12 Common Phrases You Never Knew Were From the Bible

No book in history has contributed more phrases to the English language than the King James Bible. Here are a few of the ways it has influenced everyday language.

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"By The Skin Of My Teeth"

"By The Skin Of My Teeth"Amen To That!
This is one of the many proverbs that owe their origin to the colorful language of the Book of Job. The tormented hero Job is complaining about his woes. He has become, he says, so emaciated that “my bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.”

The proverbial meaning is that he has missed death by a tiny margin—as narrow as the (non-existent) skin on a person’s teeth. But biblical scholars have argued endlessly about what the phrase originally signified. Some argue for a more literal interpretation: that Satan kept Job’s mouth—the skin of his gums, jaws and lips—healthy in order to encourage him to blaspheme against God. More recently, the heavy metal band Megadeath put an interesting slant on the saying when they used it as the title for a track on their third album in 1992. Frontman Dave Mustaine explained to a live audience: “This is a song about how many times I tried to kill myself and just couldn’t get the job done.”

"A House Divided Against Itself"

"A House Divided Against Itself"Amen To That!
Without unity there can be no strength In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus tells a crowd of impudent Pharisees, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” However, the phrase didn’t enter the modern lexicon until it was memorably quoted by Abraham Lincoln in his famous nomination acceptance speech of 1858. Addressing the contentious issue of slavery in the United States, he told an audience of Republican politicians that “a house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.”

His words were prophetic. Three years later, the US government did indeed split, and the resulting civil war between slave and free states cost more than six hundred thousand lives. The phrase meanwhile, became famous, immortalized as the title of a 1913 movie, a 1935 novel, and, rather grandiosely, an episode of the hit TV series Dallas. Not exactly what Jesus had in mind.

"A Drop In The Bucket"

"A Drop In The Bucket"Amen To That!
Stuck between the mighty pharaohs on one side, and a succession of great Mesopotamian empires on the other, Israel was always destined to be a small fish in a big and dangerous pond. By the middle of the sixth century bc, the Jewish kingdoms had been conquered repeatedly, and a decent chunk of the population was living in painful exile in Babylon.

Amid all this geopolitical gloom, the Book of Isaiah had some words of comfort. Compared to God, says the prophet, “the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance.” These days, in keeping with the modern enthusiasm for “super-sizing,” the “bucket” is often replaced with the “ocean.”

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"Fleshpot"Amen To That!
In the Book of Exodus, Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt to escape from the tyrannical pharaoh and find the Promised Land. They follow him eagerly enough at first, but it soon becomes clear that the journey will be far from straightforward. As geography students will remember, between Egypt and Israel lies the barren wasteland of the Sinai Desert. It isn’t long before Moses’ flock start complaining: “Would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt,” they moan, “when we sat by the flesh pots, and when we did eat bread to the full.”

“Flesh pots,” in this passage, means exactly what it sounds like: pots in which you cook flesh. But the fleshpots of Egypt became a popular metaphor for any luxurious scene imagined with regret or disapproval. Gradually, the Egyptian reference dropped away—in 1710, Jonathan Swift writes of the “fleshpots of Cavan Street”— until fleshpot became an all-purpose word for anywhere that was particularly alluring. These days a “fleshpot” can be anything from a casino in Las Vegas to a London nightclub.


"Behemoth"Amen To That!
The behemoth is a mysterious animal mentioned in the Book of Job. With bones “like bars of iron” and a tail “like a cedar,” this mighty beast was said to be able to suck the whole River Jordan into its mouth. Biblical scholars have long debated whether the behemoth is a mythical creature or just an exaggerated description of an ordinary animal (the most popular candidate is a hippopotamus).

But whatever the original “behemoth” may have been, the name has become a metaphor for anything that reaches spectacular size. This figurative use is first recorded in a pamphlet of 1593, written by Gabriel Harvey as part of his vicious literary feud with Thomas Nashe. Nashe, writes Harvey, is “a Behemoth of conceit,” but “a shrimp in wit, a periwinkle in art, a dandiprat in industry,” and “a dodkin in value.”

"A Scapegoat"

"A Scapegoat"Amen To That!
The Book of Leviticus describes the proper ceremonies to be observed on the Jewish Day of Atonement, when the land of Israel would be ritually cleansed of its sins. The procedure was that one goat would be offered to God as a sacrifice, while the other—the “scapegoat”—would be symbolically loaded with all the misdeeds of the nation before being driven into the wilderness. This ceremony was said to have been carried out each year since the Exodus from Egypt.

It did, however, acquire one important modification after an unfortunate incident in which the scapegoat wandered out of the wilderness and merrily back towards Jerusalem. To prevent a repeat of this extremely bad omen, subsequent priests arranged that the scapegoat’s journey to the wilderness should start with a headlong plunge down a local cliff. After that, scapegoats became significantly less mobile.

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"To Cast Pearls Before Swine"

"To Cast Pearls Before Swine"Amen To That!
This famous phrase is a quote from Matthew’s Gospel: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs,” writes the Evangelist, “neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” This dramatic image—which of course gains extra power from the fact that pigs are considered unclean animals by orthodox Jews—became a favorite in the Middle Ages, first mentioned in English by William Langland in Piers Plowman in the fourteenth century. Charles Dickens used the phrase in his 1848 novel Dombey and Son, to mean “doing a thankless thing.”

