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23 Best Subscription Boxes and Services for Every Aspect of Your Life

Whether you love cooking, reading or hiking, here are the best editor-tested subscription boxes and services.

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22 Best Subscription Services And Boxes For Every Aspect Of Your LifeRD.COM (5)

These days, you can get practically anything shipped right to your doorstep. Thanks to convenience, affordability and personalization, subscription boxes and services are a popular shopping method. They offer direct access and scheduled deliveries for everything from household items to plant subscription boxes to off-the-runway clothing rental services. It’s all of the fun of online shopping without the hassle.

But what exactly are subscription services? Just pay a weekly, monthly or yearly fee, and you’ll get fun goods shipped to your door in exchange. Can’t get enough of new beauty brands? Sign up for one of the many beauty subscription boxes packed with travel- and full-size makeup and skin-care items. Looking for cooking convenience? Meal subscription services are your answer.

Whether you value practicality, discounts or a bit of fun, keep in mind that some subscription boxes can come with disadvantages. First, watch out for surprise auto-renewal payments. Make sure you’re not suffering from subscription fatigue—how many media and entertainment subscriptions are you paying for, and are they all being used to their full potential? If not, learn to cancel subscriptions on your iPhone. And look out for sustainability issues from certain companies. Tons of packaging can mean loads of waste that might be difficult to recycle. If you’re not happy, consider trimming down the number of services you’re paying for.

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Allure Beauty Box
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Allure Beauty Box

Every item in Allure’s beauty box is chosen by the magazine’s beauty-obsessed editors. Seven premium products are available, including five full-size ones, as is a tiered pricing system. Choose from monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions to truly elevate your makeup bag. It’s one of those subscription boxes that will have you glowing.

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Ipsy Beauty Box
Stephanie Hope/Rd.com

Ipsy Glam Bag

Take a beauty quiz, and Ipsy‘s monthly Glam Bag (featuring five deluxe samples) will be tailored to your likes and dislikes. And who knows? You could end up with a new makeup obsession (and beauty secret).

What I love about this bag is that I don’t have to commit to buying a full-size product and hating it if it doesn’t work for me,” says Shopping Editor Stephanie Hope. “I’m able to try a variety of deluxe items before I commit to buying the full-size version, which makes the Glam Bag a great choice if you’re new to brands and beauty products.”

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clothes from stitch fix subscription
Reina Galhea/RD.com

Stitch Fix

If you want to keep your wardrobe fresh but don’t like to shop (or don’t know where to start when it comes to new clothes), turn to Stitch Fix. With options for men, women and kids, this is a subscription box the whole family can use. Delivery options range from every two weeks to every three months, and each box includes five items tailored to your tastes, size and style needs, curated by your Stitch Fix stylist. You can also order on demand, no subscription required.

“I’ve been a loyal Stitch Fix subscriber for more than five years,” says Deputy Shopping Editor Reina Galhea. “It’s helped me find some of my favorite closet items—both staples and special occasion outfits. I’m also impressed with the men’s selection, which is on par with what I’ve found at quality department stores. Now my husband is on the Stitch Fix train, too!”

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Cratejoy Beauty Subscription Box
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If you love the curation aspect of subscription boxes, you’ll have a blast going through Cratejoy‘s seemingly endless options. Narrow down a hobby, whether it’s gardening, mixology, reading or solving murder mysteries, and Cratejoy probably has a subscription box for it. I chose the Introvert’s Retreat box, which promised a curation “packed with an Introvert-themed candle and bath items, a sweet treat, a beautiful metal bookmark and a new fiction novel of your choice.” My introverted, bookworm heart soared. It tapped into my favorite things in life: books, chocolate and staying home.

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Rd Editor Tested Rocksbox Subscription Box
Cheryl Checchio/RD.Com


Unlike most subscription services, you don’t actually keep the jewelry from Rocksbox. Instead, you rent up to three pieces of designer jewels and gems at a time (with the option of buying your faves).

