This Is the First Thing You Should Do When You Step Into a Hotel Room

All you need is a piece of luggage for this hotel safety hack.

Arriving at a new destination—especially after a long flight—is an amazing feeling. But, whether you’re ready to start sightseeing after hotel check-in or simply sink into the bed to recharge, it’s important to check your hotel room first for a few things as a safety precaution—especially when traveling solo.

One travel safety hack from a former flight attendant is particularly genius in advising travelers on what to do first when arriving at a hotel room. All you need is a piece of luggage.

What is the first thing you should do when you step into a hotel room?

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You’ll feel much more assured that your hotel room is safe upon arrival after utilizing this easy hack. Former flight attendant, Nassim, can be credited with the trick.

Nassim describes her initial go-to, in which she always used a piece of her luggage to prop a hotel room door open. Then, she would check the entire room to make sure no one was hiding in it. “I would check the bathroom, under the bed, inside the wardrobes, under the table and behind the curtains to make sure that no one was in there,” she said. Propping the door open with luggage ensures an easy escape should someone be found in the room.

Previously, she had heard stories of someone being hidden in various crew members’ hotel rooms. Also, some hotel doors don’t come with chains to further lock the door. That’s why, she adds, “I would never, ever enter a room without doing that. I would place my bag by the door in case someone opened it from the outside, then it would make a noise.”

Another flight attendant, Kat Kamali, agrees. Travelers should always check “if there’s anyone in your room,” upon arrival.

What are some other travel safety hacks?

Beyond this genius hack, there are a few other hotel safety tricks to keep in mind. Here is why to put luggage in the hotel bathroom.

First, upon arrival at a hotel, travelers should “never say their room number out loud.” Plus, while looking the room over, it is essential to “check behind the curtains and under the bed.”

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