But the most famous occurrence, which gives a twist to the ancient meaning, is in a story about Dorothy Parker, the great American humorist of the 1920s. “Age before beauty,” said a cheeky young woman while holding a door open for Parker to pass. Quick as a flash Parker replied: “Pearls before swine.”

"To Every Thing A Season"

"To Every Thing A Season"Amen To That!
This handy aphorism is another piece of wisdom from the Book of Ecclesiastes, in which the author offers his thoughts on life, death and what it all means. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” he writes. Warming to his theme, he continues, there is “a time to kill and a time to heal”; “a time to weep and a time to laugh”; there’s even “a time to cast away stones.” The full list has twenty-eight different times, and covers eight biblical verses.

With its philosophical and reflective tone, it has become one of the most quoted and most popular passages in the Old Testament, a firm favorite for readings at funerals and other sad occasions. In 1959 the famous words even became a surprise hit when they were set to music by the folk musician Pete Seeger in a song called “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Covered by The Byrds in 1965, the track rocketed to number one on the US singles chart—the iron-age lyrics are by far the oldest words ever to have become a chart-topping hit.

"The End of The Earth"

"The End of The Earth"Amen To That!
Like most other ancient cultures, the ancient Israelites thought it obvious that since the earth was flat it must have limits. “The ends of the earth” therefore appears repeatedly in the Old Testament as a way to describe the furthest reaches of the then-known world. When, in the Book of Job, God is said to “direct his lightning to the ends of the earth,” it’s just a poetic way of saying that God is in charge everywhere.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the ancient Greeks discovered that the earth is in fact not flat but spherical. Not everyone, however, is convinced of the earth’s inconvenient roundness. Daniel Shenton, head of the modern Flat Earth Society, gives the Scottish verdict: “Not proven.” According to him and his fellow “flat-earthers,” the world is a flat disc, centered on the North Pole, surrounded at its Antarctic rim by a wall of ice. The moon landings, he says, and photos showing the round earth hanging in space, were faked. If any ship or aircraft really did fly past the ends of the earth, he says, it would simply fall off the edge and into the infinite abyss below.

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"Jumpin' Jehosaphat!"

"Jumpin' Jehosaphat!"Amen To That!
The biblical Jehoshaphat is one of the lesser-known Jewish Kings, who ruled over the southern kingdom of Judah in the ninth century bc. He seems to have done a pretty good job as monarch, doing that “which was right in the sight of the Lord.” But it isn’t his wisdom or justice which have made him famous. In fact, he owes his immortality to the lucky accident of having a name that sounds a lot like “Jesus.” The Ten Commandments forbid Christians from “taking the Lord’s name in vain”—saying “Jesus” or “God” as an expletive counts as blasphemy. So, if an unfortunate “Je–” happens to slip out accidentally, one way to stay within the rules is to turn “Je–” into Jehoshaphat, in the same way that people these days sometimes say “oh fudge!”

“Jehosaphat” first appears as an exclamation in Samuel Hammet’s 1857 novel Sam Slick in Texas, and it retains an “Old West” feel today, rarely used without the addition of a corny cowboy accent. As for why Jehoshaphat is so often “jumping,” we can, alas, only speculate.

"Kiss Of Life"

"Kiss Of Life"Amen To That!
“Kiss of life” is thought to have entered English as an opposite to Judas’ treacherous “kiss of death." It’s been used in Britain since at least 1961 as a term for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and its use in a more general sense goes back even further—in 1947 the phrase was briefly an advertising slogan for a firm of Detroit car salesmen.

Today, however, the kiss of life—both as a phrase and as an action—is falling out of favor. A 2007 study from Japan found that unconscious patients do better with chest compressions alone than they do when someone’s trying to blow air down their throat. And mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can go horribly wrong, with patients coughing up blood and vomiting and other such unpleasantness. In one famous incident from the 1970s, a British man almost died from a disease he caught when he gave the kiss of life to his dead pet parrot.

"Gird Your Loins"

"Gird Your Loins"Amen To That!
Two archaic words come together in this phrase. “Gird,” from the Old English gyrdan, means to put a belt (or girdle) around something. Loins, from the Latin lumbus, originally described the flanks of an animal and, from the fourteenth century, those parts of the human body which, as medieval writers primly put it, “should be covered.”

In biblical times, when long robes were still in fashion, anyone embarking on strenuous physical activity or going into battle ran a serious risk of tripping on a trailing hem and falling flat on their face. The solution? To tuck one’s robe into one’s belt, i.e. to gird one’s loins. The phrase, in this literal sense, occurs frequently in the Bible, starting from the Second Book of Kings. The phrase can also be found in the Bible as a metaphor, in the First Epistle of Peter. “Gird up the loins of your mind,” writes the apostle to his followers—an awkward image, but he got his point across.

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"Amen!"Amen To That!
For 100+ more examples of how Biblical language christens our everyday speech, check out Amen To That! by Ferdie Addis.

