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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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21 Secrets to Flying with Kids from Flight Attendants and Pilots

Flying with little ones can be harrowing—but it doesn't have to be! We gathered top travel tips from people who...

How to Sleep on a Plane, According to Experts and Frequent Travelers

Air travel isn't always comfy, especially if you need some shut-eye. So we asked sleep experts and travel pros how...

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How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Airplane Seat

You might have more than concerns about your luggage making it to your destination on time to worry about on...

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How to Survive a Plane Crash, According to Science

The odds of being killed on a single airline flight are one in 4.7 million. While crash fatalities are at...

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17 Tricks to Make Your Next Flight Healthier

Stale air, hours of sitting, and close contact with other passengers mean plane rides can take a toll on your...

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8 Things Airline Gate Agents Won’t Tell You

I was lucky enough to be a "gate agent for a day" in Atlanta, and I learned from the experience...

Here’s How to Board a Plane if Your ID Is Lost or Stolen

It's a nightmare situation you want to avoid at all costs. But should you get to the airport with only...

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Flight Attendants Reveal Their Craziest Passenger Stories

Crazy stories go hand in hand with a career in aviation—and none are more shocking than these about unruly passengers.

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This Is the Busiest Airplane Route in America

Regardless of how busy the cities themselves are, some airport pairs send more traffic back and forth than others. Can...

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The One Drink You Should Always Order on an Airplane

It can help you avoid jet lag, boost your immune system, and keep you feeling your best at 35,000 feet.

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Yes, Airlines DO Have a Dress Code. Here’s How You Can Use It to Get an Upgrade.

Attention, all jet-setters! There's a simple way to make your flying experience much, much better.

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This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Eat Food on Planes (Hint: It’s Not Because It Tastes Bad!)

We have yet another reason why you should avoid those tasteless, frozen meals.

United Airlines Is Changing Its Boarding Process—Here’s How It Will Affect You

The United Airlines boarding process is getting a makeover. Here's what you need to know.

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6 Facts About Flying that Will Help You Stay Calm on Your Next Flight

For one, more than 95 percent of plane crashes are survivable.

7 Signs of a Well-Made Piece of Luggage

No one wants to be that person at the airport baggage carousel whose suitcase emerges wrapped in airline duct tape...