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The 2017 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands in America

Meet the Trusted League, a confederation of superheroes who embody the winning characteristics of the 40 most Trusted Brands in America.

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Meet the Trusted League, a confederation of superheroes who embody the winning characteristics of the 40 most Trusted Brands in America.

For the third year in a row, Reader’s Digest teamed up with research firm Ipsos to ask 5,000 Americans which brands they trust most across 40 categories, from auto insurance to airlines to kitchen appliances, salad dressings and much more. And America has spoken, electing the 40 brands below to the Trusted League. Scroll down or page through to see which brands Americans trust most— and the superheroes who fight for good, using their special powers endowed to them by the qualities that make the Most Trusted Brands great.

Reader’s Digest surveys its readers every year so that you know which products you can trust when shopping. Check out the results of the 2020 Trusted Brands survey.

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1. Tropicana: Most Trusted Juice

  • Codename: Cee Cee Strong
  • Powers: Cee Cee gets her super-strength by starting every day with only the freshest, pure squeezed juices. Bolstered by her vitamin-rich diet, Cee Cee has one of the strongest immune systems in the galaxy and has only called in sick to one Trusted League meeting in her entire career (and that was just an excuse to binge-watch season two of Orange Is The New Black). Some say she is totally immune to scurvy.
  • Trivia: Cee Cee is one of the only members of Trusted League without an original theme song, as nobody can think of a word that rhymes with “orange.”
  • Favorite part of human anatomy: The navel
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2. L’OREAL: Most Trusted Hair Color

  • Codename: Shade
  • Powers: A master of cool, confidence, and charisma, Shade gets all the intelligence she needs by looking great for any occasion. Shade’s ability to effortlessly change her hair color and style at a moment’s notice has helped the Trusted League infiltrate many a rival agency, including the Blonde Bombshells Syndicate, and the Guild of Redheaded Stepchildren. Multi-dimensional as Shade is, her teammates agree: She always looks (and acts) like her flawless self, no matter the task at hand.
  • Trivia: Shade claims to have developed her powers as a teenager, when changing her entire personality was a daily imperative.
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3. Listerine: Most Trusted Mouthwash

  • Codename: Swish
  • Powers: Swish, the so-called “Dental Desperado,” is just small enough to duel germs and bad breath in the least hospitable of environments — your mouth. A gum-dwelling gunslinger, Swish and his twin pistols (nicknamed “Minty” and “Fresh”) have defeated 99% of every germ fool enough to face them.
  • Catchphrase: “This mouth ain’t big enough for the two of us.”
  • Arch nemesis: Professor Hal Itosis, the mad scientist who has a really hard time retaining lab assistants.
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4. Purina: Most Trusted Pet Food

  • Codenames: Mr. Bark and Princess Bite
  • Powers: Mr. Bark and Princess Bite disagree on many things — whether to bork or mew, whether the humans are beloved masters or pitiful slaves — but in one thing they are in perfect agreement: their love of Purina pet food. Thus has the duo dedicated their lives to promoting inter-species friendship throughout the galaxy, uniting doggo and cat alike to the Trusted League’s cause, and cleverly stupefying weak-minded human interlopers with their adorable little masks and capes.
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5. Campbell’s: Most Trusted Soup

  • Codename: Knight of The Hearth
  • Powers: Ever equipped with his trusty ladle and cauldron, the Knight of The Hearth warms even the coldest situations.
  • Trivia: Though he prefers to stay at base researching the mythical “Excalibur of Condensed Soups,” the Knight of The Hearth is the most-requested companion for Trusted League field agents; with an inner warmth that calms the nerves and boosts the confidence of all his teammates, anywhere the Hearth goes feels like home.
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6. Glade: Most Trusted Air Freshener/Deodorizer

  • Codename: Scentsei
  • Powers: Using an ancient form of T’ai-chi developed by his master (a.k.a. his mother), Scentsei can wield a room’s natural energies to push bad smells away and usher in fresh, pleasant scents in their place. Scentsei’s otherwordly sense of smell has also aided the Trusted League on many manhunts. “Think of him like a bloodhound,” one teammate has remarked, “but way more zen.”
  • Catchphrase: “Namaste fresh. Namaste clean.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

7. Kraft: Most Trusted Salad Dressing

  • Codename: Zing
  • Powers: Zing may be small, but he packs a big punch. No taller than the average toddler, Zing is easily overlooked on the battlefield — but when properly juiced on fresh vegetables and spices, Zing’s super strength becomes the secret ingredient to many of the Trusted League’s victories.
  • Trivia: Zing has taken to wearing his uniform 24/7, after one too many companions caught him dressing.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