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92 thoughts on “12 Common Phrases You Never Knew Were From the Bible

  1. we can create anything by seating front of tv and drinking beer and cigarette

  2. we can incriss our production by doing somting and belive it is creating and happing

  3. I can’t believe that an interesting article about the origin of everyday words and phrases and devolved into an argument over the validity of the Bible and politics. And I do mean DE-Evolved! This article isn’t a conversation about the Bible…it’s about our language and how we use it. If this had been phrases from Shakespeare, of which there are many, would you guys still be arguing, or would you find another reason to hate each other? What a piece of work…it makes my hair stand on end (Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare)

  4. OC I challenge you to read the Bible, honestly and sincerely, and before you finish reading it, you will believe in GOD and know who HE truly is.

    1. The more I read it, and I have several, you will see how irrelevant, outdated, and contradictory the Bible is. The stuff you hear on Sunday’s are just selected readings.

      Contrary to belief, atheists routinely test highest in knowledge about the bible. Like Bert Ehrman, the more you read it, the more you understand and the less you believe. It doesn’t hold up to critical thinking, there are multiple versions, and many places where it has different explanations where the differences are irreconcilable.

      Look, I like the idea of dying and going to a magic kingdom, but this story doesn’t hold water, and I can’t pretend to just accept it when it doesn’t hold up to basic scrutiny. And while it was a little scary letting go, I am much happier than I was living a lie in trying to believe anymore.

      For those of you have have doubts – FOLLOW THEM. Be true to yourself and you be happy you did. The answers are not in the bible.

      1. I had lots of doubts until I found out there is a God. ALL the answers are in the Bible. You just don’t understand.

  5. “A house divided against itself cannot stand” is so relevant in this country today. Obama said he would unite us. What a lie. He has divided us far more than anyone before him…black and white, rich and poor, and all done by design. The question is can this country survive the Great Divider.

    1. Obama didn’t do the dividing. i think you can blame the Republicans for that.

      1. Try opening your eyes and see your precious Obama as he really is. He is the MOST divisive leader we’ve ever had and he is doing it purposely to forward his agenda. Do the research.

      2. I’ll give you 7 days to come back on here and post up some evidence that backs up your accusation.

        After seven days I’m going to come back and post up Obamas own words and those he controls that support the statement that Obama is the most divisive President ever.
        I’ll blow you out of the water.

        Time starts now.

        1. Better that you actually present your refutations clearly and concisely immediately instead of boasting about what you are “going to do” and never following through. I am very sure that one could come up with several examples of how the Obama administration has not acted to soothe racial relations but quite the opposite.

          1. Perhaps, but this is my reply and I believe that I’ll conduct it according to my wishes and whims. Thank you for your interest and concern along with your opinion. It will certainly not be considered. :)

            Morricone1900 never came back on and provided the evidence of the basis of his accusations so I felt no need in following through with the figured pointless refutations.
            Besides it is not all that hard to find this information online, it is everywhere.

          2. ‘After seven days I’m going to come back and post up Obamas own words and those he controls that support the statement that Obama is the most divisive President ever.’ I certainly agree with you that Obama IS the most divisive (not to mention worthless) President ever, but I just feel that since you have “thrown the gauntlet” that you should really follow through as you stated that you would. You stated that you would come back online and ‘post Obama’s own words and those he controls’ to prove that he is the Great Divider and not the Great Uniter as he claims. I wish that you would do so because people need to to be reminded as often as possible.

          3. I posted Obama own words as per your request however Readers Digest chose, for unknown reasons, not to allow the post.
            Perhaps they are covering for the Great Divider as there was nothing in the post except for direct quotes made by Obama himself.

          4. Ok I’ll try again and see if readers Digest is just covering for their man of if it was just some fluke.

            Divisive things Obama has said:

            • “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.”

            • “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

            • “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

            • “I will cut taxes — cut taxes — for 95% of all working families.”

            • “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times.”

            • “Get in Their Faces.”

            • “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.”

            • “Those who have done well, including me, should pay their fair share in taxes.”

            There’s more. He once said his grandmother “is a typical white
            person,” told Latinos they should say “We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends,”and complained about “our own right-wing domestic terrorists who are subverting the American
            democratic process.”

            There are more but you get the idea

  6. Jesus said he came to free us from the (Jewish) Law. The Old Testament, in other words. He gave a new law, which many folks have a hard time following: Love your neighbor, be kind one to another, forgive so you can be forgiven… Read the Gospels, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the stories of Jesus’ life on earth. See what He said. Whether it’s paraphrased or quoted, it gives us the command to be kinder and gentler to folks around us. Too bad most preachers skip to the later letters of Paul (a “Jew of the Jews,” who never met Christ in the flesh), who tried to reintroduce much of the Old Testament law into Christianity, as it was outlined in the Gospels (good news) of Christ’s teaching. Jesus said, to encapsulate, we’re all ornery, but God loves us anyway, so we should treat each other like we want to be treated. Seems pretty simple to me.

    1. In Matthew 5:17 Jesus said he did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it.

    2. I like what Jesus had to say about love, but he’s not the only teacher or philosopher to speak on the subject. Certainly doesn’t make him divine or validate a belief in God.

  7. How about these? Cannibalism is ok (2 KINGS 6:29), Slavery is OK! (Leviticus 25:44)

    Deuteronomy 13:12-15, if you find that the people in the city you’re visiting worship another god, you have to kill them all.

    Leviticus 20:10 says: “If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both the man and the woman must die.” So, just to be clear, if one spouse cheats, both spouses have to die.

