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This Is the Top-Selling Walmart Product in Every State

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Walmart looked at its online sales from 2017 and pinpointed the weirdest of the top 25 items from each state. Can you guess who buys the most cinnamon toothpaste or flannel shirts?

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close up set of crayons and mix color

Alabama: Crayons

The question is: Do Alabamans splurge for the coveted 64-pack?

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Bottle with non-freezing liquid for windshield washer standing on the engine of a car in front of a road with cars in winter outdoors
Georgy Dzyura/Shutterstock

Alaska: RV and marine antifreeze

You’re totally playing into your own stereotype, Alaska. If you’re traveling state lines, check out the best RV park in every state.

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Arizona: Dolls

LOL—surprise! Arizona {hearts} these little cuties. These are the strangest things you can buy at Walmart.

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Chocolate, Chocolate Candy, Truffle.
Billion Photos/Shutterstock

Arkansas: Chocolate

Who can’t totally agree with Arkansas’s sweet choice? Polite people will never do these things at Walmart. 

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Close of ground chocolate flavored plant protein with a plastic measuring scoop.
BW Folsom/Shutterstock

California: Protein powder

You might have expected this of “Los Angeles”—land of Hollywood celebrity wannabes, but the entire state? Word to the wise: Taking too much protein powder could be dangerous.

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Close up view of M&M's on the supermarket shelf.
Faizal Ramli/Shutterstock

Colorado: M&M’s Peanut

Forget the plain old classic variety—Coloradans go nuts for the sunny yellow wrapper.

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Ghost in the Shell movie poster. This movie is about a cyborg policewoman attempts to bring down a nefarious computer hacker.
Faiz Zaki/Shutterstock

Connecticut: Ghost in the Shell DVD

This DVD didn’t come out until halfway through the year, so the preorders must have been a mile long. Ghost in the Shell wasn’t set in Connecticut, though. These are the most iconic movie sets in every state.

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Sugar coated gum drops
Robert Hassenpflug/Shutterstock

Delaware: Spiced jelly candy

These old fashioned favorites are a shopping staple in Delaware. Quiz: Name that classic candy.

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Closeup shot of fresh red and yellow apples

Florida: Sparkling cider

Cool, refreshing, nonalcoholic. They must do a ton of celebrating in the Sunshine State!

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Yellow pouf near pink table with a phone in pastel kid's playroom interior with poster on white wall

Georgia: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Ironically, Georgia isn’t the state with the highest birth rate (that honor goes to Utah).

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Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959
Faiz Zaki/Shutterstock

Hawaii: Barbie Farmer Doll

It’s unclear whether these Barbies are farming corn or macadamia nuts, but the kids sure enjoy it. Here are 17 things you probably didn’t know about Barbie.

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My Little Pony - Friendship Is magic is a children's animated fantasy television series
Ekaterina Kupeeva/Shutterstock

Idaho: My Little Pony Mini Collection

In Idaho they can’t get enough of the little plastic ponies in rainbow colors from the iconic kids’ cartoon. Here are 20 cartoons that prove life is funnier than a standup routine.

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Close up of yellow pencils on wooden table. Concept of office work, writing and education.
Lars Hallstrom/Shutterstock

Illinois: Erasers

Hmmm… maybe Illinois makes more mistakes than the rest of us. Ever wonder why you only see no. 2 pencils?

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black coffee and instant coffee with silver spoon in coffee cup on brown wooden table floor, close up top view two cups

Indiana: Instant coffee

Yes, Indiana, we’re totally judging your caffeine choice. Curious fact: Here’s why coffee is called a “cup of joe.”

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Salt pellets for environment friendly cleaning dishes. Used in dishwasher and water softener.

Iowa: Water softening crystals

So, we can assume Iowa is a hard water state. If you’re really looking for a water worry, learn how your water filter might be letting toxins through.

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Stainless and tumbler cup on wooden background

Kansas: Ozark Trail tumblers

…as in the brand, not souvenirs from the Missouri hiking trail. It sure beats drinking out of a plastic bottle. Discover why you should never leave a water bottle in a hot car.

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Printed wedding photos with the bride, a vintage black camera and a black tablet with a picture of bride

Kentucky: 4×6 photo prints

We’re glad someone is still ordering hard copies. Here are 40 funny baby photos that will make you laugh out loud.

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Root Beer
Teepakarn Khamwaen/Shutterstock

Louisiana: Root beer extract

In an era of DIY craft beer, Louisiana may be onto something. Homemade craft root beer could be the next big thing! Pour some into this recipe for Root Beer Float Pie.

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Basic homemade brownie or chocolate cake raw dough in baking pan. Cooking (baking) homemade chocolate cake or brownie.
Oksana Mizina/Shutterstock

Maine: Brownie mix

Hey, we all love a good shortcut in the kitchen. But brownies are just one of the 35 recipes you should know before you’re 35.

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Glue stick, scissors, red marker, colored sheets, paper patterns. Set to create original summer card. Patterns for card making. Stationery. Toddler and preschool art lesson. Wooden background

Maryland: Glue sticks

Can’t beat no-mess craft supplies. Learn about the most famous invention from every state.

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Open fridge full of vegetables and fruits
5 second Studio/Shutterstock

Massachusetts: Refrigerators

Massachusetts seems to be the only state turning to Walmart for big-ticket items like kitchen appliances.

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lavender body care products. Aromatherapy, spa and natural healthcare concept

Michigan: Lavender scented cleaning products

Maybe the rest of the country likes to stick with lemony fresh. Or maybe Michigan is onto the healing powers of lavender.

