This Infographic Is Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Work

Updated: Feb. 02, 2023

Just how casual is business casual? Do you need to wear heels? When you’re not sure what to wear, use these guidelines as your office dress code.

We’ve all been there: standing in front of the closet before an interview or day at work, questioning what’s appropriate or not. Is a tie stuffy or necessary? Do bright colors feel fresh or unpolished? Are sneakers too casual?

Luckily, put together a handy infographic to guide your daily dressing dilemma. When in doubt, follow these dos and don’ts for office attire. Whether your office business professional or smart casual, find your basic dress code below. And don’t miss these style tricks that could earn you a promotion. You’ll also want to check out this guide to formal dress codes for every type of event.