    Leviticus 20:9 says: “Anyone who dishonors father or mother must be put to death. Such a person is guilty of a capital offense.”

    Leviticus 24:16 says: “Whoever utters the name of the Lord must be put to death. The whole community must stone him, whether alien or native. If he utters the name, he must be put to death.”

    Deuteronomy 22:20-21 states: “But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel, then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die.”

    I can’t think of many WORSE books to live your life from!

    1. I always like the way you people like to bring up scripture and say how bad God is. You are wrong on Lev 20:10. Anyways God gave us the law to show us how hard it would be to follow. The wages of sin ALL sin is death. That is why he robed himself in flesh and paid the ultimate price for sin so that we could live. He couldn’t ignore is own holiness and laws so he paid the price for us because he loves us.

      Just because you can pull out some scriptures from the Bible doesn’t mean you truly understand it. In fact the Bible tells us the unbeliever can’t understand it. Only a fool says in his heart there is no God. Also 2 Kings 6:29 does not ok cannibalism. Either you can’t read or you feel the need to lie to get your point across.

      1. You bring up scriptures and say how great God is. I use your playbook and you can’t even defend your own position. Your excuse is I’m a non-believer? Who would want to believe in this? This is horrible stuff! Do you possess critical thinking skills? Or do you just choose to live your life by carefully chosen excerpts from a 2000 year old book of fiction and do what your preacher tells you to do?

        I would challenge you to think for yourself. It’s more work than having others do it for you, but you will much more informed and educated in the end.

          1. It’s not that he can’t read. It’s that he refuses to believe the truth. But that is his choice.

        1. “Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess.”…….OC, This means you too.. Seek Him, you will find Him.

          1. I have a good imagination, but obviously not as good as yours.

          2. You WILL meet Jesus one day. That is a fact. The only question is will He be your judge or your Savior. It is your choice.

          3. You strongly believing it does not make it a fact. How do you know?

        2. The Bible is far from fiction and it is much older than 2,000 years. Just because you choose not to believe it does not at all mean it is not the truth. Those who know God know that He exists and follow Him because they WANT to, NOT because anyone tells them to. That is something you can have no understanding of until you come to Jesus and ask forgiveness and live for Him. Then you will know for yourself that He is real and it will all make sense.

          1. Actually I agree with you. God exists because people want him to exist, not because he does. There is not proof any of the hundreds of gods existed.

            Yeah, yeah, but YOUR God is the only God…well, a lot of people say that, and they mean many different gods. The fact is that religion is a form of delusion. What you have done is committed yourself to a lifetime of delusion, instead of committing your life to reality. Non-believers live moral and loving lives without having to resort to delusion.
            The fact that there are so many gods proves that all of these gods are imaginary. If there actually were an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving “god” in any form, that would be obvious to everyone and we would all align on him. His existence would be undeniable and impossible to hide.

          2. You are CLUELESS!!!! Since you have no concept of God, you have no idea what it means to KNOW that He is there. Those who have given their heart to Jesus and follow Him, KNOW that He is there. There is no question. He is not a delusion. Christians do not live a lifetime of delusion…just the opposite. It is VERY CLEAR that He is real. YES, there is JUST ONE God. Too bad you do not know Him. Those who DO know Him have undeniable proof of His existence. He gives US the choice to accept Him or not. Since you have decided NOT to accept Him, He is hidden from you. How very sad for you.

          3. Remind them of these things, charging them before the Lord not to strive about words to no profit, to the ruin of the hearers.
            2 Tim 2:14

          4. This whole argument is rather pointless. The truth is the truth and all the contentious bickering won’t change it. We all just need to meet back here in, oh, say about 100 years or so? (Especially you, OCRazor – Can’t wait to hear your take on it all!) Then we can compare notes. don’t worry about technology – I’m sure we’ll figure it out. :)

          5. I once heard a Preacher tell a non-believer;
            “I’d rather live my life Believing that there is a God, and die then find out He wasn’t real!
            Than to live my life believing that there Wasn’t a God, then Die and Find out that He is Real”.
            True! no one of us has seen Him, but this does not mean he isn’t Real;
            I have parts of my body that I’ve not seen, but I know it’s real!!! Because,…. it works everyday.

          6. Except your brain.

            You ascribe to Pascal’s wager, feigning belief to gain eternal reward. This would be dishonest, immoral, and absurd to think that your God, being just and omniscient, would not see through your deceptive strategy on the part of the “believer”.

            Go waste your time on the religion. It’s okay to hate when the Bible says so.

          7. But just where does the Bible tell a Christian it is ok to hate?
            Go ahead Christian expert, who doesn’t even know the difference between the New Testament and the Old Testament and how it pertains to Christians, tell me where it says we should hate. Quote Book, Chapter and Verse like you did earlier.

            Only the non believer will subscribe to Paschals Wager.
            A believer will have no doubt and live their life as a good and righteous person and know that there is an eternal reward for his good life, to be in the presence of the Lord.
            Fail to live that life and you will be denied that presence and will know only death, which pretty much parallels what the Atheist believes anyway, no God and only death when we die, so what is your problem with those that know the truth following that truth?

            When you have accepted Christ into your heart only then will you understand that it is no “strategy” but, instead, is the way of life.
            Until you do all of your comments are just hyperbole and unrefined foolishness.

