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The 8 Best Shark Vacuum Accessories to Make Your Machine Even Better

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

Get the most bang for the buck by investing in one of these expert- and shopper-recommended Shark vacuum accessories.

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8 Best Shark Vacuum AccessoriesRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Shark vacuum cleaners are some of the best cleaning machines in the industry. Often compared to Dyson, Shark is one of the most dependable vacuum cleaner brands, producing some of the top robot vacuums, vacuum mop combos, handheld vacuums and vacuums for pet hair. Like Dyson, there are accessories for Shark vacuums that don’t come in the box.

“Vacuum accessories are those extra tools that allow you to successfully and easily clean more than just your carpets and floors,” explains Wendy Trunz, partner at Jane’s Addiction Organization. “Depending on your cleaning needs, there are a few accessories that are worth investing in.”

We rounded up the best Shark vacuum accessories to maximize the potential of your model, helping transform it into the most efficient and effective cleaning machine possible.

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Self Cleaning Pet Power Brush
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Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush

One of the best Shark vacuum accessories to add to your cleaning regimen is the self-cleaning pet power brush. Trunz is a big fan of this tool and says it’s “perfect for removing unwanted pet hair from stairs and upholstery.” It is also useful for loosening ground-in dirt or other types of dried stains.

The kit comes with a variety of fine brushes and precision nozzles for pet hair. Another cool feature? The attachment removes hair wrap as it cleans. Plus, it’s compatible with most corded stick vacuums.

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Home And Car Detail Kit
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Home and Car Detail Kit

No car vacuum or handheld vacuum? No problem! This detail kit, designed for upright vacuums, includes everything you need to clean your car, says Trunz. “It comes with brushes and precision nozzles, plus a flexible hose, all great essentials to keep every car spotless,” she says. You can also use the set to clean other hard-to-vacuum items, like computers, vents and other tight spots and narrow spaces.

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Anti Allergen Dust Brush
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Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

Trying to figure out how to get rid of dust? If you have allergies or live in a particularly dusty house, Trunz loves the Shark anti-allergen dust brush, which is “designed for allergy sufferers in mind,” she says. With “soft angled bristles, it easily removes dust and fine particles from furniture, blinds and more,” she continues.

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Flexible Hose For Extended Cleaning
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Flexible Hose

This flexible hose, designed for Shark Rocket vacuum cleaners, is compatible with most other Shark vacuum accessories, too. It attaches to special brushes and heads, offering extra extension and flexibility for hard-to-reach or high places—the places you’re probably not cleaning. Make sure to check if it’s compatible with your vacuum before purchasing.

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Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment
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Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment

Multitasking cleaning tools, like a vacuum and mop combo, make cleaning the entire house a lot easier. Transform your Shark vacuum into a duster with this dust-away attachment. Not only does it use suction for larger pieces of dust and debris, but the microfiber pads are amazing at picking up fine dust.

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Under Appliance Wand Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Under-Appliance Wand

Cleaning underneath appliances—stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers included—can be difficult. With a unique bend, this extendable wand is designed for effortlessly cleaning underneath low-lying furniture and appliances. And don’t worry about scratches: Flip the tool up for tipped dusting bristles that clean the top of cabinets.

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Canister Caddy
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Canister Caddy

If you have an upright Shark vacuum cleaner with Lift-Away, it can be a pain to carry around the canister. This wheeled floor caddy is designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Simply pull your vacuum around like a cylinder and roll around the house to clean your carpet and hardwood floors with all the Shark vacuum accessories you need on board.

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Robot Botboundary Strip
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Robot BotBoundary Strip

The best robot vacuums are definitely worth the investment—and so are your belongings. These clever strips are the most useful when it comes to Shark robot vacuum accessories. A BotBoundary Strip creates no-go zones around areas you don’t want your robot vacuum to clean. This includes places it’s likely to get stuck or in front of fragile furniture and other places you shouldn’t vacuum.

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About the Expert

  • Wendy Trunz is a partner at Jane’s Addiction Organization, a complete lifestyle service designed to de-clutter and organize your home and your life one space at a time.