I Tried a Cuup Virtual Bra Fitting and Finally Have Bras That Fit Properly

I tried a Cuup bra virtual fitting and finally have bras that fit properly, look beautiful, and are comfortable all day long.

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Cuup bras offer lots of support—literally, they’re designed to support 40 chest sizes from A through H. And figuratively, the Cuup service and fit team know more than most lingerie stores about sizing, style, and shape.

When I realized I hadn’t purchased a new bra in a few years—and by realized, I mean I could no longer stand the uncomfortable underwire and slipping straps of my current bras—I decided to get serious about finding bras that fit perfectly. I’d seen Cuup on social media feeds and had a few friends who swear by Cuup’s fit quiz and virtual bra fitting sessions.

I decided to try Cuup bras. And why not? The only thing I had to lose was an uncomfortable bra. After you’ve found your perfect bra, you’ll also want to find the best shapewear for every type of dress.

What is a Cuup bra?

Cuup asked, “Why is it so hard to find a sexy bra that fits?” and then spent two years creating the perfect modern bra. They threw out how traditional bras look, feel, and fit. Cuup makes sizing measurements on real bodies, not a dated sizing system. Instead of lace and bows, Cuup has clean silhouettes made with luxe fabrics that feel good on the body and wear well under clothes.

Cuup’s five core styles (Balconette, Demi, Scoop, Plunge, and Triangle) are all designed to give you the barely-there feel of a bralette with the support of an everyday bra. No padding, no lining, and definitely no itchy lace. Microfiber and mesh are movable and breathable for more support and lift. Flexible underwires move with you—no pinching or poking.

Muted colors are decidedly sophisticated, and the neutral color palette is designed to work with a variety of skin colors. These bras look good, and I hoped they’d feel just as nice.

How I was fitted for a Cuup bra

I’ve tried lots and lots of bra brands: Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, ThirdLove, Natori. I’ve been measured in stores and given bras in sizes from A to D. I find that bras often gape in the cup (not cute under a t-shirt) and straps tend to slip over time. If I want cleavage, I’m directed to overly padded bras with digging underwires. Ugh! And I’m not alone—a huge majority of women struggle to find bras that fit properly.

I hoped a Cuup fitting would yield different results. Before I made an appointment for a virtual bra fitting, I took Cuup’s online fit quiz. The simple quiz asks questions about current bras, fit problems, and what you want in a bra for lift and shape, then suggests a bra style and size for you. You can also measure yourself if you have a fabric tape measure.

Cuup’s algorithm suggested a Balconette bra—completely different than anything currently in my underwear drawer—and I ordered one in black. To be really thorough, I scheduled a virtual fit session. I did things a bit backward here as I wanted to talk to the fit specialist after I had my bra. Most customers would schedule a fit session before ordering a Cuup bra.

The virtual fit session

My Cuup Balconette bra arrived in a well-presented box with a recycled zippered bag for washing or transportation. I was immediately impressed with how pretty the bra looked in real life. Crafted from resilient power mesh, the breathable cups molded to my shape perfectly. I was surprised by how much cleavage the ultra-thin underwire framework gave me. But, I thought the bra was too snug in the cups. I decided to show my Cuup virtual fit expert, Tania, and get her opinion.

Booking an available virtual session was simple, and only required a phone or computer with a camera and Internet connection. I received a link via email and clicked through for the video call. Tania let me know ahead of time I could dress as I was comfortable, so I wore my Cuup bra and a button-down shirt. I immediately felt at ease with Tania and was excited to chat about bra fit.

Tania explained that most of a bra’s support actually comes from the band—not the cups. She advised me to expect a tight fit (but not tight enough to leave marks) on the tightest hook. I showed her the spillage at the top of the cup in the Balconette bra and she suggested I step off-camera and adjust my straps.

Magic! The adjusted Balconette gave me cleavage, lift, and support but it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. I definitely didn’t need a new size.

How did the Cuup bra feel over time?

What blows me away the most about the Cuup Balconette bra is how it looks incredibly sexy and supportive, but feels like wearing pretty much nothing. I’ve worn the Cuup bra weekly and under a variety of tops with fantastic results. The front band lays flat and doesn’t ride up. Gaping? What gaping? Straps stay put on my shoulders without digging or leaving marks. And I know I mentioned the cleavage already but I remain surprised how much lift this style gives without padding.

Since the Cuup Balconette bra is see-through and unlined, I don’t wear it with anything too sheer (no nip slips, please).

Cuup Pros

  • Easily the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. Microfiber and mesh feel good and stay in place.
  • Free virtual fitting with a specialist ensures the most accurate fit.
  • Five styles provide support and lift for most body types.
  • Sophisticated and chic color and pattern offerings.
  • Some styles are available as swimwear.
  • Free shipping.
  • Cuup also sells buttery soft underwear in a variety of styles.

Cuup Cons

  • There are more affordable bras.
  • You have to hand wash these bras if you want them to last. Here’s how often you should wash your bra.
  • Only available through Cuup’s website.

Does Cuup make swimwear?

Because it’s swimsuit season, I also got a Balconette swim top in salt (white) and matching high-waisted bottoms. Sizing for swimwear is a bit different than sizing for bras. Swim fabric is more restrictive so I sized up larger than my regular cup. I took the swimsuit on vacation and got lots of compliments on the vintage-inspired look. Looking for something with a bit more control? These are the best tummy control swimsuits.

I also wore Cuup swimwear to actually swim and dive. The top holds up to the test of serious splashing without turning me into a flasher. The higher cut of the bottoms tucks in my stomach and makes my legs look longer. I’ll wear this swimsuit for years to come.

Cuup Bra Colorblockrd.com, via shopcuup.com (4)

Where to buy Cuup bras and swimwear

Cuup bras and swimwear are available directly to consumers at shopcuup.com. Shipping and returns are free (with some time limitations around returns. Underwear sales are final.) I love my Cuup Balconette bra so much that I’m ordering two more. Now that I know how a bra should fit and feel, I can never go back.

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