Nicest Places

After hearing all your stories and submissions, we’ve found some of the nicest places in America. From metropolitan miracles to small-town hidden gems, our nation’s capacity for human kidness will amaze you. Did your town make the list?

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These Are the 50 Nicest Places in America, According to Our Readers

This list of our 50 Nicest Places in 2020 came from over 1,000 stories sent to us by readers. Check out next year's Nicest Places at

BBC Finds Hope for Unity in Reader’s Digest Nicest Place in America

BBC U.S. correspondent James Coomarasamy visited the 2020 pick for the Nicest Place in America to see what makes this...

Incredible Generosity Makes Red Handed Tattoo in Shreveport the Nicest Place in Louisiana

Learn how the owner of one small-town tattoo shop made a big difference.

Caring for Neighbors Makes Yardley the Nicest Place in Pennsylvania

Coronavirus couldn't stop this congregation's spirit of giving.

Walking the Walk Makes Rio Vista the Nicest Place in California

Find out why this small town was voted the nicest place in California.

Kid Power Makes Gaithersburg the Nicest Place in Maryland

In a time when we need kindness more than ever, young people are stepping up in this Maryland city.

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Fighting COVID-19 and Racial Injustice, Buchanan, Michigan, Is the Nicest Place in America

In 2020, we received a record number 1,177 story submissions to our annual search for the Nicest Places in America...

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Q&A: Mitch Albom Talks Kindness Through the COVID Crisis and the Nicest Place in America

We sat down with Tuesdays With Morrie best-selling author and moral voice of America Mitch Albom to discuss the...

Americans Surprisingly United Locally—Though Nationally, Divided as Ever, Survey Shows

Americans feel more unity with those in their local communities, even as they see the country as divided as ever.