Trying three pieces for $21 a month is a fantastic deal, especially since that $21 can then be used toward the purchase of any piece from your box,” says Senior Shopping Editor Cher Checchio. It’s a great way to discover new jewelry brands, too.

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Rd Editor Tested Scentbird
Andrea Carrillo/RD.Com


Build your ultimate fragrance wardrobe with Scentbird. Hundreds of designer and niche scents speak to all kinds of preferences and styles, including perfume, cologne and car freshener options. I consider myself a perfumista, but I chose two new-to-me scents—Commodity’s “Paper+” and Scents of Wood’s “Sandalwood in Oak”—purely based on the extensive reviews and scent profiles. I love that the $16.95 travel-size bottles fit in any bag, and I already can’t wait for my next shipment.

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Sunbasket Meal Kit
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Speaking of eating healthier, Sunbasket is one of those services that values quality ingredients. Its organic meal kits have farm-fresh produce, and there are a ton of ways to customize your menu. Experiment with unique cultural foods and master new meals. Paleo, keto and even diabetes-conscious palettes welcome.

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Meal Kit Ecomm Via Dinnerly.com
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For a truly simple shopping experience, Dinnerly is one of the best beginner-friendly options. Pick from hundreds of menu items each week, starting from $4.99 per person. Dinner is served.

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Beanbox Coffee Subscription
Megan Mowery/RD.com


What’s better than a tasting box full of coffee? A monthly coffee subscription. That’s Bean Box.

“I love that the month’s beans arrive conveniently at your door, so no more emergency coffee runs when you’ve unexpectedly hit empty on your current bag,” says Senior Shopping Editor Megan Mowery. “And Bean Box takes personal preferences into account when determining the specific coffees to fill your box, so it’s easy to receive the perfect brew for your tastes month after month.”

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Rd Editor Tested Bespoke Post Subscription
Andrea Carrillo/RD.Com

Bespoke Post

If you want to be a champion of picking out gifts for men, check out Bespoke Post. The company releases limited-edition boxes filled with shaving sets, shoe-shine kits, home bar essentials and more. My $49 Explore box was stocked with hiking must-haves, which led me to start planning my next outdoor trek. The boxes regularly rotate, so you’ll always have access to spectacular picks. No doubt, he’ll be impressed with your shopping prowess.

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Rd Editor Tested Hello Fresh
Megan Mowery/RD.Com


Struggling with the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” Perhaps it’s time to consider the best meal subscription services. You’ll have fun cooking HelloFresh‘s globally inspired, chef-created dishes together—simply choose the number of servings and nights you’d like to cook and enjoy the bonus of a home-based date night.

“Hello Fresh isn’t the cheapest option on the market, I find it to be worth the price due to its fresh ingredients, an impressive array of meal options and consistency,” says Mowery.

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Rd Editor Tested Dia & Co
Andrea Carrillo/RD.Com

Dia & Co

In a perfect world, plus-size clothing would be easy to find. Dia & Co makes it a little easier. Offering sizes 10 through 32, style subscription services are based on your measurements and preferences. My stylist nailed it—I love the clothes and the fact that it saved me the fitting room drama! It’s still tricky to get an exact fit, but Dia & Co makes returns easy with a prepaid shipping label. Take advantage of the shop-all discount (25%) and look forward to a new wardrobe.

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Marley Spoon Meal Delivery Service
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Marley Spoon

From Martha Stewart herself comes Marley Spoon, a subscription box with just about any kind of food preference you want. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegetarian or looking for something low-calorie, Marley Spoon is a great option to explore. There are over 100 recipes to choose from, and the weekly menus make choosing easy. It’s a great option for busy parents, too.

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Purple Carrot Meal Delivery Service
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Purple Carrot

Eating healthier doesn’t necessarily simplify cooking. But Purple Carrot‘s subscription boxes specialize in plant-based meals. Choose from meal kits, prepared meals or both. You might actually look forward to vegan eating!

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FabFitFun Beauty Box
Andrea Carrillo/Rd.com


FabFitFun is one of the best subscription services on the market. The value is great and the product lineup is always a hit. It’s a quarterly box as opposed to a monthly one, but the value is well worth it for the $60 price tag. From lifestyle products to makeup to home decor, I love that the range of products speaks to my personal shopping habits. I’ll definitely consider gifting one to a friend!

