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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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    11 Secret Travel Deals You Won’t Be Able to Pass Up

    After endless scrolling on Instagram, is "wanderlust" your new middle name? The only problem with the desire to travel, is...

    This Airline Deal Lets Another Person Fly Free with You for 2 Whole Years

    Fly throughout the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean—and bring a buddy along for free!

    These Are the 10 Busiest Flight Routes in the World

    Yes, some routes are WAY more popular than others!

    This Airline Serves the Unhealthiest Food of Any U.S. Airline

    Flying to or from Hawaii anytime soon? You should probably avoid this airline.

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    This Is the Busiest Airplane Route in America

    Regardless of how busy the cities themselves are, some airport pairs send more traffic back and forth than others. Can...

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    The One Drink You Should Always Order on an Airplane

    It can help you avoid jet lag, boost your immune system, and keep you feeling your best at 35,000 feet.

    10 Photos That Show Just How Insane Flight Delays Can Get

    Talk about stressful vacations! Pictures of what a massive airline-wide cancelation looked like will make you think twice about booking...

    An Airline Just Gave a Baby Born on One of Its Flights Free Tickets for Life

    Finding a good deal on a flight can be tough unless you happen to be an infant born mid-flight.

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    This Is the Reason Most Airplane Interiors Are Blue

    Blue might be a pretty color, but that's not why airlines choose it for most of their interiors.

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    This Is Why It Takes So Long to Get Off Planes

    It’s not going to get faster any time soon.

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    This Is Why It’s So Tough to Fall Asleep on an Airplane

    When you're on a plane, sleep can seem more elusive than a decent in-flight meal.

    Attention, Travelers: This Is One of the World’s Top Airlines for Inflight Wi-Fi

    You’ll never be stuck reading the safety manual again.

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    This Airline Has the Most Expensive Food of Any European Carrier

    Trust us, you're better off eating before you board.

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    This Is Why Your Seat Needs to Be “Upright and Locked” During Takeoff and Landing

    You will always be notified by the airline crew to reset your plane seat to the "upright and locked" position...

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    This Is What Picking a Window Seat on an Airplane Says About Your Personality

    Choosing between a window seat or an aisle seat isn't just about comfort and convenience.

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    You Can Now Send Text Messages from 10,000+ Feet in the Air—If You Fly This Major Airline

    The service is the first of its kind among U.S. global carriers.

    Doing This One Thing at Airport Security Could Cut Your Wait Time in Half

    You’ll never have to sprint to your flight gate again!

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    This Little-Known Airplane Rule Can Help When Your Miss Your Flight

    It’s rarely publicized, but this policy can be a flight-saver in sticky situations.

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    The Shortest Flight in America Is Only 16 Minutes Long

    For a flight that short, all of the airport stress might not be worth it.

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    Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Flight Attendant

    If you think your flight attendant is nothing more than a waitress in the sky, think again. Here's what it...