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21 Best Strapless Bras That Stay Put, According to Style Pros

No matter your bust size or outfit need, these strapless styles won’t fall down—and they're comfortable, too!

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The Best Strapless Bras, via retailers (4)

The search for the perfect strapless bra

Everyone knows the struggle of wearing a strapless bra for a special event and spending the entire night hoisting it up. In fact, after experiencing this more than a few times, you might have wondered if a hassle-free strapless bra even exists. We’re here to tell you that it does. However, you do need to get a few things right, including the size and style.

“The biggest mistake I see people make with strapless bras is similar to the biggest mistake I see them make with regular bras,” says undergarment educator Kimmay Caldwell, the founder of Hurray Kimmay. “Most people are wearing a band size that is too big and a cup that is too small.” If you’re wearing the incorrect size in your strapless bras, you’re probably also wearing the wrong size in your bralettessports bras, and shapewear. “The poor fit is more noticeable with a strapless bra because you don’t have the straps,” says Caldwell. “But really, those straps shouldn’t be doing that much work.”

A well-fitting bra depends on two things: the band and the cup. According to Caldwell, the band should feel snug and stay parallel to the floor. The underwire of each cup should fit around each breast, tacking onto the body in between the breasts (not floating out).

How we chose the best strapless bras

Once you’ve found the correct bra size, you’ll want to choose the right bra for your sizing and outfit needs. To help you do that, we consulted with bra experts and scanned countless online user reviews to come up with this list of the best strapless bras for every cup size and occasion, from the most effective options for small and large busts to the best affordable, adhesive, and backless options. We’ve even included a few styles that we tried and tested at home. So, without further ado, scroll down to find exactly what you need, and end your bra-related woes for good.

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bravia

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Best overall strapless bra

Looking for a strapless bra that will always work in a pinch? You’ve found it. “The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra has a firm molded cup and a wide secure band,” says Caldwell. “Those are things you want to look for in a strapless bra.” Reviewers rave about the bra’s comfort and support, saying they can dance for hours without having to pull it up. Plus, the bra has an inclusive size range: Bands range from 30 to 44, and cups range from B to I. It works perfectly under classic dresses and fashion-forward tops with tricky necklines.


  • Inclusive size range
  • Molded cup
  • All-day support

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Harper Wilde The Flexvia

Harper Wilde The Flex

Best value

The founders of Harper Wilde set out to create quality, affordable bras—and they’ve done just that. This underwire strapless bra costs $40, and reviewers say it’s an excellent bra, not just an excellent strapless bra. One happy customer says, “I realized soon that I completely stopped wearing my other bras and only reached for this.” Available in band sizes 32 to 42 and cup sizes A to F, the bra is made from a buttery soft microfiber material and features light padding. We also love that this bra is multi-use: It comes with detachable straps, so you get several bras for the price of one. By the way, here’s what your bra choice says about your personality.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightly padded
  • Removable straps

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Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bravia

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra

Best for large busts

Full-chested women need not settle for subpar strapless bras. Caldwell notes that several brands design fabulous options, and one of her favorites is by Curvy Kate. This strapless bra, which comes in band sizes 28 to 40 and cup sizes D to J, features a wide band for all-day support and an underwire that tacks high on the chest to make the bra as secure as possible. Remember: The right fit means that the underwire sits on the chest between the breasts. It should not float away from the chest. That’s one of the secrets personal stylists won’t tell you for free.


  • Inclusive size range
  • Wide band
  • Removable straps

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On Gossamer Beautifully Basic Strapless Multi Way Bravia

On Gossamer Beautifully Basic Strapless Multi-Way Bra

Best for small busts

If you’ve got a small bust, then you might want to consider a brand that specializes in petite sizes. “Petite bras require a different design,” says Caldwell. “When you have a brand that specializes in those sizes, they know what shape is going to work best for that bust.” (For the most part, this has to do with ratios—simply increasing or decreasing the cup or band size is not the best way to get the most precise fit and is actually a common bra mistake.) On Gossamer is one of those specialty brands. Its Beautifully Basic strapless bra comes in sizes 32B to 36D, is lightly padded to give the breasts a lifted silhouette, and has removable straps for versatility.


