This Leggings Hack For Keeping Your Cat Out of Your Plants Is Purrfect

If you have a curious little digger, this trick is for you.

It’s no secret that cats and plants don’t always get along. Some plants are outright poisonous to cats, while cats love eating and digging up your treasured plant varietals. That digging can result in soil scattered throughout your home and sometimes even the death of your beloved houseplants. This makes learning how to keep your cats away from plants extremely important.

Fortunately, TikToker Fridlaa (@fridlaa) has a simple, quick and effective method for cat-proofing those plants. She uses an old pair of leggings to create a basic barrier between the plant’s base and any prying paws. Watch her video for yourself below, then try your own version of the legging hack to keep cats out of your plants.

How to keep cats out of plants with leggings

In Fridlaa’s video, she starts by gathering an old pair of leggings and a sharp pair of scissors. The leggings appear to be a cotton-elastic blend for easy stretching, but any old pair should work. Then, she cuts off a section of the legging around the thigh area to make a stretchy tube of fabric. Finally, she simply pulls the tube up over the bottom of the pot. The legging tube slides up over the ceramic, then loosens inward toward the base of the plant. This creates a flexible barrier over the potting soil, meaning that your little dirt digger can’t mess with the plant’s roots anymore.

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Does this hack work?

This legging hack has gained such traction on the internet because it’s easy, fast and safe for our beloved kitty. However, there are a few things to remember when trying this hack for yourself. First, the legging isn’t secured, so particularly determined paws may still be able to pry. To solve this, tie the legging top to the plant base using some twine. However, this may make it more difficult to properly water your houseplant, as you will have to undo the twine each time.

In addition to properly proofing your plants with leggings, make sure to avoid growing plants that are poisonous to cats or dogs. Know the signs of poisoning in your pet and how they differ from your cat’s usual behaviors.