Diggs Just Launched Enventur—the First Ever Inflatable Dog Crate—to Help You Save Space While Traveling With Pets

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

The Diggs inflatable dog crate is now available for preorder.

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Traveling with pets is tough, but not impossible. From making sure they’re comfortable to keeping them clean, it just takes a little more preparation. Dog hammocks and dog carriers make the job easier, but if you still haven’t figured out the best solution for traveling with your dog, allow us to introduce Diggs’ latest invention: the Enventur travel kennel. As an inflatable dog crate, it makes road trips fun again, especially alongside your pup.  

A dog crate, especially when traveling by car, keeps your dog from distracting the driver and scratching car seats. The Enventur portable kennel will have you spending less time fussing with Fido and more time enjoying the best pet-friendly hotels and national parks.

What is an inflatable dog crate?  

Carryingthe Enventur Inflatable Dog CrateCourtesy Diggs

The Enventur travel kennel is a super-strong, inflatable dog crate that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes. It makes traveling with pets a breeze and offers peace of mind for even the rowdiest dogs. Add it to the backseat or cargo space for on-the-go use, or inflate the crate after arriving at your destination. Whether it’s a beach day or camping trip, the inflatable dog crate provides pets with all-day comfort. Speaking of camping, by the way, these dog camping gear essentials are a must-have to keep your pup safe and happy on your next adventure.  

The crate inflates and deflates in minutes thanks to a manual, SUP or electric car pump. Air cushions add extra padding into the floor without the need for an extra dog bed, although your pooch might feel more comfortable with a familiar bed from home.

The walls include ventilated mesh windows for easy breathability. They’re not transparent, however, so checking up on your pet every so often might be necessary. If your dog gets anxious during car rides, try these calming treats to help them feel at ease. 

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Enventur inflatable dog crate features

If the inflatable element raises suspicions, we get it. But the Enventur travel kennel is made of PVC and drop-stitch tech that’s been tested to military standards. That means the material is resistant to claw punctures, chewing and pet accidents. Hygiene and comfort are a priority for pet travel, and the crate cleans easily (no need to clean fur off the car seats!). 

Choose from three sizes (small, medium and large) for dogs up to 30, 55 and 80 pounds, respectively. The small and medium sizes fit in the backseat, but the large size works best in the cargo space. It’s also angled to fit the dimensions of the vehicle. One of the best parts of having a soft, inflatable dog crate is that it’s practically soundless. No rattling metal bars or hard plastic shells! D-rings help secure the crate to your car for safety, and side handles allow for easy transportation, even with a dog inside. 

When you’re ready to head out on an adventure with your furry friend, inflate the crate using the Diggs Manual Pump, which can be added to your order for $75. Any other SUP, manual or electric pump is also compatible using the Halkey Roberts valve attachment. 

Although it was tested for severe cold and heat performance, there’s no mention of the crate being temperature regulating, which means you should use with caution in extreme hot and cold environments. A cooling dog bed may help, but be sure to read up on summer safety tips for dogs before venturing into the heat. 

After the day is done, paws are clean and your dog is hydrated, deflate the crate in just a few minutes using the pump. Then, roll the crate and carry it by the side strap.

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Where to buy the Diggs inflatable dog crate 

Enventur Inflatable Dog CrateCourtesy Diggs

The Enventur inflatable dog crate is available for preorder through the Diggs website. The small size is available for $425, the medium for $474 and the large for $575. Expect for shipping to take place in August (and more pet adventures to follow soon after!). 

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