This Former Model Literally Looks Half His Real Age—Here’s His Unusual Secret

You'll never guess how old he actually is.

Most of us need to put in at least a little bit of effort to look younger. We wear the right clothes. We don’t overdo it on the makeup. We take care of our skin, often times to little avail. On the other hand, a very select few are blessed with naturally good looks that make it impossible for anyone to figure out their actual ages.

Take ChuanDo Tan from Singapore. Without knowing anything about him, how old would you say he is? 23? 25?

Now what if we tell you he’s a pop-singer-turned-model-turned-photographer? That’s quite a career, so he must be a little older. Late twenties? Early thirties?

NOPE. Try 50.

Yep. You wouldn’t believe it just by looking at him, but Tan is actually 50 years old. Halfway to 100. He was born in the late ‘60s, before cell phones and Post-It notes and push-through can tops. He was alive before the Internet was even invented, and now he’s all the Internet can talk about.

So what’s the secret to Tan’s fountain-of-youth appearance? He told Daily Mail that he works out regularly, doesn’t bathe early in the morning or late at night, and eats spicy Hainanese chicken. That probably does account for something, but we’re guessing genetics play an important, unrecognized role. However, Instagrammer valefun2000 poses an interesting theory: “I have the feeling that you are a vampire. Not a normal, pale vampire, but a vampire with a healthy skin color that doesn’t age.”

It will probably take some trial and error to find the precise time for your age-reversing afternoon bath that supposedly get you Tan’s good looks. In the meantime, try incorporating these habits of people who look younger than their age into your daily routine, and ponder this mind-boggling question: If this is Tan at 50, what did he look like at 20?

Claire Nowak
Claire is a writer, editor and digital strategist with more than 10 years of experience reporting on facts, trivia and quotes. Her natural curiosity lends itself to stories on history, trivia and "Did you know?" curiosities, and her work has appeared in Taste of Home, The Family Handyman, The Healthy and iHeart Media. A former editor at Reader's Digest and proud Marquette University grad, she lives in Milwaukee with her fiancé and their corgi and enjoys binge-listening to true-crime podcasts.