Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands

The Reader's Digest Trusted Brands surveys that take place every year can help you shop, cook, book your next vacation, or buy a car with confidence.

Every year since 2015, Reader’s Digest has teamed up with research firm Ipsos to ask Americans which brands they trust the most across a number of different categories, from auto insurance to airlines to food to body lotion to pet food, and much much more. And each year, Americans have spoken, electing Reader’s Digest’s most trusted brands. The winning brand in each category sometimes changes with each new survey, but some brands have come out on top year after year. Since the people who actually use these products are picking the winners, you know you can trust the results.

Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands

2021: This year, Reader’s Digest added some new categories including CBD and health insurance. The survey also expanded the criteria to factor in how well Americans think the brand has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and supported diversity and racial justice. And, unlike other years, a most trusted brand was determined from the results: Listerine.

2021 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

2020: The most recent survey focused on the categories Sparkling Cleaners, Everyday Essentials, Feel-Better Fixes, Healthy Must-Haves, Stellar Services, Top Travel Picks, All-Star Cars, and Best Bets for Pets. Over 3,500 Americans shared their top picks and brands such as Lysol, Dr. Scholl’s, Tums, State Farm, Southwest, Toyota, Purina, and many more reigned victorious as Reader’s Digest’s most trusted brands of 2020.

2020 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

2019 (Health Brands): The second half of the 2019 reader survey was published online in early 2020. The survey focused on the most trusted health brands in America. Of the 3,500 people who participated in the survey, half said that trust was a top driver for their over-the-counter purchases. Some of the brands you’ll see on top are Tylenol, Chobani, Centrum, Ensure, and Coppertone.

2019 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands—Health Brands

2019 (Health and Wellness Brands): This annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey focuses on 35 categories affecting our well-being, from medications and supplements to health devices and food—even what’s best for our pets. The categories that Americans were surveyed on include facial cleanser, fiber supplement, allergy relief, nutrition bar, healthy cereal, probiotic, and nuts.

2019 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands—Health and Wellness Brands

2018: In 2018, 5,500 Americans were polled on 40 different types of products. On the winner’s table, you’ll see Aveeno as the most trusted body lotion, Behr as the most trusted interior paint, Carnival as the most trusted cruise line, Folgers as the most trusted coffee, and many more well-known brands. See who Americans trust the most when asked the question, “If you lost $100 by mistake and it was found by someone in your life on this list, do you trust that he or she would return it to you?” The people on the list include your family doctor, your garbage collector, handyman, and dog walker to name a few.

2018 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

2017: In 2017, Reader’s Digest decided to put a fun spin on the most trusted brands, and created the Trusted League, a confederation of superheroes who embody the winning characteristics of the 40 most trusted brands in America. On this year’s list, just a few of the superheroes you’ll meet are Cee Cee Strong (representing Tropicana) as the most trusted juice, Swish (representing Listerine) as the most trusted mouthwash, and Scentsei (representing Glade) as the most trusted air freshener/deodorizer. Also, find out the professions that Americans trust the most. Did your career make the cut?

2017 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

2016: From what you eat to what keeps your family happy and healthy, brands are trusted because they’re reliable enough to become part of your everyday story. The 2016 winning brands include Toyota, Tide, Kellog’s cereal, Chase bank, and Campbell’s soup.

2016 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

2015: The first year of the Reader’s Digest trusted brands survey had Americans pick the brands that they think deliver the highest quality, the most value, and are the most reliable. Included in the package are fascinating facts you never knew about the winning brands as well. Learn the psychology behind why you subconsciously trust a teacher more than a grocery cashier.

2015 Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

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