13 of the Most Jaw-Dropping Weight Transformations on Instagram

Their inspiring results might just inspire you to go on a health journey of your own.

Losing Kilos with Keto

Jack has lost 158 pounds thanks to exercise and a ketogenic diet.

Tackling Weight Loss with Love

This couple worked together to lose weight and have collectively lost over 350 lbs together!

Getting Stronger Every Day

After overcoming severe anorexia, Amalie as become an advocate of health—both physical and mental. “I want to use this as an opportunity to say something important; You don’t have to look like me on the left to have an eating disorder…It is a mental illness with physical side effects, and everybody deserves help,” she said in this post.

Attacking Fat, One Rep at a Time

Zach used to suffer from food addiction and has lost 50% of his body weight by eating a cleaner diet and regularly exercising.

Banish That Baby Weight

This new mom recently lost 100 pounds in one year before having her baby and getting back on the fit wagon!

Love Your Body, Love Yourself

Megan has conquered anorexia now proudly flaunts her healthy curves on her body-positive account.

#Gains Sometimes Aren’t As Impressive As Losses

Kevin has lost 125 pounds by hitting the gym and staying committed to his workout routine.

It’s Not a Diet; It’s a Lifestyle Choice

Rachel has lost almost 100 pounds, and emphasizes that “It’s not a race.. it’s a lifestyle change. Find what’s sustainable. Find what works for YOU!”

Transforming Mind and Body

After being hospitalized for anorexia, Milly emphasizes her mental transformation just as much, if not more, than her physical transformation:

“Whilst weight gain is crucial, it’s not the most significant change you’ll get whilst recovering. The release of my mind into the wonders of the world from the cage it had been in for so long was the biggest change for me, colors started flooding back, joy and positivity came knocking and clarity came to join the party.”

Turning Body Confidence Into a Business

Tameika has lost nearly 100 pounds and has turned her healthy lifestyle into a business as a personal trainer.

200 Down, 20 to Go

Pancho has lost 218 pounds over about 2 years and aims to lose another 20 to reach his goal weight. He offers words of encouragement saying, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

Gaining Healthy Weight Doesn’t Mean Losing Yourself

Liv, who has overcome bulimia (pictured on the left), laughs looking back at her old photos saying, “My style hasn’t changed a bit!”

Confidence Comes in All Forms

Jovana has lost 135 pounds and says this is the first time she feels comfortable in a bikini. “It takes a lot of commitment, sacrifice and hard work. But living a healthy, happy and comfortable life will ALWAYS be worth it to me. I hope it is for you as well.”

Health for Every Body

A healthy lifestyle means something different to everyone. Find what makes you the most comfortable and confident, and use that as motivation to work toward your goals.