This Is the Best Time to Go to Costco

Learn how to make the most of your Costco visit by going at just the right time.

Costco is the home of deep discounts and mouth-watering free samples, but it can also be home to large crowds. You don’t have to endure long lines at the nationwide retailer if you plan your trip wisely. Here’s a look at the best times to shop at Costco—and the times you should avoid. Also, if you see this symbol on your favorite Costco item, stock up now.

Best time to go to Costco: Weekday afternoons

If you want to visit Costco, the best time tends to be during the week, Tuesday through Thursday, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. This two-hour window is after the lunch rush, but just before people start showing up after their workday. Costco managers also say you’ll avoid crowds if you visit the store within an hour of closing on a weeknight. Next time you visit Costco, look for these 15 incredible frozen foods.

Avoid: Mornings and lunchtime

Mornings at Costco are probably more crowded than you’d expect—especially recently, with Covid-19 shopping rushes tending to occur more often in the mornings. Many people try to get to the store right when it opens to ensure that they won’t leave empty-handed if they’re searching for high-demand essentials. Not to mention, most Costco warehouses are open only to seniors and people with disabilities in the mornings, from 9 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday.

As for lunchtime, that’s pretty explanatory. People might be popping into Costco during their work lunch breaks—and some even go to Costco for lunch. You’re probably best off waiting for the busy lunch hour to pass before making the trip. Find out the things you won’t see in Costco anymore after coronavirus.

Avoid: Weekends and Mondays

Avoiding weekends is easier said than done, of course. But, because many people are off work, that’s often when the stores are at their busiest. Costco employees attest that Sundays in particular tend to get hectic as people swing by Costco after church. As for Fridays and Mondays, their crowdedness mirrors each other—on Fridays, people stock up for the weekend, and on Mondays, for the week ahead. Any day is good if you’re retired. Here are a few things that retirees should buy at Costco.

Looking for deals?

Since Costco is always marking items down, there are always good deals to be had. If you want to stretch your dollar even further, look for Costco coupons. While the retailer doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons, it does distribute its own coupons via mail to members. According to frequent shoppers, there are even more Costco tips that can save you money.

Also, if you’re a regular Costco customer, consider signing up for the store’s Visa card which gives you cashback rewards for purchases at the store. The no-fee card includes 2 percent cash back on all Costco purchases, along with deals on gas. And before your next Costco run, make sure you also know these secrets Costco employees aren’t telling you.


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