  • Specialized size range
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightly padded

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Curvy Couture Smooth Multi Way Strapless Bravia

Curvy Couture Smooth Multi-Way Strapless Bra

Best for full figures

Curvy Couture is another brand that specializes in a specific size range: Its bras range in band sizes 36 to 46 and cup sizes B to H. This strapless bra, which is one of Caldwell’s top picks, features contoured underwire cups and a supportive wide band (the hook-and-eye closure has four rows). You can rely on the bra to give you a sculpted fit that stays put for as long as you’re wearing it. Full-figured women may also want to check out this list of the best plus-size shapewear.


  • Specialized size range
  • Wide band
  • Removable straps

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Dominique Ariel Seamless Longline Bravia

Dominique Ariel Seamless Longline Bra

Best longline

What’s a longline bra, you ask? “It’s almost like wearing a corset,” says Caldwell. “A lot of people will put shapewear bottoms like Spanx underneath, and it’s a cool one-piece garment that gives a smooth silhouette if that’s what you want to achieve.” The style works particularly well under wedding dresses and other more structured gowns. For a quality option that will last you for years, Caldwell recommends this one from Dominique. It features lightly padded underwire cups and a low-back design, as well as an eight-row hook-and-eye closure that will support your entire torso. Just how essential is the perfect fit? Wearing the wrong bra is a style mistake that makes you look older.


  • Full torso support
  • Low back
  • Smooth silhouette under formal wear

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Wacoal Halo Strapless Bravia

Wacoal Halo Strapless Bra

Best lace

Sometimes, you really want a bra that makes you feel beautiful. This strapless number from Wacoal, another Caldwell favorite, delivers that and so much more. The Halo has a sweetheart neckline, molded and semi-sheer cups, and an underwire to keep things in place. Side boning and silicone strips offer additional staying power. The bra is available in band sizes 32 to 40 and cup sizes B to DDD. But our favorite feature is the lace. It’s got a sweet floral design you’ll want to look at every day. Purchase the matching Halo lace briefs for an ultra feminine ensemble and soon to be one of your favorite pairs of underwear.


  • Pretty detailing
  • Silicone strips
  • Removable straps

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Goddess Adelaide Strapless Bravia

Goddess Adelaide Strapless Bra

Best minimizer

Minimizer bras are best for women with large breasts who want to streamline their look. They’re especially helpful with tops with button features or anything that tends to gap. If you thought that smoothing your bustline would be impossible when wearing a strapless bra—a type of bra that’s notorious for being loose and insecure—you’re wrong. “Goddess makes a great strapless minimizer bra,” says Jené Luciani Sena, author of The Bra Book. “It has vertical boning built in the cup and boning all the way around.” The tight fit and the absence of foam or other padding minimize the breasts’ projection and gives them a flattering shape. It’s available in band sizes 32 to 44 and cup sizes DD to L. If this is a concern when you’re shopping for swimwear, check out these top-rated swimsuits that flatter every body type.


  • Comfortable
  • Secure
  • Side and back boning

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Soma Embraceable Strapless Bravia

Soma Embraceable Strapless Bra

Best multi-way

Sure, everyone needs to wear a strapless bra sometimes, but more often than not, you probably resort to your favorite T-shirt bra. We’re here to ask: What if you had a bra that could do both? This strapless bra from Soma comes with removable, adjustable straps that allow you to wear the piece several ways, including strapless, T-shirt, crisscross, one-shoulder, halter, and center halter. The reason it’s our favorite multi-way? It has four front hooks and four back hooks, so you can attach the straps wherever you need them to get the perfect fit, and the full-coverage underwire cups look great in each strap style. For more everyday options, try this ThirdLove T-shirt bra with more than 33,000 five-star reviews.


