You Can Fly All Summer Long for Just $399—Here’s How

Updated: Feb. 08, 2023

Frontier airlines just made your summer plans easier than ever.

There is simply nothing like the feeling of summer vacation.

Lounging at the beach, exploring new cities, getting outdoors—everything we dream about in frigid winters while we’re embracing our inner koselig—is part of the allure of the season. And whether it be a quick summer weekend getaway or longer trips to spots around the United States or abroad, one of the best parts of summer can be the opportunities for unforgettable travel.

But we also know about the downside of travel: lofty travel costs. It can be difficult to travel to all the spots on your dream destinations list when flight costs easily add up.

Luckily, Frontier Airlines just gave us a new way to jet-set all summer long. Thanks to the airline’s GoWild! Summer Pass, a summer full of unlimited vacationing is within reach at a set price.

What is the GoWild! Summer Pass?

The $399 GoWild! Summer Pass allows travelers to access unlimited Frontier Airlines flights for the entire summer. More specifically, the Frontier pass runs from May 2 to Sept. 30, meaning travelers can enjoy up to five months of unlimited flights! A steal, truly.


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The launch of Frontier’s summer pass is almost identical to its year-long annual Frontier unlimited flight pass, minus the eligible time period of each respective pass.

Nonetheless, for those who don’t travel frequently during the year and prefer a summer of adventuring, the summer pass is a much more viable option.

How does the GoWild! Summer Pass work?

Young casual female traveler with suitcase at airportVirojt Changyencham/Getty Images

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind prior to purchasing the pass.

From the get-go, travelers have to be 18 or older and a U.S. resident to purchase the pass. But, a U.S. resident under 18 can still hold a pass—those under 13 just require pass purchase from a parent or guardian. Additionally, pass holders under 15 must travel with a passenger who is at a minimum 15 years old. Thus, whether traveling with family, friends or solo, the pass offers plenty of options.

Then, once the pass period opens—May 2—travelers are free to begin booking ASAP! The caveat is that domestic flights can only be booked the day prior to the departure of a flight. International flights can only be booked 10 days prior to a flight departure.

Blackout dates like the week of July 4th, Labor Day weekend and a few dates at the end of May are also a factor to keep in mind. So while the pass is not eligible for potential holiday travel plans, it still is an ideal way to get around during less busy times of the summer.

Are flights really unlimited?

It’s true, the pass gives travelers unlimited flight access! However, flights are not completely free. Each flight booked costs $0.01, not including any taxes, fees or extra charges for checked bags or travel customizations.

Where can passengers with the GoWild! Summer Pass fly to?

Passengers can fly to any Frontier destination, domestic or international! There are endless domestic options, and international destinations include the Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, the Virgin Islands and more. Plus, the airline recently opened up a new route to Puerto Rico.

How long will the GoWild! Summer Pass be available for $399?

Now that we’ve gone over all the details of the pass, you may want to rush to Frontier’s website. And with good reason, as there are only a limited amount of summer passes available at the $399 price. After that, summer passes are available for $999.


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