          8. When you choose intelligence and acceptance over ignorance and intolerance you will understand.

            I’ve been in your world; have you tried mine?

          9. You’ve been in my world huh?
            yeeeah…..I can tell by the wealth of accurate information you have put forth.

            I have lived life as a sinner, so yeah, I have been in your world buddy.

            You owe me nothing but you do need to be truthful and accurate with information you put forth as facts to back up your position. If you are not, I will call you on it.

          10. Everyone was born into the same world you are in … We are very intelligent and accepting , tolerant and understanding … therefore We BELIEVE!!

          11. I started out in yours. Then I accepted Jesus and gained intelligence. When you realize there is a God, everything makes perfect sense. You are the one who is intolerant and has no understanding.

          12. Horrible analogy. People have examined body parts after death. Its called an autopsy.

          13. If you do not believe in God does he cease to exist? There is the East wind and the west wind and the nor’ easter, and winds from the sound, a cool breeze and lots of hot air. poets have said there is love in the air and spring is in the air, and the smell of a fresh new day is carried about in the breeze. But it is all the same air. Unless it moves, one cannot feel it, taste it, touch it, see it, and to the ordinary man even prove its existence.
            Existence was either created by God or by science. Science itself proves that it could not create anything because before anything was there was nothing and science says that nothing can be created from nothing. The big bang theory holds that everything that is was created in a millisecond and the cause of that creation was gravity. Gravity cannot exist without movement and movement cannot be without something to move.
            To believe in something that itself says is impossible is more delusional than believing in a being that says all things are possible.
            Where things came from is far less important though than where things are going. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. The wages of sin is death but Christ died for you so that if you accept his act of love then you too can escape the second death.
            Of a truth you and I disagree and no amount of arguing or logic or theories will bring us together. it is a fact that either you are right or I am right. it is appointed unto men once to die and that is a biblical truth everyone has to accept. At the end of this life if you are correct there is nothing but you will never know you were right. If I am correct then there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. On the other hand, if you are wrong.
            I know, you want proof that God exists. Well, I prefer to be given proof that he doesn’t. And if I had proof that God was as real as I am then there would be no more faith. I prefer the transformation of a drug addicted homeless man into a kind and loving sober father, or the life of an ordinary citizen into a person that can heel broken hearts and mend destroyed lives as proof that there is something greater than ourselves. if you choose to believe in nothing and prefer to live out an existence without meaning then by all means do so. That is your right and your choice. I, on the other hand, choose to believe there is a reason I exist and a purpose for my life. if that is wrong than so be it. But I would much rather live and try to spread hope and love than to live in belief that there is no love and no hope.

          14. heal, not heel. I thought I had corrected that but I didn’t. sorry

          15. You are creating a false dichotomy. There is love and hope that can be had without a belief in god.

          16. No “proof” that God exists ??? There is NO PROOF that God doesn’t …. you think Man has all the answers? Man does not know how life is created or how it started – yet you rule out things that have not been proven at all. The fact that the miracle of LIFE exists and Man did NOT create it is PROOF enough for Me to realize a higher power other than Man existing!!!

          17. There’s nothing to believe that God exists. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean a god did it. Of all the reasons and explanations for why anything happens, the least likely is that an omnipotent invisible superbeing that no one has any evidence even exists is acting through an unseen and unknown power is the reason.

            That’s the explanation you’ve chosen, but dont’ expect a reasonable rationale person to agree with your fanciful interpretation. If you can prove it, fine, but without facts or evidence your explanation is just your opinion.

          18. You have NO CLUE and you refuse to understand. ALL WHO HAVE COME TO HIM KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT HE IS THERE!!! They KNOW that He exists. YOU refuse to come to Him, so YOU have no knowledge of Him. When YOU come to Jesus and accept Him as your Savior YOU will know that He is there. YOU have to do that YOURSELF. No one can do it for you. As long as you refuse to do that, you have NO CONCEPT of God. That is YOUR CHOICE. But until you find the truth for yourself, you are a FOOL to deny that others know it.

          19. That day will come. I think what you fail to see is purpose. When you walk out your house tomorrow I want you to look around at nature. Find one thing in nature that serves absolutley no purpose or use. Find something that isnt used for food, energy, clothing, or shelter. We have seasons, day, night, even the food chain. Our entire existence is a system of cycles. These cycles are either the mathematical equivalent of a coincidental impossibililty, or…Someone designed it that way.

          20. HUH? A housefly is used for food. Lots of animals eat them.

          21. And I actually agree with you that most Christians are not good at arguing for God. It’s because they are not sure or are to lazy to look it up themselves. 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. There can be no shame in truth and that truth is in God’s word. Just read the Gospels. If that’s not who God wants us all to be like then I don’t know what we’re even doing here.

          22. But you could substitute any deity or fictional character in with what you just said and it would contain the same lack of merit.

          23. There is only one God. That is a fact. When you come to Jesus and give your heart to Him, you WILL KNOW He is there. It is your choice to accept Him or not, but you cannot know Him until you do that. Since you have no knowledge of Him, you have no credibility.

          24. If there’s only one God, why is there a commandment to not worship other ones? What’s he afraid of?

            BTW, there are lot of gods worshiped in the world. Funny everyone says there’s is the only one TRUE god – including you. If it’s a fact, prove it. And prove they’re wrong. I’m waiting…….

