This Is the Most Expensive Item on Amazon

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This item, and its insane price, are downright spooky.

Sometimes it seems like you can get absolutely anything on Amazon. In this heyday of online shopping, you can be just a few clicks away from a new winter jacket, vacuum cleaner, or even backyard shed. Amazon is notorious for luring people in who were intending to make a single purchase, only to leave them staring in disbelief, hours later, at nearly-empty wallets. After all, these hidden Amazon gems you’ll wish you’d always owned are pretty tempting, no?

But even your most reckless Amazon spending spree probably (or, at least, hopefully!) doesn’t even come close to the price of the most expensive item the site has to offer. Brace yourselves, savvy shoppers: As of publication, the most you can spend on one item on Amazon is $1,250,000, even.

What’s the magical item that’ll set you back one-and-a-quarter mil? It’s a movie poster. Seriously. Granted, it’s a collectible, original movie poster from 1931, but still. The movie is Universal Pictures’ 1931 version of Dracula, with Bela Lugosi in the role of the titular blood-sucker. The poster has a sepia color scheme and features Dracula at the bottom center of the screen, surrounded by the supporting cast. The whole image is slightly obscured by an ominous-looking spider web that evokes imagery from the film itself. Its dimensions are 27 by 41 inches. Outrageous as it might seem, its price is small potatoes compared to how much money people spent on these other iconic movie props and costumes.

This item is so expensive that if you click on it, a page comes up asking, “Please confirm that you want to add the item(s) listed below to your cart,” with an option to click “no, thank you” in addition to the “continue” option. Whether you view this as Amazon looking out for its customers, and taking an extra step to prevent regrettable impulse buys, or Amazon judging its customers for spending so much on a single item, you have to admit it’s a handy precautionary measure. These Amazon items are great gifts for anyone. 

The seller goes by “Poster_City,” and it seems like they might be having a little fun “trolling” potential buyers. If you run your mouse down the list of images of the item, on the left side of the page, you can see that they get increasingly zoomed in on Dracula’s eyes, until the cinematic vampire’s peepers fill the image. He stares into your soul as you consider clicking “Add to cart.”

A word of advice for those potentially interested in making the purchase: Amazon recommends that you “order soon.” There is, after all, only one original 1931 Dracula poster in stock. (Let’s hope it would be cheaper if it wasn’t this rare!) And yet, you may actually get a better deal if you wait. Money, Inc., who first reported on this item as Amazon’s most expensive offering in April 2019, reported it costing $1.5 million. In December, it’s an even one-and-a-quarter. So it would seem the price is going down.

And, of course, because the online market is so fluid, who knows how long it will remain the most expensive item? Perhaps some even stranger, pricier bit of merchandise will come along and dethrone it. For some Amazon products that are a little more in the average shopper’s price range, check out these 15 things you can get on Amazon for less than a dollar.

Meghan Jones
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