This Airline Is Bringing Bunk Beds on Board—This Is What They Look Like

"It's time to swap the headrest for some bed rest," the airline tweeted.

Flights—whether they’re long or short—can simply be exhausting. That’s why many like to rest up while flying if they can. However, unlike first class, economy seating can be more complicated to fall asleep in.

It can be tempting to nod off, but it’s not always the most comfortable when slouched in a seat. In first class, the seats tend to be roomier and easier to recline in. But in economy, you may need to shift around more to let others sitting next to you pass by, leading to disrupted sleep. In any case, wouldn’t you rather sleep in a bed than an airplane seat? We know we would.

Now, Air New Zealand is making that dream a reality for economy passengers. Air New Zealand’s innovative “Skynest” concept is bringing beds on board to exclusively help economy passengers enjoy more comfortable shut-eye.

What are airplane bunk beds?

Crew Skynest Pods Bunk Beds In The Sky Courtesy Air New ZealandCourtesy Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand dubs their on-board bunk beds, “Skynest.” The beds are essentially sleeping pods, which are being retrofitted within the airline’s current wide-body aircraft and newly purchased Boeing 787 Dreamliners. And, after a reported 170,000 hours of design, the airline has finally finished testing the new sleeping pods.

What will the airplane bunk beds be like?

These sleeping pods will be offered to economy and premium economy passengers. Additionally, passengers will need to book the bunk beds in allotted time slots for one of six onboard beds, which will be located in the middle of economy and premium economy cabins.

Then, once a time slot is booked, passengers will be able to enjoy four hours within a pod. The six-foot, seven-inch long pods will also come with a pillow, bedding, ear plugs, a reading light, a USB port and a ventilation outlet. The sheets of each bed will then be replaced after each session.

Will these airplane bunk beds be free?

Empty Skynest Pods Bunk Beds In The Sky Courtesy Air New ZealandCourtesy Air New Zealand

Unfortunately, these airplane bunk beds will not be free. Sleep pod sessions—once up and running—will be available to book as an add-on service. Although no official price for the pod sessions has been set yet, reports have speculated the cost could be around $400-$500.

When will these airplane bunk beds be on planes?

These sleep pods will officially become part of Air New Zealand’s offerings in September 2024. The implementation of these pods is certainly historic.  “We believe that we’re first to actually put this offering onboard an aircraft,” said Leanne Geraghty, Air New Zealand’s Chief Customer and Sales officer. This new feature may just be the beginning of a whole new way of travel!

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