This Inexpensive Curl Cream Has Nearly 30,000 Reviews—Here’s Why Shoppers Love It

Updated: Jan. 28, 2024

You don’t need to book a salon appointment to add some bounce back in your curls. Achieve your best ‘do yet with the Cantu Curling Cream 

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Caring for your curls can feel like a full-time job. Your hair routine might be costing more time and money than you’d like to admit, and assembling the perfect collection of serums, shampoos and oils takes trial and error. Enter Cantu Curling Cream, a hydration-rich formula that counteracts flat strands. The best part? It’s less than $6.  

There are plenty of frizz products and tools to maintain the mane, but thousands of users have turned to Cantu’s hair care line to revive their coils. The brand prides itself on natural ingredients and lasting results. Plus, how can 20,000+ five-star ratings be wrong?  

What is Cantu Curling Cream?  

One of the biggest struggles for people with naturally curly hair is finding products that not only hydrate and strengthen, but also complement their curl pattern. While there are various products in the Cantu haircare line, the Coconut Curling Cream specifically is aimed at those with Type 3 and 4 curls, or tighter corkscrew shapes and spongy textures.  

The 12-ounce tub of Cantu Coconut Curling Cream is packed with pure shea butter and coconut oil to treat dry, brittle hair. The formula’s seven other essential oils (like jojoba and aloe) help strengthen strands without adding weight.   


  • You won’t have to use much product to achieve your desired result 
  • No harsh ingredients like sulphates, parabens, silicones or mineral oils (plus it’s gluten free) 
  • Doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy 
  • Refines curl shape in the first few uses 
  • Inexpensive price 
  • More than 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon  


  • Some reviewers find the cream doesn’t protect against frizz in high humidity 
  • Too much product can make hair feel sticky 
  • Some users say the coconut scent is a little overpowering, but the hydrating effects of the ingredient are worth it

Why is Cantu Curling Cream so popular? 

There are several reasons why your curls lose their shape or moisture over time. Heat damage, the environment and even certain pillowcases contribute to dry and brittle hair, which is why we prefer silk pillowcases instead. People with tighter curls should avoid too much heat as that can cause curl shrinkage, which is why using a heat protectant is a non-negotiable. 

Curly hair also requires more moisture than straight or wavy textures, so Cantu Curling Cream’s hydrating ingredients are key, and part of why it’s so popular. The ridiculously affordable price tag is the cherry on top.  

How to use Cantu Curling Cream

The cream works best on damp hair. Just smooth it in from root to end, working in sections, and natural curls will start to define. Be mindful of heavy application at the roots to prevent weight and product buildup. The cream is meant for styling, so there’s no need to rinse the product out. On non-wash days, you can also revive dull curls by adding some cream to your ends.  

The best Amazon user reviews 

If you’re still on the fence about adding another curl cream to your arsenal, read these reviews from real Cantu Curling Cream users. 

Melissa Chernes says she spent “thousands to find the perfect product.” Her favorite features are that it’s “not heavy, doesn’t dry crunchy, leaves hair feeling soft and gives beautiful curls!! It took 40 years but I’ve found my product!”  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, verified purchaser Shane M. replaced his barbershop visits with an at-home hair routine. He went through three travel sizes before committing—and hasn’t looked back since. “I LOVE the results! This product doesn’t dry out your hair nor make it stiff like gel does. It’s also not oily, as I’m able to touch my hair during the day with no grease stains on my hands.”  

Teairra Jay also notes that this “magic” cream works on her and her daughters’ different hair patterns, keeping “everyone’s curls happy.” She writes: “Once I apply this to our hair with a little water I won’t have to moisturize again for days.”  

Where to buy Cantu Curling Cream 

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The Cantu Coconut Curling Cream is available on Amazon, Walmart and Sally Beauty for less than $6. Your next amazing hair day is just a click away.  

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