  • Inclusive size range
  • Multiple strap-attachment hooks
  • The look of a T-shirt bra

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My Perfect Pair Luxury Breast Tapevia

My Perfect Pair Luxury Breast Tape

Best adhesive

The struggle is real when it comes to stick-on bras…but My Perfect Pair truly changes everything. Caldwell calls out this breast tape for its versatility and reliability, noting that it’s a lot more supportive than a traditional adhesive bra. “It’s made of beautiful lace, and you can double it up or cut it [to fit],” Caldwell says. “Plus, it’s waterproof and sweatproof, and it picks up a full bust.” Each package comes with two sets of breast tape and two sets of nipple covers. For best results, apply the bra to clean, dry skin.


  • Inclusive size range
  • Customizable
  • Waterproof

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Nubra Feather Lite Bravia

NuBra Feather Lite Bra

Best reusable stick-on bra

If you prefer your stick-on bra to be reusable, then Caldwell recommends this option. NuBra’s adhesive option has a simple front closure for added cleavage, which you can enhance by applying the bra while leaning over. It comes in cup sizes A to E, and every cup size works with every band size. Reviewers say the product is dance-proof, sweatproof, and waterproof, and that they get three-plus wears out of the adhesive before it loses its sticking power.


  • Cleavage-boosting
  • Sweatproof
  • Versatile sizing

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Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bravia

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra

Best plunge

Caldwell notes that strapless plunge bras can be particularly tricky. Fortunately, she still has a recommendation: the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra. “The Wonderbra has a longer band,” she says. “That long band can secure on the body without it having to tack in between the bust, which is what most bras do. That helps keep it in place.” This seamless bra is lightly lined and lightly padded and features a supportive underwire. Reviewers are happy with their purchase, calling the piece the “holy grail bra” and the “ultimate strapless bra.” Available in band sizes 30 to 38 and cup sizes A to I, it’s a cult-favorite product that’s totally worth it.


  • Light padding
  • Supportive underwire
  • Inclusive size range

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Dominque Noemi Strapless Longlinevia

Dominque Noemi Strapless Longline

Best backless

Backless strapless bras are similarly tricky—but not impossible. “For this, you can do what’s called a long-line low-back bustier,” says Caldwell. “It has to be longline because the bra clasps down the back, and so you need something on the other side of the bra to keep it in place.” She recommends the Dominique Noemi strapless bra, which has light boning and molded cups to create a supportive bustier that allows for a dress or top with a lower back. Fans say they feel secure and comfortable all day when wearing it, and a number even said they wore it to their weddings.


  • Inclusive size range
  • Light boning
  • Molded cups

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Defiance Baxxe Setvia

Defiance Baxxe Set

Best decorative strap

Sometimes a backless strapless bra simply won’t work, and in those instances, you may want to try a decorative bra that will look cute if it shows. This can add a fun and unexpected flair to your ensemble. “Tanks and summer dresses are great when you can use your bra as an accent piece and accessory, instead of always trying to hide it,” says Luciani Sena. This one from Baxxe boasts a back strap that’s crafted from leather, tulle, and gold sequins. The bra itself is as high-quality as the luxe embellished strap, and the supportive underwire and demi cups allow for a secure lift. You can purchase it in band sizes 30 to 36 and cup sizes A to DD. If you always thought you shouldn’t show your bra, here are more bra myths you’ll be happy to learn the truth about.


  • Demi cups
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Unique problem-solving bra

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B.temptd By Wacoal B.enticing Strapless Bravia

B.Tempt’d by Wacoal B.Enticing Strapless Bra

Best side-hook strapless bra

This beautiful lace bra has a secret feature that makes it one of our favorites: a side hook. “It’s great for someone who maybe doesn’t have the mobility to hook it in the back,” says Caldwell. “Strapless bras are hard to hook on the side and then twist around because they’re so snug against the body. So if someone can’t reach all the way behind them, they can just hook it underneath their armpit.” The bra comes in band sizes 30 to 38 and cup sizes B to DDD. The lace design allows it to be worn with open-back tops and dresses, and it also comes with straps that let you wear it as a traditional, crisscross, or halter bra.


