What Is the TikTok Hair Slugging Trend—and Does It Work?

Spoiler alert: My curly hair looks fuller, less frizzy and more moisturized thanks to hair slugging.

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I’m a sucker for trying TikTok viral beauty trends. Skin slugging, the curly girl hair method, skin cycling—I’ve tried it all. So when I discovered the TikTok hair slugging trend, I was intrigued.

I’m always looking for frizzy hair products to smooth my curls, so I put the TikTok trend to the test. Spoiler alert: My second and third-day curls have never looked better thanks to hair slugging.

What is hair slugging?

Similar to skin slugging, hair slugging involves using oil to lock in moisture overnight. Instead of letting the oil just sit on hair strands, hair slugging requires wrapping hair in a tube sock or bonnet to really lock it all in. Think of it as the final step in a nighttime hair care routine.

So, how do you slug your hair? All you need is hair oil, a tube sock and a scrunchie. For extra protection, opt for silk bedding, like the mulberry silk pillowcase our tester loves.

Why is hair slugging trending?

Simply put, because the internet is obsessed with TikTok hacks—and so are we. Akin to TikTok viral beauty products like the Revlon one-step hair dryer, videos mentioning hair slugging are racking up views thanks to creators sharing their experiences with the trend.

Take this viral video from @moniquemrapier, for example. The before and after hair transformation is enough to convince viewers to try it out. Combine it with the fact that the trend involves household products like a sock and scrunchie and you’ve got a TikTok viral beauty sensation. #HairSlugging has garnered 34.5 million views alone on TikTok.


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How we tested it

Intrigued by the hair slugging transformations I saw on TikTok, I had to put it to the test. All I was missing was a high-quality hair oil, so I got to researching. While most hair slugging videos recommend using Ouai Hair Oil, I didn’t want to drop a lot of money on hair oil. This led me to Verb Ghost Oil, which is an affordable pick known to beat frizz.

Next, I scoured #HairSlugging on TikTok to get the method down pat. Luckily, it’s pretty foolproof. The only difference in my method versus the TikTok one is I chose a tube sock over a fuzzy one. My fuzzy socks tend to shed, and I didn’t want fuzz showing up in my hair the next day.

After washing my hair with the best shampoo for my hair type and conditioner, I topped it off with a hair mask. My strands struggle to retain moisture, so a hair mask or serum is a must after any hair wash day.

The night of my hair wash day, I gathered my products and got to slugging. Using two pumps of Ghost Oil, I carefully weaved it through my curls, making sure not to comb them or else they’d get tangled. Then, I wrapped my hair in the tube sock and secured it with a scrunchie.

I slept on my silk pillowcase that night, being extra careful not to toss or turn too much (although, that’s pretty much inevitable). When I woke up the next morning, I did my skincare (hello, face massage tools) and makeup routine before taking my hair out of the sock. I carefully unraveled it, making sure not to pull on my strands too hard. Much to my delight (and shock!) my curls were completely frizz-free. It actually worked!

Amazed by my results, I used the hair slugging technique each night leading up to my next hair wash day, opting for one pump of hair oil instead of two. It’s a great way to improve my hair for less.

What other TikTokers had to say

Spend a few minutes scouring the #HairSlugging tag on TikTok, and you’re guaranteed to find several creators raving about the trend.

TikToker @notyourlocalhabibi tried it using the Vatika Arabia Enriched Hair Oil, writing that they “love the results” in the video’s caption.

Another creator, @parknamee shares their hair slugging transformation, noting how the method left their strands looking shiny and moisturized. “Honestly I was pretty impressed after brushing it out,” they share.

Final verdict

At first glance, this hair trend isn’t revolutionary. Adding a hair mask or oil to one’s hair care routine isn’t new. And neither are silk pillowcases. It is interesting, however, to protect strands using a sock (although, we would recommend sticking to satin or silk material as opposed to cotton).

Overall, I’m impressed with hair slugging. I no longer wake up with tangled, frizzy curls. While some hair oils tend to leave my strands feeling greasy, the Verb Ghost Oil did not. I’ve been practicing the hair slugging technique for a few weeks now, and my curly hair has never looked better.

One year later, instead of wrapping my hair in a sock, I wear this silk sleep bonnet to protect my curls after applying the oil. It’s a lot easier than fumbling around trying to fit my hair in a sock and keeps my whole head of hair frizz-free for longer. Still, if you’re looking for a nighttime hair care routine to protect your straight, curly or wavy strands, I recommend hair slugging.

Where to buy hair slugging products

Treat your hair to some much-needed moisture by adding these TikTok hair slugging products to your routine. I use them every night, and I’m amazed at my results. This way to happy hair!

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