Survival Stories

In times of struggle and strife, humanity always finds a way. When the the clock runs low and the chips are down, these unbelieavable stories of survival will remind you of the strength of the human spirit.

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    12 Titanic Survivors: What Happened to Them Next

    That fateful night was the beginning of the rest of their lives—for better or for worse.

    25 Years After the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Stories of Rescue Will Still Bring You to Tears

    It has been 25 years since a truck bomb ripped through a federal 
office building in Oklahoma City. The tales...

    How Being a Girl Scout Saved My Life

    Their tight-knit Buddy System was a literal life-saver.

    Getting a Second Opinion from a Different Doctor Saved This Man from Potentially Going Partially Bli...

    Rushed appointments. Profits over patients. 
Faulty diagnoses. There are 
plenty of reasons to worry about medical providers today. A veteran...

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    His Parachute Got Stuck on the Plane’s Wheel and He Was Suspended in Midair with Little Chance...

    Almost 80 years after it unfolded in the sky over San Diego, a nearly impossible rescue mission remains one of...

    The Chilling Story of a Wolf That Tore Into a Family’s Tent During the Night

    "Backing out was a wolf, dragging something in his teeth. That thing was a man."

    After a Skewer Impaled This Young Boy in the Face, Doctors Didn’t Know How He Was Still Alive

    The skewer that impaled 
Xavier Cunningham 
below his eye must 
have sliced 
into vital arteries. 
Which left 
doctors asking, 'How...

    5 People Whose Brain Injuries Gave Them New Abilities

    The brain is a powerful organ! Although these people experienced trauma, their brains compensated with some special skills.

    Snow Had Been Falling at This Luxury Italian Resort for Days, Then It Came Barreling Toward the Hote...

    An avalanche turned a luxury hotel into 
an icy coffin, with little chance of finding survivors. But rescuers refused to...

    This Teacher Saved a Cafeteria of Students from an Active Shooter

    Her students now compare her to Chuck Norris.

    What It Feels Like to Be Caught Inside a California Wildfire

    Half inferno, half cyclone, the Carr Fire 
 burned as hot as 2,700 degrees
 and packed winds that turned 

    What It Feels Like to Have a Wildfire Burn Over You, Straight from a Firefighter

    The most dangerous time for a wildfire is late afternoon, when the sun is hot, relative humidity is low, and...

    After Getting into a Scooter Accident in Bali, These Two Americans Almost Lost Their Lives—Then, a F...

    When disaster strands two American tourists in the jungle, unable to walk and unlikely to be found, they have one...

    A 92-Year-Old Avid Hunter Set Out Into the Woods—Until He Realized He Didn’t Know How to Get Back

    It wasn’t the first time Bill McDonnell had 
blazed his own trail in the wilderness. But at 92, he 

    Here’s How Some Soldiers Are Able to Put a Positive Spin on Their Traumatic Experiences

    Don’t let distress sideline you. Turn it 
into a strength instead.

    A Surgeon Saved a Solider from the Brink of Death—Why He Spent 23 Years Wondering If the Rescue Was ...

    A surgeon who saved the life of a shattered, blinded soldier long wondered, Did I do the wrong thing? 

    This Man Risked His Life to Save His Young Neighbor from a Burning Building

    He was the last person who should have 
run into a burning building—he has lung disease.
 But that didn’t stop...

    My “Abdominal Pain” Turned out to Be Colon Cancer

    Amy Driben-Salcedo dismissed the burning in her abdomen as an ulcer—until a colonoscopy revealed she had colon cancer.

    11 People Who Came Back to Life Reveal What They Saw on “the Other Side”

    It's the question we've all asked: What happens after death? These people say they have an idea.

    I Suffered from Severe IBS for 18 Years till One Treatment Changed Everything

    Nearly 16 million Americans suffer from IBS-D, or irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea. Dawn Cobb suffered for almost two decades...

    My “Nagging Headache” Turned out to Be a Stroke

    Her "headache" was a stroke, and it almost killed her. Now she's on a mission to save the lives of...

    I Was About to Lose My Battle with Kidney Cancer—Until This New Treatment Saved My Life

    After Ed Doelp was diagnosed with kidney cancer, he had no idea it would take several surgeries, failed treatments, and...

    How I’ve Outlived My Incurable Kidney Disease for 30 Years

    Polycystic kidney disease is a chronic kidney condition that hits more than half a million Americans. Here's what it's like...

    My Vertigo Turned Out to Be Multiple Sclerosis

    When Michael Weiss couldn't stay upright in the shower, he knew something was wrong. But he still had to see...