8. Olay: Most Trusted Facial Moisturizer/Cream

  • Codename: Athena Young
  • Powers: Descended from a long line of demigods and one or two Highlanders, Athena Young is forever young and uses her great experience and wisdom to do good in the world. Athena’s ability to regenerate herself, body and soul, after any skirmish makes her an ideal team player, even if she is prone to repeating the same old Trojan War stories over and over again.
  • Trivia: Athena still keeps Socrates’ info in her contacts, but he almost never calls
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

9. Hilton: Most Trusted Hotel/Resort

  • Codename: Sanctuary
  • Powers: Sanctuary is a sorceress who dabbles in inter-dimensional travel. Her favorite spell: opening a portal to a relaxing, refreshing paradise whenever the going gets too tough for her team to handle.
  • Trivia: In Sanctuary’s oasis realm, time slows so that she and her fellow Trusted League members can regenerate in peace while the real world waits. It also has HBO.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

10. Carnival: Most Trusted Cruise Line

  • Codename: Captain Fun
  • Powers: Simply put, Captain Fun is the greatest entertainer of all time. His epic parties bring together all people of all nations no matter who they are, and have even succeeded in converting enemies of the Trusted League into bosom friends.
  • Testimony: “I showed up to Captain Fun’s party intending to destroy the Trusted League and take over the universe,” one former adversary has said, “But the Captain handed me a daiquiri, led me to the Karaoke lounge, and helped me rethink my entire life. I might even write a novel.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

11. Visa: Most Trusted Credit Card


  • Codename: Charge
  • Powers: A master of telepathy and teleportation, Charge can be anywhere you want at any time. When not zipping to the aid of his Trusted League buddies, Charge uses his powers to promote freedom around the world (and take the occasional mountaintop selfie).
  • Joke he’s sick of hearing: “Thanks, Charge — you’re a real credit to the team.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

12. Southwest: Most Trusted Airline


  • Codename: Whoosh
  • Powers: Born with the power of flight, Whoosh spends his life at cruising altitude to keep the skies safe and happy. His self-described “aura of awesome” can be felt in the skies for hundreds of miles.
  • Trivia: A veteran of several tours in the US Air Force, Whoosh could have been the world’s greatest commercial airline pilot if not for his one great weakness: he is allergic to peanuts.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

13. Nature Made: Most Trusted Vitamin/Herbal Supplement

  • Codename: Boost
  • Powers: The youngest of an ancient order of potion-makers, Boost is an alchemist who harnesses the power of nature to deliver delicious, healthy concoctions wherever they are needed.
  • Testimony: Master alchemists agree, Boost is a prodigious talent. “He may not be able to turn lead into gold,” one brother has remarked, “but he can sure-as-daylight turn a fish into oil.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

14. Dove: Most Trusted Soap/Body Wash

    • Codename: The Beholder
    • Powers: The Beholder was happy with her life as a shallow Instagram darling — then, a radioactive selfie changed everything. Now The Beholder turns her camera toward others, and can only see the most beautiful version of all her subjects.
    • Trivia: The Beholder has “liked” more than ten billion Instagram photos… this week.
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15. Kellogg’s: Most Trusted Cereal

    • Codename: Krisp
    • Powers: Part Norse God, part Saturday morning cartoon enthusiast, Krisp appears to be an average seven-year-old — until he picks up his enchanted cereal spoon, cjörnflake. The power of a thousands years of balanced breakfasts surges through Krisp, making him big and strong and ready conquer the world (or at least the backyard)
    • Favorite indie rock band: Spoon
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

16. MetLife: Most Trusted Life Insurance

  • Codename: First Mate
  • Powers: First Mate is the ultimate navigator. When not helping the Trusted League on critical seafaring missions she roams the waters helping travelers reach their goals safely and swiftly, charting her course with nothing but the stars, the wind, and the occasional smell of banana daiquiris from nearby beach resorts.
  • Trivia: Despite her eye patch, First Mate has perfect vision and depth-perception. She just wears it to look “more piratey.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

17. McDonald’s: Most Trusted Fast Food/Casual Dining

  • Codename: The Satisfryer
  • Powers: The gifted progeny of a fry cook and a warlock (they met at Burning Man — don’t ask), the Satisfryer conjures delicious food out of thin air, at a moment’s notice. No matter how dire the mission, no Trusted League teammate ever goes hungry when the Satisfryer is open for business.
  • Favorite day of the week: Friday
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

18. Apple: Most Trusted Mobile Phone

  • Codename: Slice
  • Powers: Slice is a master ninja: Fast. Strong. Sleek. Agile. Quiet. Cool. Delivering riveting talks about her latest gear by day and subduing enemies with her beach-ball of doom by night, there is little wonder why Slice is persistently voted the coolest member of Trusted League.
  • Trivia: Slice’s powers get a considerable upgrade approximately once every three years.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

