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Can You Pass This Dog Trivia Quiz?

We're putting your dog knowledge to the test with these 13 questions!

adorable french bulldog dog posing in an autumn forestotsphoto/Shutterstock

Think you know your sniff—uh, stuff—when it comes to canines?

From the length of a canine pregnancy to why their tails wag, we've assembled an assortment of fun, dog-centered questions that'll either show you're best of breed or—worst-case scenario—teach you a few new tricks! These 20 other dugs puns will give you paws.

Labrador dog feeding her puppies at home5 second Studio/Shutterstock

How long are dogs pregnant?

We humans have it rough with a nine-month pregnancy term, but canines get off (relatively easy) with a gestational period of 58 to 68 days, notes the American Kennel Club (AKC). Sometimes it can be tricky to even tell if a dog is pregnant in the first place, but these are some of the common signs.

Two dogs of various breeds sitting on autumn meadowfotorince/Shutterstock

Which dog breed has been on the AKC's Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breed List for 25 years and counting?

If you guessed the Labrador retriever, you guessed correctly! This lovable pooch has remained on the AKC's Most Popular Dog Breed List for over two decades, which is longer than any other breed out there. Are you surprised? Find out the most popular breed by state.

mountain dog looking at camerastudio37th/Shutterstock

Which food is the easiest for a dog to digest? Salmon, beef, eggs, or broccoli?

The answer is eggs, says Johnna Devereaux, a certified canine nutrition consultant for Bow Wow Labs. She explains that while dogs can eat all the above, "eggs are the most biologically available form of protein and the easiest for the canine, carnivore body to digest and assimilate nutrients from." Find out the very best dog food for dogs, according to vets.


dog curled up sleepingPrzemek Iciak/Shutterstock

Why do dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep?

According to the AKC, dogs curl up in a ball when sleeping as a way to protect their vital organs. This is leftover ingrained behavior from before they were domesticated; back then, sleeping like this would keep them safer from predators during their vulnerable sleeping state. Find out more secrets behind your pooch's sleeping position.


dog on mountaindezy/Shutterstock

Which animal is the modern canine a direct ancestor of?

If you guessed wolf, that is correct! More specifically, dogs are a direct descendant of the gray wolf (canis lupus), notes In addition to behavior shifts that occurred during domestication, our modern-day dogs are also smaller and generally have shorter muzzles and fewer teeth compared to their ancestors. Learn about 11 dog breeds and their fascinating origins.


close up Portrait of the Yorkshire Terrier dog Maksym Fesenko/Shutterstock

The frontal lobe of the canine brain has grown how much in the past 500 years? 1%, 5%, 10%, or no growth?

"The canine brain has had a frontal lobe growth of 5 percent in the last 500 years," says Devereaux. This area of the brain is directly related to a dog's ability to control their impulses, and while it has grown in the last 500 years, it's still considered quite small. Find out how to tell if your dog is smart.


two Golden Retriever puppys runs on grass and play. outsidedezy/Shutterstock

At what age is a dog no longer considered to be a puppy?

This is kind of a trick question because the answer depends on the size of the breed, says Generally speaking, smaller breeds outgrow puppyhood at around nine months, while larger breeds remain in their puppy-state until about 15 months. Who doesn't love a puppy? Check out the 50 cutest dog breeds as puppies.


Saint Bernard puppy on a leash on a patioknelson20/Shutterstock

True or false? A dog's tail wags only when it is feeling happy

While we associate tail-wagging with a jovial pup (and this is often the case), this isn't always true. How your dog's tail wags is an indicator of its mood. For instance, if it wags to the right then they are happy, and if it wags to the left it could mean they're frightened. A low wag indicates insecurity, and a rapid wag accompanied by tense muscles means they're in an aggressive, ready-to-attack state. Learn more about how to decode your dog's tail-wag.


dog teeth/mouthShutterstock

Do dogs have more or fewer teeth compared to humans?

Dogs have more teeth than humans. While humans have a total of 32 teeth, the average canine mouth has a total of 42 teeth, says Devereaux. Their teeth are used "for ripping, tearing and shredding their prey." Here's how to stop a puppy from biting, according to dog trainers.

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