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14 Things You’re Not Buying from Walmart—But Should

Walmart has always been known for its low prices, but we bet you didn’t know you could go there for must-have deals on these quality items.

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Next stop: Walmart

It’s no secret that “cheap” is not always a good thing. The notoriously low prices at Walmart can lead some people to steer clear, thinking their offerings may not be top quality. But as Walmart continues to roll out new product lines, expand its online offerings, and even offer grocery delivery, shopping experts are starting to take notice. These are the things they think you should be buying there. Plus, check out these things you should only be buying at Walmart.

mattress texture tissue jacquard on a white backgroundPavel Mirchuk/Shutterstock


Walmart’s probably not the first place you’d think to look for a new bed, but you’d be surprised! In February 2018, the store launched to sell its own brand of affordable mattresses and designer-quality bedding. The memory foam mattress starts at just $345 for a full size. The Allswell collection is only available online.

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Toilet paperFotografiaBasica/Getty Images

Paper goods

You might think of Costco as the spot to buy toilet paper or paper towels, but what if you don’t have a warehouse membership? Or what if you don’t need (or have the storage space for!) the enormous amount that you’ll get somewhere like that? Walmart’s a great option! “Walmart has name-brand packages of 24 rolls for around $20, but if you need (or want) less than that, 12 rolls will still only set you back $10,” says Julie Ramhold, a Consumer Analyst with “One thing that’s nice about shopping Walmart’s website as well is that many of the listings have a price breakdown, so you can see if that name-brand or generic is cheaper per square foot and make your choice that way, if you prefer.” Brand does matter, though; Walmart’s Great Value toilet paper fared pretty poorly in a Consumer Reports test, so maybe opt for another brand. In fact, Great Value toilet paper made our list of things you might not want to buy at Walmart.

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Grocery pickup and delivery

Yes, Walmart has followed retailers like Amazon and joined the grocery delivery game. Hundreds of locations now offer same-day delivery. Customers can also order groceries online and pick them up curbside in more than 2,000 stores nationwide. That service is free, while delivery has a $9.95 fee with a $30 minimum purchase. As of June 2019, you can also get a $98 subscription to a year of delivery to bypass the fees (or $12.95 a month).

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CerealJaiz Anuar/Shutterstock

Name-brand food

While you’re making your grocery list for pickup or delivery, make sure you include products from brands like Quaker, General Mills, and Kellogg’s, which Walmart offers deals on. Shopping expert Jonni McCoy told CBS News that she saves about 8 percent buying her favorite Yoplait yogurt at Walmart instead of a local grocery store chain. These are the strangest things you can buy at Walmart.

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You already knew that Trader Joe’s sells cheap wine, but Walmart does, too! In summer 2018, the store launched Winemaker’s Selection, a collection of ten brands of wines from regions around the world, featuring sparkling rosé from France, Chianti from Italy, and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles in California. The best part? Each bottle only costs $10-16. Although you can’t buy any bottles online, the wines are currently for sale at more than 1,100 Walmart locations. You can’t buy these amazing Walmart items anywhere else.

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Holiday decorations

Ramhold says she’s noticed that Walmart rolls out their holiday decorations a little less ridiculously early than other stores, especially warehouse stores that need to get them out on the earlier side. But the prices are still competitive! “The only thing is to scout the aisles early before the selection gets picked over,” she advises. Prefer to pick up discounted décor after the holiday is over? “There will be significant markdowns, but there also might be a very depleted inventory.” So it sounds like lots of people are on the holiday-cheer-at-Walmart bandwagon. You’ll be surprised by (and maybe get a laugh from!) the craziest things Walmart employees have seen at work.

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Cute clothes

No longer should you go to Walmart just to buy socks and plain white T-shirts. Ellen DeGeneres has her own fashion line, Ev1, sold exclusively at Walmart. The trendy collection includes sneakers, jeans and jean jackets, sweatshirts, and shirts with positive messages like “Love” and “Dream.” All of these fun pieces are less than $30.

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Photo PrinterShutter B Photo/Shutterstock

Photo prints

Drugstores may not be the best place for printing photos after all. Walmart charges only $0.09 per 4×6 photo for home delivery and in-store pickup and $0.25 for one-hour pickup. Walgreens and CVS both charge $0.33 per 4×6 photo for same day pickup. Check out these insider secrets to help you save at all your favorite stores.

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Party supplies

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or an office celebration, stop at Walmart before your usual party store. There are several $0.97 party essentials available in-store, from tablecloths to balloons to candles.

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School office supplies on a tableslava17/Shutterstock

Office and school supplies

Pens, printer paper, envelopes, and other office essentials will often cost less at Walmart than at Staples (as long as Staples isn’t having a sale, according to Walmart is also a great back-to-school stop, too, Ramhold says. “It’s not uncommon to see excellent deals on multi-packs of pens and pencils at Walmart during back to school season, but the best deal that sticks out to me is one subject notebooks for 25 cents and folders for even less,” she told On the other hand, here are the things you think are cheaper at Walmart—but aren’t.

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Select bakeware

Bakeware at Walmart can be hit or miss, but Ramhold says that you can actually find some really great deals! “As of this writing, a 9″ glass pie plate was as expensive as $24 on Amazon—if you want better prices, you’d have to opt for multi-packs,” she says. “But if you only need one pie plate, that’s kind of overkill. Instead, shop Walmart, where the same pie plate is as little as $9.” Check out these 10 gorgeous kitchen items you can find at Walmart.

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Camping gear

If you and your family are casual campers, save money by getting basic tents and air mattresses at Walmart. “We’ve found two-person tents at Walmart for $26 as well as eight-person family options for as low as $129. A shopper could easily pay three times that at a traditional camping store,” Sakraida told Go Banking Rates.

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Macro image showing texture and details of a plush, terry cloth bath towel.Marie C Fields/Shutterstock


Move over, Bed Bath and Beyond. Walmart sells six-piece bath towel sets for as little as $11! Don’t miss the top-selling Walmart product from every state.

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Starbucks coffee

It’s shocking, we know, but you can buy Starbucks coffee outside of a Starbucks coffee shop. A 12 oz. bag of most ground coffee flavors will cost you $7.99 at Target, but a dollar less at Walmart. Amazon has slightly cheaper prices, but in most cases, you either need to buy a six-pack of 12 oz. bags or subscribe to Prime Pantry, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Next, find out the 15 things you’re not buying from Costco—but should.

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