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Hot Cheetos
Barry Blackburn/Shutterstock

Minnesota: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

In frigid Minnesota, you take your heat where you can find it. Guess where Cheetos ranked in this taste test.

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air fryer

Mississippi: Oil-less fryer

Mississippians are onto the best-kept kitchen secret since sliced bread. Using hot air and little or no oil you can give your favorite fried foods that crispy crunch you crave. But that won’t help these 14 most horrifying fried foods at state fairs.

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One square candy in colorful array of round candies
Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

Missouri: Life Savers candy

Fruity, minty, gummy—it’s all good. Here are 14 ridiculous things people actually believed as kids, and one of them is about Life Savers.

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Close up photo of young friends playing video games in living room. Focus on hands and controllers
Dima Sidelnikov/Shutterstock

Montana: Madden NFL video games

Sort of ironic for a state without its own NFL team. Here are 8 reasons video games might just be better for you than books.

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Makeup products for flawless complexion: concealer, foundation, powder with professional make-up brushes

Nebraska: Pressed makeup powder

Lookin’ good, Nebraska. But give these 27 tricks for naturally glowing skin a try.

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Dog Treats (Dog Food, Dog Chews, Snack)

Nevada: Dog treats

Nevada loves their labs, bulldogs, and German shepherds. Find out the most popular dog breed in every state.

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Toothbrushe and toothpaste in the bathroom close up.
DUSAN ZIDAR/Shutterstock

New Hampshire: Cinnamon flavored toothpaste

Interesting, but we’ll still stick with mint. Read why cinnamon can curb food cravings, along with 7 other health benefits.

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Children's and adults legs underwater in the swimming pool
Kateryna Mostova/Shutterstock

New Jersey: Pool salt

Apparently not everyone’s heading to the Jersey Shore to beat the heat. Beware of these 12 hidden pool dangers that could be making you sick.

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Dry food for dog and cat background

New Mexico: Cat food

We can just sense the tension between New Mexico’s purchases and Nevada’s. If you side with New Mexico, here are 16 pictures of sleeping cats that will make you smile.

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Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

New York: Cheerios

Really, New York, you couldn’t even have gone for Honey Nut?

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Delicious sour cream or mayonnaise. Vegetarian mayonnaise without eggs from mustard, milk, vegetable oil and lemon juice.
Julia Wave/Shutterstock

North Carolina: Mayonnaise

Not BBQ sauce, NC? These are the 15 items in your kitchen you probably need to throw out.

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Pink Bubble Gum Background that can be used to provide your message
karen roach/Shutterstock

North Dakota: Watermelon flavored gum

Sounds like someone keeps getting ahold of their parents’ credit card. By the way, kids—this is what really happens when you swallow chewing gum.

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Summer purple water soda drink, Woo-woo cocktail

Ohio: Grape flavored drink mix

We would have gone for fruit punch, personally.

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BBQ sauce
Michelle Lee Photography/Shutterstock

Oklahoma: BBQ sauce

We have to admit, Oklahoma would not have been our first guess for BBQ-loving states—but maybe Tennessee and Texas don’t get their sauce at Walmart.

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Ultrasonic humidifier in the house. Humidification. Vapor
Ahanov Michael/Shutterstock

Oregon: Humidifiers

Leave it to Oregonians to keep it healthy. Here’s how to choose the best humidifier for your space.

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Toshio Chan/Shutterstock

Pennsylvania: Plastic hangers

Word to Pennsylvanians: Splurge for the velvet ones. They take up less closet space. Check out these 12 biggest closet organizing mistakes—and super-easy fixes.

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christmas lights over white painted planks

Rhode Island: Christmas lights

Somebody’s getting into the Christmas spirit!

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piggy bank
Billion Photos/Shutterstock

South Carolina: Coin banks

We hope they’re all piggy shaped.

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South Dakota: Orange juice

Way to go, SD. This is definitely healthier than Ohio’s grape drink mix. OJ is just one of the 7 fruit juices that are healthier than most people think.

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Tennessee: Disney Infinity Power Discs

If you don’t know what they are, don’t ask. It has to do with video games. Learn the 23 secrets Disney employees won’t tell you.

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Ultra slim TV wall mount with super strong weight capacity

Texas: TV wall mounts

How else can you watch the college football games?

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Personal hygiene items on wood background. Metal tweezers, hair clip, nail clippers, and scissors
JIANG HONGYAN/Shutterstock

Utah: Personal travel care kits

If we lived somewhere as beautiful as Utah, we would never travel. Don’t miss these 50 bucket-list travel destinations in every state.

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Canned corn kernels, closeup
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Vermont: Sweet canned corn

Quick and easy dinner option? We can stand behind it. If you don’t know what to do with a can of corn, check out this recipe for Corn Chowder.

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Picnic cooler box with bottles of beer in ice on grass during Australia Day celebration

Virginia: Coolers

With beaches and parks like Virginia’s, coolers are a picnic necessity.

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White swirl icing texture
Lisa Ann Photography/Shutterstock

Washington: Vanilla frosting

Hopefully on top of Funfetti cake!

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little girl on a pink background playing with a doll

West Virginia: My Life As Doll

Did they go for the party planner or beach vacationer?

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Green Bay Packers

Wisconsin: Green Bay Packers bath mat

Of all the Packers gear available, Cheese Heads are really going for the bath mats?

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Close-up background of plaid with vignetting

Wyoming: Flannel shirts

The only thing more stereotypical would have been a cowboy hat. Check out these 50 astonishing facts about all 50 states.

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