a huge impact, so this affordable gift should last a long time.

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Remington Pro Multi Styler With Twist And Curl Technology Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the person with great hair: Remington Pro Multi-Styler

This brilliant multitasking hairstyling device offers the choice to straighten or curl hair, or create the perfect beachy waves. We love that it also has a heat sensor to protect hair from damage. This handy hair tool would also be a good gift for nurses who appreciate anything that saves time in their busy schedules.

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Purezone Mini Portable Air Purifier Ecomm Via Pureenrichment.comvia merchant

For the allergy sufferer: PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier

“Just breathe” is a common wellness phrase, but that’s easier said than done in some settings. This tiny but mighty air purifier from PureZone can change all that, reducing smoke, pet dander, dust or pollen in the air with its carbon-activated pre-filter and HEPA filter. We call it one of the best air purifiers out there.

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The Mom Bomb Classic Gift Handmade Bath Bombs Ecomm Via Tjmaxx.comvia merchant

For busy moms: The Mom Bomb Bath Bomb Gift Set

If you want Secret Santa gift ideas that inspire rest and relaxation, this six-pack of shower bombs is one of the best. Each bath bomb is made with organic argan oil and is both cruelty-free and vegan. The set comes with six bath bombs that give off such aromas as lavender, vanilla, coconut, and flowers. What’s not to love about that? If you’re looking for gifts for your aunt, you just found one!

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Shark Iq Robot Vacuum Self Cleaning Brushroll Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the person who avoids cleaning: Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum

Here’s a vacuum cleaner that’s actually fun to use. Even those who don’t usually enjoy keeping a tidy home will want to use this robot vacuum. It has hands-free voice control, or the recipient can download and use the app to control it. A great option for pet owners, this little robot has enough suction power to handle dander, hair and debris. It even returns to its charger if it runs out of battery mid-run!

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Thankful Heart Keeper Ecomm Via Demdaco.comvia merchant

For the trinket keeper: Thankful Heart Keeper

With the word thankful engraved on top, this heart-shaped trinket holder and keepsake dish will remind them to count their blessings each day. We love that it can be used as a small jewelry box or to put office supplies in. The giftee can make it their own and put things close to their own heart in it.

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Personalized Scented Soy Candle Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the candle collector: Personalized Candle

We adore how you can customize this scented candle in every way possible. To start, choose from a wide variety of scents, including Birthday Cake, Fresh Cut Grass, Lavender Vanilla and Fresh Linen. Then, personalize the type of label the gift recipient would most appreciate and write a detailed, personalized message that can be as serious or silly as you’d like.

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Lip And Nail Duet Lippmann Ecomm Via Nordstrom.comvia merchant

For the beauty buff: Deborah Lippmann Lip & Nail Duet

Available in 11 colors, this nail-and-lip set from celebrity nail guru Deborah Lippmann comes with a CBD-infused lip gloss and a treatment-enriched nail polish. We love that the top-notch polish gives nails a gel manicure look without the damage, while the gloss has hyaluronic acid to promote plumper, healthier lips. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for beauty lovers.

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Aspects Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the birdwatcher: Hummingbird Feeder

A hummingbird feeder provides much-needed sustenance to the birds and gives your giftee a great view of these gorgeous creatures as they gather in the yard. We love how it’s designed with a built-in ant moat, and it’s easy to clean.

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Quartet Glass Desktop Computer Pad Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the organized professional: Glass Desktop Computer Pad

This Secret Santa gift idea will delight the person whose desk is always clean and organized. The top of this computer pad is made of marble and a glass dry-erase board, and there’s storage space underneath for dry-erase markers and other accessories. It fits right between the monitor and keyboard, specifically designed to lay at an angle that’s just right for reading and writing. This is also a cool and useful gift for writers to jot down creative ideas without interrupting their day jobs.

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Enjoy Today Square Throw Pillow Cream Ecomm Via Target.comvia merchant

For the home decorator: Enjoy Today Throw Pillow

We like that this Threshold pillow comes with a reminder to live in gratitude. With its versatile cream color and embroidered design, your friend who’s always looking for that cute throw pillow or perfect complement to a room will appreciate this one. It would also be a great gift for a coworker who loves to beautify their home.

