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14 Wayfair Pet Products We Didn’t Know We Needed—And Can’t Live Without

Wayfair’s extensive pet product offerings make shopping for all members of your family—even the furry and scaly ones—easier than ever

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Our pets are important members of our family. So it only makes sense that Wayfair, one of the largest online home retailers, has greatly expanded into the pet space to accommodate dogs, cats and everything in between (yes, even chickens).

From cooling dog beds and cat perches to chicken coops and terrariums, Wayfair has become the one-stop for spoiling ourselves and our pets. Here are the top pet products from Wayfair that we’re buying right now.

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Enclosed Litter Box

Cats prefer privacy when doing their business, and we prefer keeping cat business conducted within our home private. That’s why the Littell Enclosed Litter Box—which perfectly conceals your cat’s litter box and all associated messes and odors—feels like a win-win for all parties involved. With over 7,000 reviews and a 4.6-star average rating, this enclosure features Ecoflex material, which is non-toxic and resistant to moisture and odor. Available in four colors, this aesthetically-pleasing piece blends in seamlessly with your décor and features a front door for easy access and cleaning.

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New Puppy Configurable Starter Kit

If you’re wondering what you need before you get a new puppy, this customizable new puppy starter kit helps cross a few things off the list. With over 22,000 reviews, this kit includes a dog bed pad, a dog crate and an elevated dog dish. But wait, there’s more! The elevated dog dish slides open to reveal storage space for dog food or accessories, and the dog crate doubles as a side table furniture piece for your home. It’s completely configurable—you select the kit components based on your preference and pup’s needs.

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Furniture Protector Bolster

If your dog puts the “fur” in furniture, then the Delilah Furniture Protector Bolster is for you. Not only does it protect your furniture from pet hair and stains, it provides a cozy place for your dog to lounge right alongside you. Available in five colors and four sizes, this bolster has several options to fit any size dog and coordinate with any style of furniture. The super soft, plush material is machine washable, and the bottom layer is water resistant for added protection against stains or spills.

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Kimmel 58-Inch Cat Condo

Cats can be difficult to please, but we think they’d be pretty impressed with the Kimmel Condo. This 3-in-one cat condo includes everything your kitty needs: A cat tower for lounging and playing (perch, cat cafe and scratch post included), an elevated bowl stand for food and water and a hidden litter box enclosure area (which also works for storage or additional cat lounging). For multiple pet households, it’s worth mentioning that the bowl stand and litter box are out of Fido’s reach! Available in two colors, this condo blends in with any home décor, and the removable, washable cushions and veneered surface make this piece easy to clean.

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Seat Belt-Compatible Travel Pet Bed

From quick errands to long road trips with your pup, this travel pet bed tops the list of things every dog owners need in their car. With safety a priority, this bed attaches to the top of the head rest and secures with your vehicle’s seatbelt. And to keep your pup secure, the travel bed features an adjustable leash strap that attaches to any dog harness. Available in four colors and three sizes, this travel bed suits dogs up to 50 pounds. It’s eco-friendly, durable material is water resistant and washer friendly, making it easy to keep clean for all your adventures.

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12-Inch Plush Nesting Cat Condo

The verdict is in: the plush nesting condo is a feline fan favorite. With four points of entry, the plush travel tunnel features a condo on each end (each equipped with pompom toys for playing) and two scratch pads for sinking claws into. Available in two colors, this multi-purpose cat toy would make a great gift for a multi-cat household. The best part? This tunnel is fully collapsible for easy storage when not in use, or to double as a cozy kitten den for cat naps.

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2-Container Food Storage Set

With more than 4,000 five-star reviews, the Zullo 2-Container Food Storage Set is a winner with pet parents. Featuring two air-tight compartments—12-quart and 33-quart—this storage set is equipped with a food scoop for easy measuring and wheels for added convenience. Use the smaller compartment for treats, accessories or to keep pet food separate (but conveniently accessible) in multi-pet households.

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Breya Scratching Post

If you’ve been wondering how to keep your cat from scratching your furniture, this might be the most adorable solution. This cactus climber and scratching post will provide you with some desert flair and your cat with an outlet to dig their claws into. Lined with sisal twine for optimal scratching, this post also features a plush base and arms perfect for climbing or napping. We love that it also features two balls for stimulation and interactive play. Taking just five minutes to install, this scratching post will provide endless hours of entertainment (and your couch will thank you, too).

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld Vacuum

While the products on this list will bring joy to your pet’s life, we think the Pet Hair Eraser, in particular, will bring joy to yours. Editor-tested and approved (check out the full review here), this lightweight and cordless handheld conveniently captures pet hair and dirt from any surface or crevice of your house, furniture or car—or anywhere else your pet steps foot. Simply charge it up and select between the detachable brush for a deeper clean, or the crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas.

Our Deputy Shopping Editor raves about how convenient and time-saving this little vacuum is: “I cleaned the bottom of my cat tree in less than a minute, even switching between attachments. My couch cushions took about three. The litter mat was the trickiest to clean because it’s designed to trap litter, and that only took about five minutes.”

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Howse Dog Sofa

The Howse Dog Sofa is not your average dog bed. With over 1.4k reviews and a 4.8-star average rating, this sofa is a Wayfair fan favorite and sure to be your pup’s, too. Standing on solid, birch wood legs and featuring a tufted cushion with memory foam padding, this dog bed brings a mid-century modern style to your home décor while providing your pup with a cozy place to retreat in style. And based on customer review images, it looks like cats enjoy it, too! Pair this with some aesthetic dog toys for a chic, pet-friendly home.

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Premier Pet Fountain

Satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to drink from running water with this pet fountain. Featuring a dual filtration system, this fountain provides 60 ounces of clean, flowing water free from dirt, hair, bacteria and unwanted odors. Adjust the flow of the four fountain streams with a knob to your cat’s preference or let them drink from the larger water bowl at the bottom. Not only does this design encourage your cat to drink more, but it avoids a dirty pet bowl, which can actually make your cat sick. This BPA-free fountain is dishwasher safe (aside from the pump), making it easy to keep clean.

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Elevated Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cot

Dogs love sunbathing, and the Elevated Pet Cot is a great way for them to do so while lying on a dry, clean surface that also keeps them cool in the summer. Available in three attractive colors and two sizes, the largest cot can hold a dog up to 70 pounds. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, the cot features a durable, UV-stabilized steel frame with long-lasting knitted fabric that is resistant to water, mold and mildew (and fleas and mites, we might add!). We think this cot would also be a great dog item to pack in the car for your next camping adventure.

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Coffee Table With Cat Resting Place

Multi-functional furniture pieces are not only trendy, they’re smart. There are dog crates that double as side tables, and then there’s this scratch-resistant coffee table that dually serves as a resting place for your cat. Featuring sturdy construction and a natural wood grain color, this table houses two compartments—one for books and other household items, and one for your cat. With two entry points, the cat compartment comes equipped with a cozy bed for your cat to lounge on. Pair it with a cat-proof couch and your living room is complete!

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Steel Play Top Floor Bird Cage

Wayfair doesn’t just cater to dogs and cats. A quick visit to Wayfair’s pet products page, and you’ll find terrariums, rabbit hutches, fish tanks and this highly rated bird cage. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, this wrought-iron cage features a playpen on top with a perch and ladder for playtime, four stainless steel cups and slide-out drawers for easy cleaning. It also comes equipped with a bird-proof latch for safety and wheels for convenient transport for when your feathered friend wants a change of scenery.

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