I Tried Cozy Earth Sheets and Haven’t Battled Night Sweats Since

We reviewed the internet-famous Cozy Earth sheets and were shocked by how effectively they solved a common sleep problem.

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As a Home Editor, I’m always on the hunt for the best mattresses, warm blankets and game-changing pillows for side sleepers. I’m extremely particular when it comes to sheets, though, because I tend to be a hot sleeper. That’s why I decided to give the best-selling Cozy Earth sheets—a bamboo-based bundle that promises to regulate body temperature—a whole-hearted try. I won’t spoil the review for you just yet, but know this—they’re worth every dime and I’m ordering backups in more colors.

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What are Cozy Earth bamboo sheets?

Each set of Cozy Earth sheets is made of bamboo-based viscose fabric that has a silky, smooth feel that rivals the best silk. Bamboo viscose is far easier to care for than silk though, standing up to even the most aggressive sleep patterns, sweat, kids and pets. The brand’s best-selling sheets bundle is made from certified organic bamboo with only minimal dyes and as few chemical additives as possible. That makes them some of the best organic sheets and ideal for those with sensitive skin types.

They’re soft, breathable and boast a slightly-shiny sateen finish that makes them look like they belong in a five-star hotel. They won’t pill or ride up on deep mattresses either. I know, because the most surprising part of my Cozy Earth sheets review was realizing how well they covered my deep Helix Midnight Luxe mattress without bunching or moving. An extensive size selection ranging from twin through California and split king is also available, each deep enough to fit even the cushiest pillow-top beds.

How we tested Cozy Earth sheets

I did the hardest work of all, obviously. I slept on my Cozy Earth sheets and then slept on them some more (even wearing Cozy Earth pajamas to get the full effect). Throughout my several-week-long journey, I had several young children hopping in and out of my bed at all hours of the night and day. I also encountered the occasional poodle mix begging for love and affection, and a husband who tends to drool-snore just before dawn each day.

The shockingly-sturdy Cozy Earth bamboo sheets passed each test marvelously, but the real feat was how well they regulated my own body temperature.

Unless I have the thermostat turned all the way down to polar vortex numbers, I tend to wake up a sweaty mess shortly after midnight. It’s a total inconvenience, but one I’ve learned to live with thanks to cooling mattresses, silky pajamas and sheets. I didn’t know if the sateen weave of Cozy Earth sheets would be enough.

They weren’t just enough—they seemed to regulate my body temperature better than my own skin. On especially frigid Upstate New York nights they kept me warm and lulled me into a peaceful sleep. Then, when my midnight sweats would invariably hit, they managed to offer airflow, breathability, sweat-wicking and yes—cooling.

Frankly, it’s a scientific marvel. I know the Nobel team doesn’t go around handing out prizes for really comfortable sheets, but if that category opens up in the future I want this Cozy Earth sheets review to be my public cry for their nomination. I’m pretty sure my husband would co-sign the nomination. He’s no longer being woken in the middle of the night by my tossing sheets and blankets off the bed in a hot, angry puff. Now he’s able to focus on his snore-drooling as nature intended. What a blessing.

Are Cozy Earth sheets worth it?

Yes, yes and another very emphatic yes. Did I make myself clear? A set of Cozy Earth bamboo sheets isn’t necessarily cheap, but wow—they’re worth the price and are easy to maintain. That means they also last longer than cheap sheets made of poly blends. These have the look and feel of far more expensive bed linens. Plus, they’re some of the easiest sheets to maintain.


  • Incredibly silky bamboo viscose material that regulates body temperature
  • Won’t pill
  • Extra deep pockets fit mattresses up to 20 inches deep
  • Made from organically farmed bamboo
  • Nearly 5,000 customer ratings with a nearly-perfect average star rating
  • Hardly wrinkles
  • Machine washable


  • Only a handful of neutral colors are available because the brand tries not to use harsh chemical dyes (but honestly, who really needs more than white, beige and gray?)

How to wash Cozy Earth bamboo sheets

The best part of these life-changing, silky-soft bamboo sheets is how easy they are to care for. Sure, cheaper sheets are easy to find, but in my experience, they shrink, snag, pill or are damaged. That’s not the case with these Cozy Earth wonders, and they’re a cinch to wash.

Just throw them in your laundry machine and set the cycle to cold. Use your best laundry detergent and skip the softeners. Don’t use bleach—it could damage the viscose, which is naturally stain-resistant anyway. I like to use Wad-Free sheet separators to cut down on drying time as well.

Where to buy Cozy Earth bamboo sheets

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Setvia merchant

The only place to buy Cozy Earth bamboo viscose sheets is directly from the brand’s website. Prices start at about $250, but the brand regularly offers some of the steepest sales, promotions and the best Black Friday deals. You’ll want to hurry up through, some of the newly-released colors are offered in limited runs and may sell out.

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