This Purring Cat Toy De-Stresses Anxious Kitties—And 17,000 Amazon Reviewers Swear By It

Cats and cat owners are obsessed with Petstages Purr Cat Pillow, a purring toy that kitties can cuddle up next to.

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Cats may have a reputation for being independent and aloof pets, but all those viral videos of cuddling kittens make a serious case for the contrary. Scientific evidence suggests cats form attachments to other humans and animals, and when separated, can experience anxiety or stress. Clearly, we can’t keep our feline friends company 24/7, which is why the Petstages Purr Pillow—a kitty-shaped purring cat toy—is so purrfect (yep, we went there).

What is the Petstages Purring Cat Toy?

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At first glance, the Petstages Purr Pillow looks like a small, purple stuffed animal in the shape of a cat. But inside the head, the super soft plush toy features a removable, battery-operated purring mechanism. When touched, squeezed or cuddled, the pillow purrs softly for two minutes.

Most of us know that purring is a sign of affection, but it also has a calming effect for cats. Veterinarian Athena Gaffud explains, “Purring occurs at a frequency that fluctuates between 25 and 150 Hertz. This frequency has been proven to be medically therapeutic, including [for] lowering stress.”

Cats of all ages adore the soothing toy. However, those who skew on the more codependent side or suffer from separation anxiety will probably experience the most benefits from the de-stressing toy.

“The Purr Pillow creates a low purring sound mimicking the presence of the kitten’s mother, lulling them to sleep,” says Dr. Gaffud. “The soothing and calming effect is ideal for separation anxiety or any time your cat needs extra comfort. As they feel comfortable and relaxed, their stress hormones are decreased.”

The Purr Pillow is also easy to clean: Just remove the purring mechanism and throw the plush kitty in the washing machine using the gentle cycle. Once washed, remove and leave out to dry.

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  • Activated by touch and shuts off after 2 minutes
  • Average 4.1-star rating on Amazon with over 17,800 reviews
  • Machine washable


  • Some reviewers note that the purring sound is louder than expected

Why is the Petstages Purring Cat Toy Pillow so popular?

Just as social media videos of kittens cuddling with each other get loads of likes, clips of cats cuddling with the purring cat toy are also wracking up views across all the platforms.

“Franklin and Freddie, a cat and his teddy, on the Big! Comfy! Couch!” one cat owner captioned in an Instagram post of their cat cuddling the purple pillow. In another Instagram clip, an adorable tabby cat wraps their arm around the toy during a catnap. The feline owner’s caption states, “Got my kitties the purring cat toy and my Tiger boy loves it…”

What do experts think of the Petstages Purr Cat Pillow?

According to Gaffud, unlike other gadgets and gizmos that go viral, science actually backs this product. “While there is no study yet on the direct effect of this toy on cats’ behavior and stress levels, it can be inferred from other studies that reducing the anxiety of cats has positive effects,” Gaffud says.

For example, one study published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine concluded that comforting anxious shelter cats with “gentle stroking and vocalization” induced contentment, increased the production of protective antibodies, and reduced the incidence of upper respiratory disease (a common risk associated with shelter cats).

And some cats simply love purring toys, especially in one-pet households, adds Danielle Bernal, global veterinarian with Wellness Pet Company. “For these cats, the relaxing rumble may remind them of their time as a kitten with their mom or siblings and create a sense of calmness and contentment,” she says.

However, Dr. Bernal points out that no two cats are the same, and there’s a chance your cat won’t be interested in the toy. “When it comes to their personalities, they will often tell you what they love and don’t enjoy. What may work for some cats may be completely ignored by others,” she advises.

The best Amazon user reviews

Verified Amazon purchaser Shaleah, who has a “high stress” rescue cat, dubs the pillow “Purr Baby,” explaining that it is “something [her cat] can run to for comfort if [she’s] not readily available to comfort him.” A bonus? “I fall asleep to the sound of the purr myself,” she adds.

An owner of “an extremely anxious, overweight kitty” gave the innovative toy a 5-star review, stating that it eased the kitty’s anxiety after a fire left them displaced from their home. “He was unsure of it until I picked him up and laid him on it,” they write. “And I could see him relax and his tail gently wagged a peaceful wag.”

Another Verified Amazon purchaser, Lisa, used it to calm two 5-week-old foster kittens. “They were scared and hissy and generally anxious. I put this in with them, tapped it to make it purr, and they immediately climbed on it and curled up,” she writes, adding that they were still cuddling it six months after being adopted into their forever home.

Where to buy Petstages Purring Cat Toy

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The Petstages Purr Pillow is available at multiple online retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. The best price is currently at Amazon and Chewy for just under $16. There is also a sloth version, the Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozin’ Sloth, that functions exactly the same as the original but is slightly smaller.

Bottom line: If you have a cat who needs a little extra love, order the Petstages Purr Cat Pillow along with these other top cat toys on Amazon ASAP—your kitty will thank you. It also makes a great gift for cat lovers.

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