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5 Tips for Booking a Last-Minute Vacation

Procrastinators take heart: That summer getaway you dreamed of can still be yours.

21 Essential Hiking Tips

Follow these tips and stay safe on the trails.

How to Adjust to a New City You May Not Love

Millions of Americans move each year, but not always by choice. Here's how to make the most of your relocation...

10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Don't destroy your diet on the road, pack these healthy snacks before you go on your trip.

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50 Cleanest (Dirtiest) Cities in America

These cities keep it clean.

The Organized Traveler’s Checklist

These travel tips are crucial for your next vacation exploration.

The Best, Worst, and Deadliest Roads in America: The Rankings

America is spending more money to build, maintain, and improve the roads, and it’s paying off—give or take a few...

Top 10 Football Stadiums

High school, college and professional football players are already enduring grueling twice a day workouts under the punishing August sun.

Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts: View Stunning Fall Foliage

Mohawk Indians once trod this route across the rugged Berkshire Hills to raid the Pocumtucks of the Deerfield River valley,...

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Shawnee Hills Scenic Byway: Explore Picturesque Illinois

Route Details Length: About 100 miles, plus side trips. When to go: Pleasant year-round, but best from spring through fall.

Redwood Highway: See California’s Amazing Northern Coast

Giving its name to this glorious ribbon of road just four hours north of San Francisco, the redwood is a...

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North Georgia Highroads: Waterfalls, Secluded Gorges, and Orchards

Route Details Length: About 170 miles, plus side trips. When to go: Fine scenery year-round, though the fall can be

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Yosemite and Beyond: A Road Trip Through Mesmerizing Landscapes

Route Details Length: About 180 miles, plus side trips. When to go: Popular year- round, but note that Tioga Ro

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Road Trip: East Tennessee Border Tour

Route Details Length: About 400 miles in all, plus side trips. When to go: Year-round, but best in spring, summer,

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This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World

Have you noticed that Disney World, despite being in Florida, seems to be virtually mosquito-free? There's a reason for that.

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4 Things You Can Take from Your Hotel Room (and 4 You Can’t)

Unfortunately, you shouldn't take the robes.