  • Adaptive bra
  • Delicate lace detailing
  • Silicone lining on the back strap

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Dominique Oceana Strapless Bravia

Dominique Oceana Strapless Bra

Best push-up

Strapless push-up bras are a difficult category because they add more weight to your bra, which can cause it to slip down more easily. However, there are a few seemingly magical designs that give the breasts some extra lift without leading to slips. “Dominique makes a great one with lightly padded cups, an underwire, and a flattering sweetheart shape to really give the bustline a boost,” says Luciani Sena. It’s available in band sizes 32 to 48 and cup sizes B to DD. The bra comes with adjustable straps that make it the perfect everyday push-up bra, too.


  • Light padding
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Convertible

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Skims Fits Everybody Bandeau Bralettevia

SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau Bralette

Best bandeau

Since it launched in 2018, Kim Kardashian’s loungewear brand SKIMS has become a cult favorite—and it’s easy to see why. The brand is dedicated to comfortable, flattering designs that fit every body size and type. The SKIMS bandeau comes in an inclusive size range from XXS to 4X and a range of nine neutrals from light to deep dark. (There are also neon yellow and coral options.) Reviewers call it the ideal “at-home bra,” noting that it’s soft, comfortable, and stays in place. For another comfy option, try this beloved Cosabella bralette—one is sold every three minutes!


  • Wide size range
  • Inclusive neutral shades
  • Quick-dry, max-stretch technology

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Yummie Peyton Strapless Bravia

Yummie Peyton Strapless Bra

Best wireless

A supportive underwire is one of the most important features of a strapless bra. However, it’s not impossible to create a great one without it. If underwires are the bane of your existence, invest in this wireless bra from Yummie. Luciani Sena notes it’s one of the comfiest on the market. “It’s simple, like the old-school style of a bandeau bra,” she says. “I recommend this to a lot of women, although I don’t necessarily recommend it if you’re above a D cup or very full-breasted.” It has molded seamless cups, a sweetheart neckline, and removable straps. Here’s another wireless bra that will make you never want to wear a “real” bra again.


  • All-day comfort
  • Buttery soft material
  • Light foam cups

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Parfait Strapless Bustier Longlinevia

Parfait Strapless Bustier Longline

Best short longline

Similar to the longline is the short longline. Although these bras have less length than traditional longlines, they are still highly structured and supportive. Parfait is one of Caldwell’s favorite brands, and this bustier-type bra smooths the back and stomach for a coveted silhouette. One verified Amazon reviewer raves, “I wear them as everyday bras. I will never wear a bra with straps again! So happy with my purchase.” Now, that’s a testament to this bra’s support. It’s available in sizes 32B to 44G.


  • Smooth silhouette
  • Secure fit
  • Silicone elastic on the cups’ top edges

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Dobreva See Through Underwire Multiway Bravia

Dobreva See-Through Underwire Multiway Bra

Best unlined

Unlined bras allow the breasts to take on a more natural shape. This one has an underwire and side boning for support and a barely there lace cup to hold the breasts; silicone strips at the top edges prevent slippage. The bra comes highly rated, with more than 1,400 five-star reviews on Amazon. “[This bra] has the perfect amount of support without crazy lift, looks natural, and is extremely comfortable,” writes one fan. “I wore it all day and felt like I didn’t have to adjust it.” You can purchase it in sizes 32A to 38D.


  • Natural shape
  • Lace detailing
  • Side boning

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Fjyqop Silicone Nipple Coversvia

FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers

Best multipack pasties

Need strapless coverage on the regular? Invest in this five-pack of silicone pasties. The adhesive covers are washable and reusable, meaning you’ll have a strap-free option available whenever you need one. They even come with a handy carrying case so you can take the pasties on vacation. Our favorite part? The 4,500-plus five-star reviews on Amazon. “They’re so comfortable that I’ve accidentally forgotten to take them off and slept overnight with them on multiple times, so I know they stay on,” writes one happy reviewer. Before you check out, peruse this list of Amazon best sellers that you also need in your life.


  • Stays on all day
  • Reusable and washable
  • Gentle and comfortable

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