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Rd Editor Tested Watchgang
Stephanie Hope/RD.Com


What Hope’s husband likes most about Watchgang is the variety of options for subscriptions to grow your collection at your own pace and price. It offers high-quality watches at a great value and membership comes with additional perks, like the chance to win a Rolex every week. Perfect if you want a new watch every month or are just looking to add a distinctive accessory once in a while. Time for a break from the smartwatch!

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Rd Editor Tested The Menlo Club Stephanie Hope
Stephanie Hope/RD.Com

The Menlo Club

For $60 a month, Menlo Club makes it so easy to create a wardrobe full of stylish staples. Define your preferences and choose pieces that suit your exact tastes. The items feel like they’re curated especially for him. The sizing charts help ensure a good fit, whether they’re dressing up for a ball game or business casual.

“My husband really loved the clothes and shoes he got,” says Hope. “They’re ones he might not have thought to buy on his own but they’re the perfect complement to his closet.” 

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Home chef
Andrea Carrillo/RD.com

Home Chef

If I’m tight on time or just struggling with meal inspiration, Home Chef does the heavy lifting for me. Building a box is simple, and each order comes with a recipe card with important stats, such as cook and prep time, the difficulty level of the recipe, spice level and the shelf life. I also appreciate that Home Chef tells me which ingredients and kitchen gadgets I’ll need from my kitchen. The back of the card has photos, specific instructions, prep suggestions and options for customization. As someone who isn’t great in the kitchen, I feel like now I can be.

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Green Chef
Stephanie Hope/RD.com

Green Chef

Personalize Green Chef’s organic meals based on the number of people and meals per week.”I love cooking and having everything already chosen for me just makes it that much more enjoyable,” says Hope. “I love how simple the recipes are despite the end result looking like something I’d buy from a restaurant.”

It’s one of those subscription boxes that makes it easy to start eating organically.

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Megan Mowery/RD.com

Blue Apron

If you’re looking for a challenge, Blue Apron lets you change the meal difficulty. Craft and premium recipes let you level up your dinner game, while ready-to-cook and fast-and-easy recipes let you skip the mental load. There are 80+ weekly meals to choose from, just keep in mind that it doesn’t offer diet-specific plans.

Each ingredient in my vegetarian meals was fresh and high-quality, and the meals struck a balance between healthy and still appealing,” says Mowery. “Though I’ve been a HelloFresh customer for years, Blue Apron has my loyalty wavering!”

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Factor 75
Stephanie Hope/RD.com

Factor 75

Working on a New Year’s resolution to eat cleaner? Factor 75 delivers ready-made, dietician-approved recipes right to your door. Hope has been using Factor 75 for six months and loves it. “We have eight meals delivered weekly and it’s such a helpful way to get a healthy, balanced meal in when we just don’t have the time to cook,” she says.

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Evolve Chef Meal Delivery Service
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Evolve Chef

If you just don’t like to cook, Evolve Chef has meal boxes that are ready to devour. The fresh, never-frozen meals are ready in just a few minutes. Each week, there are 30 meals to choose from with five new ones added every month. Certainly beats grocery trips!

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Rd Editor Tested Gq Box
Stephanie Hope/RD.Com

GQ Box

The GQ Best Stuff Box is great value for the price and almost sure to have something for everyone, says Hope. You get a good mix of practical accessories like a watch, bag, or Bluetooth speaker, some skincare/grooming products, clothing and other items. It’s a fun way to pick up some new favorites every season without having to search far and wide!

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The best subscription boxes and services, according to the expert editors

It’s never been easier to shop online. Everything you could ever need is a click away! But sifting through the noise may require some assistance. Our editors sifted through dozens of subscription boxes and subscription services to find the best lifestyle, beauty and culinary products for every type of budget and routine. We tested each one based on shipping, price, availability and value of the products. Rest assured, you’re subscribing to the best of the best.

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