I Tried the Bug Bite Thing, and Yes, It Actually Stops Mosquito Bites From Itching

Irritation from mosquito bites will be a thing of the past, thanks to the Big Bite Thing.

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During warm, humid summers in New York’s most mountainous region, my family is prone to dozens of bug bites on any given day. We’ve tried all the natural bug repellents on the market, but my kids still end up polka-dotted with mosquito bites as if their blood tastes like bug candy.

Instead of trying to prevent them in the first place—my top priority, which seems futile—I started looking at ways to make the itchy, scratchy and oh-so-terrible bites more tolerable for my little ones.

I discovered the Bug Bite Thing, a small and easy-to-use Amazon gadget that promises to suck the irritant-causing residues out of bug bites, helping them heal faster and without itching. Given its more than 44,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, I knew my family had to get its hands on the Bug Bite Thing.

What is the Bug Bite Thing?

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The Bug Bite Thing is a small plastic device that sucks mosquito saliva out of affected areas. If used early enough, the Bug Bite Thing speeds healing and reduces swelling and itching. In short, it’s a summer camping gear essential no family should go without.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag, doesn’t require charging or special batteries,= and it’s easy enough for kids to use on themselves. Plus, it’s affordable and reusable, making it one of the best discounted camping gear picks on the market.

Believing bug spray will guard you against every bug bite is a common myth about personal insect repellents—and one of the camping mistakes most first-timers make—which is why it’s important to have a treatment plan after you’ve been bitten. People often turn to baking soda, oatmeal and other tricks to help get rid of itchy mosquito bites, but removing the irritation-causing mosquito saliva is the most important step. It’s the saliva that causes redness, swelling and major cases of itchy scratches.

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How we tested it

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Shortly after the Bug Bite Thing arrived, my 9-year-old daughter headed off to her school’s field day. As expected, she came home covered in bumps. We immediately deployed the little white suction device.

The instructions were simple and straightforward: Position the device over the center of the bug bite and pull the grips upward to apply suction. Then, we waited a handful of seconds before releasing the suction.

The first mosquito bite on my daughter’s leg oozed a drop or two of liquid we assumed to be mosquito saliva. The other bite didn’t secrete any noticeable fluid. Both bites became temporarily redder, but within minutes my daughter stopped complaining about them. The device appeared to alleviate the symptoms. It still took two or three days for the bites to fully clear up, but the irritation seemed to dissipate within minutes. That was good enough for us.

In the past, my daughter lost sleep over itchy bug bites, scratching them to the point that little scabs formed. The Bug Bite thing genuinely solved that problem.

Product features

The Bug Bite Thing is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, and requires no charging or electricity. It relies on suction to remove irritants, like mosquito saliva from bug bites, thus helping the body naturally recover and reduce inflammation faster.


  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket-sized
  • Reusable
  • Cheap
  • Doesn’t require charging or batteries
  • Chemical-free
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Comes in three colors
  • 44,500 five-star Amazon ratings


  • Temporarily leaves skin redder, but this fades in minutes
  • The red bumps may not resolve as quickly as the itching


Bug Bite Thing Img 0582 Bryce Gruber JveditBRYCE GRUBER/RD.COM

Does the Bug Bite Thing hurt to use?

No! You will feel strong suction, but it shouldn’t hurt. It’s only meant to be used for 10 to 20 seconds at a time.

Can the Bug Bite Thing be used on spider bites?

Yes! According to the company, the device works well on spider bites, but it should not be used for brown recluse or black widow bites. It also works on bites from ants, bees, wasps, black flies, fleas and any other insect. The key is to use it as fast as possible after a bite occurs.

Does the Bug Bite Thing leave a bruise or mark?

Typically, no. Redness and indentations are common for a few minutes, but quickly dissipate. Those with sensitive skin may experience slightly more irritation, but it should pass.

What other reviewers had to say

“I was unexpectedly stung by a bee on my thumb, which was very painful and it started to swell immediately,” writes verified purchaser, Michelle. “I remembered that I had this and used it within five minutes from being stung. I pulled on it for about 30 seconds and, to my amazement, the pain went away, the swelling disappeared. It was like the bee sting never happened and there was barely even a mark.”

Elizabeth Z., a five-star reviewer, recommends stocking up on Bug Bite Things so they’re always on hand during the summer bug season. “This is something I originally bought for over $10, but getting a set is great. I like to keep these in multiple places during the summer, especially to deal with mosquito bites. Sometimes I have to use them a couple times for a single bite, but it works way better than anti-itch creams,” she says.

Another five-star reviewer, Cecilia Bowman, finds the tool useful for more than just mosquito bites. “I got tiny cactus thorns in my fingers. After a year (seriously!), I was still swollen, in pain and the thorns were moving around on the tops of my knuckles…I thought why not try the Bug Bite Thing. IT WORKS!!…I can work again! Works for splinters, too! Healed in two days!” she writes.

Final verdict

I love the Bug Bite Thing‘s portability and effectiveness without relying on potentially irritating chemicals. Its affordable price means I can keep one in my bag, my car and my home. The suction device is also safe for those with sensitive skin.

Although the packaging says it works well on other types of bug bites, we’re grateful we didn’t have to put that to the test. And while the Bug Bite Thing is no replacement for insect repellents and hacks that keep mosquitoes away, it certainly is a remarkable addition to any first aid kit, backpack and camp bag. I’m such a fan, I think these should be required packing gear for overnight camps.

Where to buy the Bug Bite Thing

Fhm Ecomm Bug Bite Thing Via Amazon.com via merchant

You can buy the Bug Bite Thing on Amazon and at Walmart and Target, where it retails for about $10. Order yours before regular late-night gatherings around the fire pit begin or ahead of your next camping trip. It also makes a smart camping gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life. You: 1; mosquitoes: 0.

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