This TikTok Viral Gadget Makes Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Airplane TVs a Breeze

Updated: Mar. 01, 2023

The AirFly Pro makes flying a breeze.

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Frequent flyers, listen up. We found the internet’s new favorite airplane hack that makes flying easier. And no, it isn’t a wireless iPhone charger or neck pillow. The accessory we’re talking about officially tops our list of travel accessories for emergencies because it makes connecting to airplane TVs a breeze, no matter what wireless headphones you use. Meet the AirFly Pro.

The AirFly Pro is a clever Amazon gadget that makes it possible to connect AirPods to airplane TVs. The adaptor has gone viral on social media thanks to travel pros raving about the travel accessory. It easily earns a spot among travel checklist essentials. Here’s everything you need to know about the internet-famous hack.

What is the AirFly Pro?

The AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth transmitter that has quickly become an Amazon gadget travel pros never travel without. It plugs into the audio jack on airplane TVs, thus granting access to in-flight entertainment while using wireless headphones.

Shoppers love that the AirFly Pro solves an everyday problem: Not being able to connect wireless headphones to devices that require a headphone jack. The biggest culprit of this problem is airplane TVs, but the AirFly Pro is also compatible with gaming devices, gym equipment, laptops or tablets and car stereos that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity. It doubles as a way to share audio from a laptop or tablet, too.

Whether you’re traveling by land or air, the Airfly Pro should definitely be packed in every luggage set.

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Why is the AirFly Pro popular?

The AirFly Pro is trending because people are fed up with having to use wired headphones in the era of Bluetooth headphones (looking at you, AirPods). This amazing airplane hack is portable, convenient and easy to use. Bluetooth headphones are the new norm, but not all devices have caught up, including airplane TVs.

In a viral video that has amassed over 30,000 views, TikToker @tessajunelange shows how easy the AirFly Pro connects to airplane TVs (and it doesn’t require messy cords!) Simply pair, plug in and connect to be transported to the best TV shows or classic movies.


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How to use the AirFly Pro

This handy gadget pairs with Bluetooth headphones in a matter of seconds. Before plugging it in, pair the AirFly Pro with your wireless headphones. Press and hold the button on the AirFly for about 10 seconds. It flashes when it’s ready to pair.

To pair with AirPods, place them in the charging case and press and hold the button on the back of the case until the light starts flashing white. AirPods are connected when the light on the charging case turns green (it can take up to 90 seconds for the initial pair). Other Bluetooth headphones should be put in pairing mode to connect to the adaptor. Your Amazon Music or Spotify playlists will be mere seconds away.

Once paired, plug the AirFly into the device you wish to connect your headphones. Voila! In-flight entertainment is ready to be enjoyed. When not in use, it won’t take up more than a corner of your underseat luggage.

Shoppers have found that AirFly needs to be fully charged for it to work its best. AirFly is rechargeable, so don’t forget to charge it every few hours for optimal entertainment. Chances are, you won’t forget to pack it in your carry-on in the future.

The best Amazon user reviews

The AirFly adaptor is a top-selling Amazon travel accessory. Shoppers call it a game-changer for long flights. Here’s what they love about AirFly:

“This is the best!” shares Stephanie Poleo, a verified Amazon purchaser. “I never get to watch movies when I’m flying because I don’t have headphones with an aux plug-in, and this was a game changer.”

“Someone sitting next to me on a flight had this product. I asked them about it and it was highly recommended, so I bought it,” writes Monica Buterbaugh, a verified Amazon purchaser. “I love being able to use my Bluetooth Bose noise-canceling headphones with the movies onboard. The sound quality is 100 times better than the plug headphones that are required if you don’t have this product. I would definitely buy again!”

Verified purchaser Megan P. attests to the gadget’s dual-use: “My company doesn’t allow Bluetooth with their computers or laptops, so my AirPods can’t connect to my laptop. I have a shared office space and having this has totally solved the issue. I can plug this into my laptop and connect my AirPods to it, so I can use my earbuds for my meeting and don’t have to deal with bulky headsets or finding a quiet space for every quick call. Total godsend.”

Where to buy the AirFly Pro

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Find the AirFly Pro on Amazon, where it sells for $55. Just take it from Amazon reviewers when they say it’s a total game changer for long flights and connecting Bluetooth headphones to practically any device. AirFly makes flying stress-free when all you want to do is sit back with a movie or music. Never suffer another entertainment-free flight again.

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