This Is the Most Expensive Item on Amazon

Updated: Apr. 26, 2023

Pricey things come in small packages.

Sometimes it seems like you can get absolutely anything on Amazon. In this heyday of online shopping, you can be just a few clicks away from a new winter jacket, vacuum cleaner, or even backyard shed. Not to mention these weirdest things you can buy on the site. Amazon is notorious for luring people in who were intending to make a single purchase, only to leave them staring in disbelief, hours later, at nearly empty wallets. After all, these hidden Amazon gems you’ll wish you’d always owned are pretty tempting, no?

But even your most reckless Amazon spending spree probably (or, at least, hopefully!) doesn’t even come close to the price of the most expensive item the site has to offer. Brace yourselves, savvy shoppers: As of publication, the most you can spend on one item on Amazon is $363,639.99.

Most Expensive Listing On Amazon - a set of baseball cardsvia (6)

What’s the magical item that’ll set you back more than a third of a mil? It’s a set of baseball cards. Seriously. Granted, all six cards are authenticated and autographed by Yankees legend Mickey Mantle, but still. Outrageous as it might seem, its price is small potatoes compared to these quirky items that sold for millions at auctions.

Mantle played for the New York Yankees from 1951 to 1968, being awarded MVP three separate times and seeing a full seven World Series championships. This set of cards includes several from 1991 as well as a rookie card. They’re slabbed, meaning they’re encased in plastic for the sake of preserving them. (With a price like that, we would hope so!)

The seller is “Sports Memorabilia,” which offers an entire collection of, well, sports memorabilia on Amazon, but none so expensive as this. And in addition to the six cards, you’ll also get a certificate of authenticity from James Spence Authentication.

But the price is still understandably mind-boggling for some shoppers, and there is no shortage of funny Amazon reviews on the product’s page. One anonymous user quips, “When I saw the high price, I thought to myself “That’s just an insane price,” but then I looked over to the right and saw free shipping and thought, “This puppy is going to sell FAST with free shipping.”

And according to the item’s page on Amazon, it’s been on the site since September of 2013—so it seems like shoppers have indeed been reluctant to pay the high price, even for such a cool, collectible piece of sports history. So if you’re interested, who knows—keep an eye on it and maybe the price will go down! (Though when GOBankingRates reported on this item in March, its price was $327,275.99…so the price has actually gone up recently.) Either way, there’s only one set like this available, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

And, of course, because the online market is so fluid, who knows how long it will remain the most expensive item? Perhaps some even stranger, pricier bit of merchandise will come along and dethrone it. For some Amazon products that are a little more in the average shopper’s price range, check out these 20 things you can get on Amazon for less than a dollar.


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