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The Best Self-Care Gifts for a Friend in Need of Pampering

When your BFF needs a little TLC, choose one of these thoughtful presents that's sure to promote relaxation, boost self-awareness, and create a calm vibe.

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The kindest thing you can do for a friend

When a friend is going through a tough time, you want to help. So you listen, you offer a shoulder to cry on, and you provide distractions (and maybe some ice cream). You also do your best to put a smile on your friend's face and make things just a little better, even for just a little bit. An unexpected, thoughtful present can do just that, especially when its sole goal is to provide care and comfort. It's like giving your friend a big virtual hug. So while friendship may be the greatest gift there is, these little self-care gifts are a close second and will definitely brighten anyone's day.

Twilight Zone Maskvia

Detox mask

Ever notice how an at-home spa day has the power to make anyone glow from the outside in? Start your pal off with Masktini's Twilight Zone Tahitian detox mask, which acts as a reset button for your complexion. Bamboo charcoal powder draws out impurities, Tahitian black pearl powder gently resurfaces the skin, and the botanical hydrating blend restores moisture balance. The best part? The creamy mask heats to the touch (apply after a hot shower for maximum benefit), so she can massage it in for a few minutes and enjoy the cozy warming sensation. You also can't go wrong with these beauty gifts she'll love.

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Mother Snacker Gift Boxvia

Motherhood pick-me-up

$34.00 and up

Let's be honest: Not every moment of motherhood is rewarding. For the new mom who's a bit overwhelmed or the mom many times over who hasn't had a moment to herself in years, self-care gifts, like a Mother Snacker dessert gift box, are just what the doctor ordered. "While spa days and mom's nights out are amazing, and encouraged, they aren't always feasible," says founder Leah Brushett. "That's why each box features a decadent mix of artisan treats, unique everyday essentials, and a serious dose of 'Mama, you got this!'" Looking for other mommy-approved ideas? This is what every new mom really needs.

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leather buffvia

Scented candles


Sometimes, all it takes is the perfect scent to get into a relaxing, self-care state of mind. River Birch candles combine luxury, purpose, and peace of mind, thanks to their soy formula, natural fragrance, and cotton wicks. Any friend will appreciate the aromatherapy and ambiance provided by scents like Dark Cedar, Mountain Air, Ambriene, and Leather Noir. Plus, you'll feel extra good about your gift, knowing that for each candle purchased, the brand donates a meal to an individual experiencing homelessness in Texas. For other charitable gift-giving options, check out these 23 beautiful gifts that give back.

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INKED Temporary Tattoosvia

Empowering temporary tattoos


If your friend is in desperate need of an in-your-face reminder of just how awesome she is, choose a package of temporary tattoos full of loving and inspirational messages by Inked. From "stay weird" and "be fearless" to "love yourself" and "this too shall pass," each tattoo is hand-drawn by the founder, and is non-toxic, waterproof, and lasts up to two weeks. For more inspirational advice, check out these 17 uplifting quotes that will stay with you.

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Base Coat and Bubblesvia

Good vibes kit


The only combination more comforting than chocolate and peanut butter? Bubbly and manicures, of course! That's why the Infinite Monkey Theorem, an urban winery with locations in Denver and Austin, has partnered with non-toxic nail salon Base Coat to create self-care gifts perfect for the BFF who deserves a touch of pampering. The Base Coat x Bubbles package includes a bottle of sparkling wine, a calming salt soak, bath and body oil, and a Good Vibes kit filled with smudge sticks and a quartz crystal to help reduce negative energy and bring balance to her sacred space.

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Fresh Flowersvia

Fresh flowers

$39.00 and up

Brighten your BFF's day by sending a bouquet of fresh flowers to her home or office. After all, sending little gifts like this is one of 19 perfectly thoughtful ways to maintain a long-distance friendship. A delivery of cheery daisies or sunflowers will make anyone feel extra special. For a little extra love, you can add an uplifting message on the card. Choosing a bouquet from Bouqs, a delivery service that sources directly from eco-friendly farmers to ensure longer-lasting flowers, means your delivery will arrive in as little as two hours and in bud form so they'll continue to open (and make your recipient smile) all week long.

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cozy blanketvia

Cozy blanket


Whether you're curling up with a good book or settling in for a Netflix binge, enveloping yourself in something warm and cozy is an absolute must—but nobody should have to choose between having warm feet or warm shoulders when pampering themselves. The plush, velvety fleece PediPocket eliminates the need for constant adjustments because of its ingenious foot pocket. Plus, its 21 available colors means there's a style to match any friend's decor.

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woodsman beard balmvia

Grooming gifts for guys


Yes, men need pampering, too, and the Bearded Bastard totally gets that. Its beard oil, mustache wax, body wash, beard balm, colognes, deodorant, and hair-care products are expertly crafted, hand-mixed in Austin, Texas, and designed to keep up with the modern man. Each scent is formulated with an emotion or memory in mind, such as the leather jacket inherited from Dad or a visit to an old-fashioned barbershop. You simply can't go wrong with the Woodsman beard balm, the brand's signature scent. Don't miss these 10 additional self-care gifts for men that'll make them look and feel more polished.

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wish braceletvia

Wish bracelet


Who wants to wait until their birthday to make a wish? With a handcrafted essential-oils aromatherapy bracelet from Jewels for Hope, making wishes come true can happen any day of the year. Your friend simply ties it on her wrist, and when the knot breaks or frays, her wish will come true! Pair these self-care gifts with a bottle of her favorite essential oil—just add a few drops to the black lava stone (the stone of courage and stability through change)—and the bracelet will also provide therapeutic benefits, such as relieving stress and boosting the immune system. To further alleviate anxiety, check out these 7 essential oils that calm anxiety (and how they do it).

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