          25. With respect, I grew up in a pentecostal church and was a strong believer for a long while. Even evangelized at my college believe it or not. The more you read the Bible and other wisdom literature, you recognize that these are absolutely invaluable human accomplishments of history and literature and poetry, but it is a book. Just like the Qu’ran is a book. The egyptians had their gods. The greeks had theirs. If you were born in Pakistan, I submit that you would be just as fervent in saying that if you come to accept Allah, you will know him. Thats my point. So in retort, I could argue that since you have no knowledge of Ra or Allah, you have no credibility on those deities. I know you are convinced that Jehovah and Jesus are God and that the others are mythology, and I would agree with you on the latter. But keep in mind, that they feel just as strongly as you do about their God. I know thats annoying, but the point is that there is nothing to say who is right or wrong or that makes your belief more scientifically credible.

      2. The truth is he DIDN’T read anything. He got those quotes from a fellow heathen to use against Christians. Probably some atheist blog somewhere on the net. The scriptures warn of this type of attack.

        1. Thats’ not a rebuttal that’s your opinion. The truth is they do exist and you probably didn’t even know it.

        2. You are absolutely correct, Veruckteamericaner.

          I have seen these exact same Biblical Quotes posted on other discussion forums. There are in the Liberal Atheists playbook and they think they are so smart looking when they post them.
          Truth is they are all scared little boys and girls who know full well they are sinning and know full well they need to repent but are afraid of what their fellow men may think of them or they are afraid that the “fun” will stop, much like the alcoholic that thinks that they can not have fun without a beer in their hand….I have been there and done that too, that is just their excuse to drink more, so by denying the Bible and the existence of God they have made the excuse that what they are doing is OK. Like the alcoholic, they will push those away that are telling them the truth, that they have a problem, they will vehemently, sometimes violently, deny they have a problem and turn on those trying to help by accusing them of having a problem..
          I still will pray for them though, no matter what they deny and no matter what names they call me.

          1. would SOMEONE please take a few of the biblical passages that OC mentions and explain how they are not hateful. And for one of the commentors – the new testiment does not wipe away the old, according to your beliefs JC=God=holy spirit so the old test. does not go away.

            it is pointless to argue the existence or non-existence of a supreme being, but PLEASE post intelligent arguments on why these events are in the bible. (see oc razors comments for many examples or add your own).

            Thank you.

          2. OC Razor wrote: Leviticus 20:10 says: “If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both
            the man and the woman must die.” So, just to be clear, if one spouse
            cheats, both spouses have to die.

            What the actual verse says:

            Leviticus 20:10New International Version (NIV) 10 “‘If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.

            this one is pretty easy. The actual verse is pretty much self explanatory and clearly shows the intentional misrepresentation made by OC Razor in an impotent attempt to discredit the Christian.

          3. OC Razor wrote: Leviticus 20:9 says: “Anyone who dishonors father or mother must be put to death. Such a person is guilty of a capital offense.”

            What the actual Bible verse says: Leviticus 20:9 For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put
            to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.

            Pretty self explanatory and follows the 5th Commandment.
            It should be noted that the New Covenant of the New Testament also replaces this.

          4. OC Razor wrote: Leviticus 24:16 says: “Whoever utters the name of the Lord must be put
            to death. The whole community must stone him, whether alien or native.
            If he utters the name, he must be put to death.”

            What the actual Verse says:

            Leviticus 24:16King James Version (KJV)

            16 And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord,
            he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall
            certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the
            land, when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death.

            Again OC Razor manipulates the words in order to change the meaning of the verse to fit their particular narrative.

            Here again, for Christians, this has also been replaced by the New Covenant of the New Testament.

          5. OC Razor wrote: Deuteronomy 22:20-21 states: “But if this thing be true, and the tokens
            of virginity be not found for the damsel, then they shall bring out the
            damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall
            stone her with stones that she die.

            What the actual verse says: 20 If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, 21 she
            shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of

            her town shall stone her to death. She has done an outrageous thing in
            Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must
            purge the evil from among you.

            Now for the context of the Verse.

            13 If a man takes a wife and, after sleeping with her, dislikes her 14 and
            slanders her and gives her a bad name, saying, “I married this woman,
            but when I approached her, I did not find proof of her virginity,” 15 then the young woman’s father and mother shall bring to the town elders at the gate proof that she was a virgin. 16 Her father will say to the elders, “I gave my daughter in marriage to this man, but he dislikes her. 17 Now
            he has slandered her and said, ‘I did not find your daughter to be a
            virgin.’ But here is the proof of my daughter’s virginity.” Then her
            parents shall display the cloth before the elders of the town, 18 and the elders shall take the man and punish him. 19 They shall fine him a hundred shekels[b]
            of silver and give them to the young woman’s father, because this man
            has given an Israelite virgin a bad name. She shall continue to be his
            wife; he must not divorce her as long as he lives.

            This, once again, shows OC Razor cherry picking the words and sentences in order to change the verse to fit their narrative.

          6. What should be noted is the book of Deuteronomy was written by Moses after the Ten Commandments were given to him by God himself. This was the the original Mosaic covenant, which the Israelites broke. Deuteronomy is the finalized form of the Mosaic Covenant and lists the other 603 laws were added after all of these breaches!

