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Nicest Places

After hearing all your stories and submissions, we’ve found some of the nicest places in America. From metropolitan miracles to small-town hidden gems, our nation’s capacity for human kidness will amaze you. Did your town make the list?

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    Uniting in the Face of Deadly Blizzards and Tragedy, Buffalo, New York, Is the Nicest Place in America

    Despite natural disasters, shooting tragedies and Damar Hamlin's near-death experience, Buffalo's community is stronger than ever

    Damar Hamlin: Thank You, Buffalo

    In this touching letter, Damar Hamlin reflects on the support he's received from the Buffalo community, 2023's Nicest Place in...

    How Unity Park Heals a Decades-Old Racial Injustice and Unites a Community

    This park rights a historic wrong and brings people together with nature

    This Flower Farm Delivers Free Flowers to Spread Cheer—and Fight Pollution

    This nonprofit is spreading smiles and saving the earth, one bouquet at a time

    A Devastating Flood Brings Out the Best in a Small Town

    When the floodwaters rose in Red Lodge, Montana, so did a river of helping hands

    Tasty Ribs and Helping Hands: Mark BBQ Serves 170,000 Meals to Those in Need

    In addition to brisket burgers, this restaurant offers free meals and second chances