This Is Why You Should Put a Shoe In Your Hotel Room Safe

Updated: May 23, 2023

This flight attendant's viral hack is your next travel lifesaver.

From passports to phones, sentimental items and more—depending on the item—it can range from a slight inconvenience to a major hassle to forget something while globetrotting. How many of us have been there, wracking our brains to remember if we forgot something before heading home or to our next destination? I know I have.

Luckily, we found a hack that is about to be your next travel essentials lifesaver. And all you need is a shoe and a hotel safe.

What is the hack?

It may sound out there, but this trusty shoe-travel hack comes straight from a travel expert. Flight attendant and TikTok creator, @esthersturrus, shares a simple yet brilliant hack that ensures you won’t forget your most important belongings in the rush of travel. So much so, that we’re already adding it to our list of travel tricks.

In her video which has already racked up more than 1.1 million views, flight attendant Esther Sturrus describes six simple hacks using everyday travel and hotel room items that will save you time and headaches. Her travel hack using only a shoe and a hotel safe, in particular, is ingenious.


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“Worried about forgetting something from your locker?” Esther writes in the viral TikTok video. “Put your heel/shoes in it and you won’t forget it!” she answers.

Since we all travel with shoes, this hotel safe hack is an easy and effective way to keep track of your belongings, especially your most important ones.

What are some other genius hotel room travel hacks?

Esther additionally lists five other hotel room hacks to keep in mind while traveling.

Her first idea of the video is to utilize a clothes hanger with clips to help clip stubborn hotel blinds closed. We’re obsessed with how easy that is. Next, she illustrates how complimentary hotel shower caps can be used for more than just your hair. Hotel guests can effortlessly wrap their TV remotes—to prevent touching germs on the remote—and shoes for packing.

Or if you’re having phone charger issues, Esther has a trick for that, too. Plug your USB cable into the back of your hotel T.V. to do the charging trick. Lastly, she highlights using any card—not just your room key—to access hotel room electricity.

Undoubtedly, the hotel room hacks are endless. And thanks to Esther, we know we’ll be adding these to our travel notes for the next vacation we take. Speaking of flight attendants, here are more of the flight attendant secrets every traveler wants to know.