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Vegan Caramel Sweet Laurel Bakery Ecomm Via Goldbelly.comvia merchant

For the vegan: Sweet Laurel Bakery Vegan Caramel

Can you say yum? This delectable organic, vegan caramel topping is perfect as an ice cream topping—or straight out of the jar. They might not believe it’s vegan at first, but it totally is.

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Panel Sound Pickleball Paddle Lightweight Set Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the athlete: Pickleball Paddles Set

Pickleball is a fun game that’s grown in popularity in the last few years, and any sports-loving friend or family member is sure to enjoy equipment to take up this sport. This Pickleball set comes with two high-quality rackets, a carrying case, two cooling towels and four balls. However, if your giftee already has everything they need to play pickleball, check out these other backyard games that are sure to be a hit.

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Caboodles On The Go Girl Sea Foam Lid Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the makeup collector: Caboodles Cosmetics Case

Caboodles first came to massive popularity in the late 1980s, but the brand’s pretty and practical cosmetics cases are back in a big way. The case has a large space at the bottom to store larger items like brushes, with a tray dividing into three compartments at the top. It keeps makeup organized, and it’s easy to clean, too. If you’re looking for Secret Santa gift ideas for girls, they’re sure to have fun with this.

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Tamberlyn Life Is Better With A Dog Sign Ecomm Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

For the dog lover: Dog Yard Flag

For the person who is always doting on their dogs, this yard flag makes a perfect gift. Its cute, dog collar-inspired design is printed on fade- and fray-resistant fabric. This would make a great gift for dog lovers everywhere.

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Handmade Cutting Board Personalized Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

For the happily hitched: Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

Who says you can’t find an inexpensive personalized gift for a Secret Santa gift exchange? You’re Santa—you can do anything! With a little help from Etsy, that is. We love that this sustainably sourced, natural hardwood cutting board can be engraved with your recipient’s name and even a special date. Those little details will make a big impact.

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Echo Show Full Hd Smart Display For Family Organization Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the smart home enthusiast: Echo Show 15

If you’re looking for Secret Santa gift ideas for someone who enjoys talking to Alexa and reveling in ever smart home feature possible, you’ve found the perfect gift with the Echo Show 15. It organizes all the home’s Alexa devices with an easy-to-use screen, making managing the household easy. It’s a cool tech gift you may want to keep for yourself.

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Belula Vegan Dry Brushing Body Brush Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the trend follower: Dry Brush

Not familiar with dry brushing? Celebs from Elle Macpherson to Candace Cameron Bure rave about this beauty trick that improves circulation and uncovers glowing skin. Made of 100% organic sisal bristles, this sturdy dry brush should be used on—you guessed it—dry skin one to two times per week for next-level exfoliation.

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Facial Sheet Mask Glam Up Gift Set Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the spa devotee: Facial Sheet Mask Gift Set

You don’t have to go to a pricey, upscale spa to get a rejuvenating facial experience. This inexpensive gift set of 12 facial masks will give your recipient nearly two weeks’ worth of at-home skin treatments. The moisturizing masks have such scents as lemon and peppermint.

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The Pioneer Woman Willow Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

For the cookbook collector: The Pioneer Woman Cookbook Holder

Rustic and ornate, this pretty cookbook holder will elegantly display their favorite recipes while they whip up dinner or dessert. It has a vintage flair the Pioneer Woman is known for, and it’s made of sturdy acacia wood that easily wipes clean easily. It’s among the best Secret Santa gift ideas for hostesses, too.

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Lifepro Foot Massager Neuropathy Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

For the office worker: Foot Massager

The LifePro foot massager is one of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for those who are seated for long workdays. It’s designed to help provide more efficient blood circulation, and your giftee can use it while seated at a desk. We love that you can easily adjust the angle to your liking, and that it has 30 different speed settings so each session is unique.

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