Meet K9 JETS: The Airline Changing the Way You Fly with Pets

Enjoy your next flight with your pet right by your side.

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and with that comes some unforgettable travel memories. Depending on where or how you travel, one downside can be having to leave pets at home. But for those who do decide to fly with their pet, it isn’t exactly the easiest experience.

Going through TSA with your pet can be a struggle. Not to mention everything to keep in mind when flying with a dog or cat, even on the most pet-friendly airlines. Plus, many feel uneasy about having their larger dogs travel in a plane’s cargo.

But what if there was an airline that took away all that stress and made flying with pets a breeze? That’s where K9 JETS come in.

What is K9 JETS?

K9 JETS is a pet-friendly, pay-per-seat private jet charter company. According to TikTok creator Melanie Demi, whose username is @herboozytails, the airline offers “a new way to fly with your dogs to and from Europe,” with pets right by an owner’s side. Their flights are typically an option used by those relocating or traveling abroad.

How does it work?

According to the K9 JETS website, seats are booked for owners and pets at a fixed cost. Demi breaks this process down for users: “Basically, book a seat—if you want to book one for your dog you certainly can, and you share the plane with other families,” she explains. Before boarding any flights, though, a 75% passenger and pet threshold must be met. Otherwise, the flight is canceled and passengers receive a full refund.

Once a flight is confirmed, rather than spend a flight “restricted to the hold of a commercial aircraft,” pets stay right by their owner’s side or in their lap. A relief to many, since due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dogs increasingly struggle with post-quarantine separation anxiety. No matter the size of a dog, crates are not a flight requirement. Demi believes this is one of the best parts of the flight, since “the dogs fly with you. They’re not underneath the plane, they’re not in cargo, they’re not kenneled unless you need them to be.” However, those flying with cats must bring and keep them in a carrier.


A few other things to note 👇🏼 🐶 each flight is different but they do a great job with matching the dogs/owners needs to the seating plan to keep dogs as comfortable as possible 🐩 the cost is for 1 human + 1 big dog or 2 small dogs (can change per flight) 🌳 if you’re concerned about carbon emissions, you can offset the cost by donating to an org like Clean Air Task Force or Carbon180 🛩️ please remember this option exists to help safely transport dogs and avoid putting them in cargo. This is different than taking a private jet to lunch, meetings, or for every day travel 💲 yes it’s EXPENSIVE, but so is traveling with dogs. Travel is a priviledge, and we (like many) afford it by working extremely hard and cutting out other things that aren’t as important to us. It took us 3 years of saving to get us here! K9 Jets is launching their first flight April 28th and the demand is HIGH! Book quick 😅 #traveldog #travelingwithdogs #airtravel #charterplane #europetravel #dogfriendly #dogfriendlyplane #k9jets

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Additionally, boarding these flights entails no TSA stress as flights leave from a private terminal with virtually no lines for security and customs. Thus, passengers and pets must arrive only an hour prior to departure. TSA typically urges passengers to arrive up to three hours prior to an international flight and two hours for domestic flights, according to United Airlines.

Each passenger can bring approximately 44 pounds of luggage and a max of two pets under 50 pounds or one pet 51 pounds or over per seat booked. Passengers are also offered a complimentary bar and refreshments.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the cheapest K9 flights start at $8,925. However, some flights go for as much as almost $11,000. The airline’s current and upcoming routes cover a variety of combinations to and from Los Angeles, New Jersey, London, Nice, Lisbon, Paris and Dubai.

While it’s certainly expensive, some pet owners might consider it a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is safe. Hopefully, we’ll see such flights become more common, and lower prices as a result!


Jessica Kaplan
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