            This was a harsh land and a harsh people at a harsh time. The Israelites were lead from their bondage in Egypt by God and he expected them to abide by his laws or face his wrath. Sinners were a threat to his perfect world and were treats as such.
            Time and time again God would enter into a new Covenant and time and time again Israel would break it.
            These Laws were all changed with the New Covenant (John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)
            16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
            whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.) between Man and God with the coming of Jesus to suffer the death on the Cross so that our sins were to be forgiven. Before this time and New Covenant, you were judged then and punishment doled out,
            With the New Covenant, you have been judged unworthy of the Kingdom of God so Jesus took that judgement for you, upon himself, so that you may enter into Heaven and be beside God and bask within all of his Love. Oh what a Glorious day that will Be!!!

          7. There are several other replies that I have written that Readers Digest sees fit to not allow. However with my replies to marcus hag that were allowed listing OC Razors verses in question and then offering the REAL verse and the context and meaning I think you can see the formation of a pattern of embellishment and outright misquotes of the other selected verses that were not allowed to be addressed by Readers Digest.

            One that didn’t pass the Readers Digest test was the quote by OC Razor : Cannibalism is ok (2 KINGS 6:29)
            That one is completely false and in no way advocates cannibalism. Since I am not allowed to post what it really said I ask that the reader of this simply read the chapter that the verse is contained and you’ll quickly see the disservice….yea, outright lie that OC Razor attempts to promulgate.

            Then one is forced to ask themselves, if OC Razors Point of view is so ironClad tight and truthful, why must he misspeak, misquote, mislead and outright lie in order to convince the reader that his way is THE way?

          8. You deny the existence of the flying spaghetti monster because you want to continue eating spaghetti even though you know its wrong and sinful.

      3. Isn’t it Funny that the whole “belief” system of an Atheist is based on refuting another’s beliefs? Yet they tell us to have thoughts of our own… That is hate, intolerance and “non-belief” – You stand for Nothing and What is it exactly that you DO supposedly believe in?? (can you use words to describe your beliefs without basing them on hating ours??) If you DO NOT believe in something – then how could you continue to bring it up over and over again?

        1. Atheism is not a belief system, its just a conditional label with respect to theism. Its the lack of belief in a particular deity. You yourself probably lack belief in Allah or Zeus, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in something just because of the lack of belief in something or having values based on love and tolerance. You can’t monopolize such values exclusive just because you have faith in a deity. Its because of secularists that we have created the freedom of religion and tolerance of other perspectives. Its absolutely absurd and fallacious for you to state that atheist stand for nothing and believe in nothing.

    2. Refer to the posting by momdabom if you can grasp the meaning of it. Jesus came to free us from the Jewish laws, except for the Mosaic laws (ten commandments). None of what you listed applies anymore. Try reading the New Testament.

    3. Another non believer who copies and pastes the same old tired Atheist and Liberal Left “Biblical Knowledge” Bible passages.
      they never have the Christian knowledge that the verses and books quoted are all Old Testament books.
      They have never read the Bible nor have they ever discussed what is written in there but yet, they will get on some internet comments area and try and prove that Christians are wrong for believing or that we are these cruel undeserving people based on bible quotes that have nothing to do with being a Christian.

      There are almost zero Christians who live their lives based on these books that you have mentioned here.
      Now come back with some more off the wall accusations and tell me I don’t know what I am talking about and then post up some more Old Testament stuff. Oh, I almost forgot, call me some names too!!

      I have an even better idea since you believe yourself to be the better intellect, why don’t you spend a year reading the bible and studying it and then come back on hear….or PM me your thoughts on this.
      I have walked the life of a non believer so why don’t you grow a pair and man up and walk the life of a believer before posting crap that you have no idea about.

      John 8:10-11 (KJV)

      When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the
      woman, he said unto her, “Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? ”

      She said, “No man, Lord.” And Jesus said unto her, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

    4. OK but there is also GREAT advice in the Bible too. Hosea 1:2-3 for example:

      “When the Lord first spoke through Hosea, the Lord said to Hosea, “Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom, for the land commits great whoredom by forsaking the Lord.” So he went and took Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim, and she conceived and bore him a son.”

      It isn’t all stone them and them and them… there’s also “marry a whore!”

    5. You are choosing old testament passages. That is how it was in the old days. Life was harsh. Barbaric to todays standards some might say. Harsh laws for a harsh simple minded people (and I say that to mean all people and how simple minded all humans were.) Just like children we grew up as humanity. We are more intelligent now and have a much more advanced society that shuns the old barbaric ways. We understand things better and consequently God brought Jesus to show us the new laws now that we are ready for them. The New Testament. It was written, Above all laws in the bible Jesus taught us the most important one to follow: Love. That supercedes all previous laws. All of Jesus’ parables have to do with wisdom and love and growth and patience and humility. Something I am trying to learn. All those old laws of “thou shalt die” no longer has meaning in our society because we are more advanced. Jesus is teaching us to be more advanced. An advanced civilization would foster love and unity. And all of his messages in the New Testament attest to that.
      You should try it one day. Read the new testament and all of Jesus’s parables. I guarantee if you live as Jesus did. You will be a lot happier than you are now.

