Why This TikTok Mom Swears Loop Experience Earplugs Keep Her Sane in Quarantine

Updated: Apr. 11, 2023

These comfortable, affordable earplugs reduce noise without canceling it—an essential for stressed-out parents at home who need to take the edge off.

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We’ve been confined to our homes for the better part of a year, many of us dealing with a weird mix of never-ending isolation and constant close proximity with those in our households. While extra family time has certainly been a nice perk, sometimes we just need a break from the noise.

If you considered shopping for earplugs or noise-canceling headphones at some point in the past year, we don’t blame you. One mom found a pair of reasonably priced earplugs that she doesn’t know how she lived without—and she sang their praises for her more than 514,500 TikTok followers! Read on (and watch the video) to see why buying Loop Experience earplugs is a must.

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About Loop Experience earplugs

KC Davis, who goes by domesticblisters on TikTok, was “at [her] wit’s end being quarantined with two small children” when she saw the ad for Loop earplugs on Facebook—specifically, their ad saying, “Turn down the noise, not the love.” “It really hit me that one reason I was having trouble staying patient and kind with my kiddos is simply because I often felt overwhelmed with the noise in the home,” she explained. “It’s important to me as a parent to let my kids express their emotions, whether they are upset or happy, but I was struggling with how to remain calm while they did.”

Because of this, she knew Loop’s “Experience” plugs would be the best for her. They reduce noise by 20 decibels, making them “noise-reducing,” not “noise-canceling.” How, exactly? By “combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound,” their website explains. Loop also has a more fully noise-canceling set too, called “Quiet,” that reduces noise by 25 decibels. Davis says she went with the Experience variety, “which dampened sound but didn’t totally block it out.”

mother wearing loop earplugs kissing her babyCourtesy Loop Earplugs

Loop Experience earplugs review

Davis says that the earplugs were a godsend for staying sane during quarantine. “When I first put them in during a busy dinner hour, I was amazed,” Davis says. “I could still hear my kids clearly, which was important to me, but it was as if someone had turned the intensity of the noise down. It took the edge off of that feeling of overwhelm, and I found it much easier to remain calm even in the midst of the chaos.”

She goes on to tell a sweet story about how they directly impacted her quarantine parenting: “I remember clearly during that first dinner when my beautiful, inquisitive toddler kept asking the same question over and over. In the days previous I had been so irritable by the end of the day I usually begged her to stop with the third degree. But that evening I simply answered her over and over, each time with a sillier answer than before. As she laughed with joy I was so grateful that I wasn’t missing that opportunity to play and connect with her. It was a huge eye-opener for me how much feeling overwhelmed with auditory input was affecting my ability to connect and be playful.”

She concluded, “I think any parent that finds themselves feeling on edge should give these a try.”

Where to buy Loop Experience earplugs

You can find them on the Loop website and on Amazon for $24.95. The Quiet earplugs, the more noise-canceling ones, cost $10 less than the Experience ones. There is also an “Experience Pro” variety available for $34.95, which includes the Loop Mute noise-blocking insert for more thorough noise canceling.

Loop Experience earplugs pros:

  • They’re comfortable to wear.
  • They come with multiple earbud sizes.
  • They’re stylish.
  • You can still distinguish sounds—they just turn down ambient noise.
  • Their price is excellent!

Loop Experience earplugs cons:

  • Davis says that they may not block enough noise if you’re hoping for near-total silence. The Quiet variety might be a better choice in that case or the Pro.
  • One reviewer on their site also said that the “small” size earbuds were still not small enough.

Best Loop Experience earplugs user reviews

LuxeLush: “Changed my life! Outdoors used to be unbearable on certain days or if I’m tired (hypersensitive hearing.) Now, these live in my wallet, I’ve bought three more sets and recommend them to anyone living in a city. Reduce noise while keeping voices clear and audible. Perfect for restaurants, crowded places, public transport, airplanes… anywhere really!”

Frank K. Gutfrucht: “The search for a decent noise-reducing earplug set is finally over. They fit perfectly in my ears, don’t bother me under my helmet, and most importantly, don’t interfere with my Cardo JBL Bluetooth speakers, which are pretty much located next to my ears…They are perfect, cancel the wind noise, and bring in my music and phone calls crystal clear. Too bad that I just found these. I could have saved a bunch of money on other earplugs that don’t even come close.”

L Hamilton: “I love live music and end up going to a few shows every single month, from local bars to stadiums. I’ve been wearing ear protection for over 20 years, and these are by far my favorite earplugs ever. They are so comfortable that I forget I am wearing them, something that has never happened to me with any other ear protection. They sound great, and they are easy to insert. I love the look of them, and the little carry pouch they come with is super handy. I have small ear canals and have trouble finding ear protection that fits well, but with the two different types and three different sizes that The Loop comes with, I had no trouble finding the right size for me.”

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