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Thank you for your vote!

Here’s how the voting stacks up so far, as of 7/12:

1. Gallatin: 30%
2. Pflugerville High: 20%
3. Rock Hall: 17%
4. Hayesville: 8%
5. Oriole Park8%
6. KidsCycle: NS: 4%
7. Franklin: 4%
8. South Whidbey: 3%
9. Providence: 3%
10. Roger and Shirley Doak’s House: 3%

This is the FINAL UPDATE for the vote totals before the polls close on 7/14. There’s still plenty of time to support your favorite Nicest Place. You can vote every day!

Stay tuned for the November issue of Reader’s Digest magazine, where we’ll be announcing the winner.

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