      1. Nice try. Matthew 5:17: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

        Please show me in the Bible where it says that the previous laws are no longer in effect. From what I can tell, God’s Word is supposed to be eternal. John 1:1 says that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

        Matthew 24:35
        Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

        1 Peter 1:25
        but the word of the Lord endures forever.” And this is the word that was preached to you.

        Psalm 89:2
        I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself.

        Psalm 119:88
        In your unfailing love preserve my life, that I may obey the statutes of your mouth.

        Psalm 119:152
        Long ago I learned from your statutes that you established them to last forever.

        Psalm 119:160
        All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal.

        Isaiah 40:8
        The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”

    6. So … You call your agenda of Hate about a book you Do not follow or believe in — a BELIEF SYSTEM?? If you do not care for, understand or believe in something that is your choice … but why attempt to attack and hate others that do?? Some of us understand that these quotes are from the Old Testament from a time different from today … They were designed to keep ppl from committing these offenses because they are destructive ways that lead to death … Why is it you focus on the “put to death” part but ignore that dishonor, premiscuity, blasphemy, and cheating are what these passages are attempting to sway you from … sway you from a path of destruction that will destroy mankind anyway?

      1. First of all, I don’t know about you but I don’t need a 2000 y.o. outdated book of myths to direct my life. Maybe you do. I don’t look to the Bible for guidance on medical advice, slavery, or ‘premiscuity’. There are good parts and bad parts. Same as in Harry Potter.

        You admit that the bible was written for people in a different time, and I agree. I’ve just realized more of it is outdated than you have. And I’m not alone: 13% of the world is atheist, and 23% report not religious. Worship of deities for favors, cures, rain, along with animal sacrifices and self-harm ended with the age of enlightenment in the middle ages. We’re slow to learn, but we’re getting there.

        “And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father, in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.” — Thomas Jefferson’s letter to John Adams, April 11 1823

    7. I’ll give this a shot.

      2Kings 6:29-Tells the story of 2 desperate women in Samaria who were beseiged (surrounded) on all sides by Syria and became so hungry they agreed to eat their children (not the first or last time this has happened). When the woman explained her greivance to the king that the she was willing to eat her child he tore his clothes. Back then Renting (tearing) your clothes was the ultimate sign or sadness, remorse, disgust, etc. No where does it say God wants you to eat your kids.

      Leviticus 20:10- It says the adulterer and adulteress will be put to death. That means the married man who cheats WITH the married woman and vice versa. Not the person who got cheated on. Life was family centric then and was not something to be messed with. It was treated essentially the same way as murder because it caused the death of that family’s relationship.

      Leviticus 20:9- The correct translation is cursed his father or mother. Again a family centric culture that revolves around honoring the family. Anything done to remove that honor is bad but to intentionally destroy your family’s reputation was one of the worst.

      Leviticus 25:44- Endentured servitude was the norm in these cultures. Slaves, however, were not to be treated the way you think of slaves treated in America. I do not agree with slavery in any sense but you forget to mention all of the places in the Bible that talks about how to treat your servants. Maybe it was an understood aspect of life that could not be removed but must be governed.

      Leviticus 24:16- This is a time where the people of Israel, out of Egypt, had seen the power of God. He revealed himself through miracles and wonders. Gave them the 10 commandments from Mount Sinai. We are to respect His power and love Him as our Father.

      Deuteronomy 22:20-21- Regards a proposed virgin daughter who was found not to be a virgin. There were arranged marriages then a women were expected to be the purest of all. they were expected to be with one man only forever. The death penalty is the deceit of not revealing the lost virginity to the arranged husband.

      Now that you’ve read all this you probably would think I’m nuts to still believe in God even though I do not agree with these things. I do not think slavery, arranged marriages, stoning people to death, or killing our children is ok. Neither does God. That is why you do not see people in Israel today doing these things even though their entire religion is founded on the first 5 books of the Bible. Because God sent them someone like David who wrote entire books, psalms, and hymns that revolved around being forgiven by God’s mercy. It was mercy that didnt exist before that was revealed to theses people. Jesus perfected mercy by teaching us forgiveness through him. I DO NOT agree with everything in the Bible. I have questioned why God would do certain things. I have questioned the legitamacy of some things in the Bible. I DO, however, believe it is a Divinely inspired Book that, like all things God makes, become corrupted by man. But, when I read the New Testament and the Gospel of Jesus, I see no possible corruption at all.

  8. Hartley Hawaiian Butterfly Fish is ten months old. Hartley Hawaiian Butterfly Fish was made on January 19, 2013. I am a Christian. Urbana Ukrainian Spotted Steppe Pig is nine months old. Urbana Ukrainian Spotted Steppe Pig was made on February 22, 2013. My dad went to India in October 2007. My older sister went to Honduras in June 2010. Urbana Ukrainian Spotted Steppe Pig has brown eyes. I also have brown eyes. Graciana Grasshopper has hazel eyes. Someday Xiomara will learn phonics. Xiomara Wolfmatian has green eyes. Xiomara Wolfmatian is four months old. Cassie Toe was a girl in my dad’s church. Miss Holt was my second grade teacher. Mrs. Rigdon was my first grade teacher.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this pic,compare the word of God with LIFE today, see if it is
    not the same things happening, yet some people dismiss the BIBLE.

      1. Perhaps you don’t read the bible, God’s word is foolishness to the
        unbeliever, but wisdom to the believer.

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