19. State Farm: Most Trusted Auto Insurance

  • Codename: Otto Shield
  • Powers: While attempting to become the youngest driver ever to break the sound barrier on the Autobahn, Otto Shield accidentally crossed an inter-dimensional rift that gave him to power to bend time and space around him and his vehicle. Now, Otto uses his powers to generate powerful force fields that protect cars from damage. His mother approves.
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20. Nature Valley: Most Trusted Nutrition Bar

  • Codename: Guardian of The Valley
  • Powers: Descended from an ancient tribe of gourmet Ents, Guardian of the Valley protects an age-old secret: how to eat right with great taste. Only the woodland creatures he communes with know the truth, but Guardian of the Valley is always willing to lend his hearty strength and fortitude to mortal men whenever they call.
  • Catchphrase [often said before disappearing solemnly into the wilderness]: “Two’s company, tree’s a crowd.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

21. NyQuil: Most Trusted Cold & Flu Remedy

  • Codename: Deep Sleep
  • Powers: Deep Sleep is a mysterious spirit who stands vigil against the forces of the night. While his friends sleep, he protects, fighting off the demons of sickness, stress, and weird dreams where your teeth fall out. It is said he can be summoned from any bed by taking a deep breath, hugging a teddy bear, and counting backward from 100.
  • Trivia: Deep Sleep is the only person on Earth who knows EXACTLY how many sheep there are to count.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

22. Verizon: Most Trusted Wireless Provider

  • Codename: The Signal
  • Powers: The Signal’s strength comes from his power to communicate with anyone, anywhere, any time, no matter what.
  • Trivia: Skilled in both flight and telepathy, the Signal is easily the most-envied hero in the Trusted League, but nobody can begrudge him… He’s just so pleasant to talk to.
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Michael Castellano/RD.com

23. Dell: Most Trusted Computer

  • Codename: Chip
  • Powers: Chip is a child prodigy who is super smart and always one step ahead of everyone. Part of this might owe to her being 60% computer, 40% pixie — an impish mix of machine and magic that makes her a hoot at Trusted League parties.
  • Trivia: Chip’s father, Block, gloats that Chip gets all her smarts from him, but pretty much nobody believes him.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

24. Folgers: Most Trusted Coffee

  • Codename: Rich Aroma
  • Powers: Rich Aroma is the research and development expert of the Trusted League. His brilliant inventions (and fresh caffeine concoctions) give everyone on his team the edge they need to succeed. Some say he never sleeps — but you’d never know it from his chill-as-cold-brew vibe.
  • Favorite invention: the self-grinding coffee bean
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

25. Tylenol: Most Trusted Headache/Pain Reliever

    • Codename: First Aid
    • Powers: The med-bot known as First Aid is a master field doctor and problem solver — she takes care of all of life’s little headaches so quickly patients hardly notice she was there.
    • Trivia: Despite her mother- and father-bot’s unending pride, First Aid can’t help but feel a little jealous of her brother Band Aid, an amplifier for Black Sabbath.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

26. CVS: Most Trusted Pharmacy/Drug Store

  • Codename: Dr. Pure
  • Powers: Dr. Pure is the world’s greatest physician. She can diagnose any problem at a glance, thanks to her patented X-ray visor, years of clinical experience, and 1,500+ hours watching reruns of Scrubs.
  • Catchphrase: “Well, well, well.”
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27. Lysol: Most Trusted Household Cleaner

  • Codename: The Germinator
  • Powers: Suave, slick, and impeccably groomed, The Germinator is a super assassin who uses his talents to eliminate germs wherever they are found.
  • Trivia: The Germinator always takes his disinfectant spray cans shaken, not stirred.
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28. Claritin: Most Trusted Allergy Relief

  • Codename: Claire Voyant
  • Powers: Overexposed to pollen as a child on an experimental tulip farm, Claire Voyant can see into the future to know exactly where and when allergies are about to strike. Her hyper-hypoallergenic knowledge gives the team unparalleled relief in the great outdoors.
  • Trivia: Thanks to her dust-allergy foresight, Claire Voyant can tell exactly which room in every house is the dirtiest — a powerful tool for guilt-tripping her children.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

29. Dasani: Most Trusted Bottle Water

  • Codename: Aqua Pura
  • Powers: Aqua Pura is an ethereal water being who spreads purity wherever she goes. Anything she touches gains a burst of health and vitality, and, later, a slight urge to use the bathroom.
  • Greatest nemesis: Over-watering her own houseplants.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

30. Yoplait: Most Trusted Yogurt

  • Codename: Probiotic Man
  • Powers: Probiotic Man fights unhealthy bacteria by rallying the forces of good bacteria. He always wakes up feeling his best, and is an expert at spreading good vibes to his teammates via super-positivity, jock rock, and lots of talk about “microbiomes.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

31. KitchenAid: Most Trusted Small Kitchen Appliance

  • Codename: Mega Mix
  • Powers: Mega Mix is a cyborg who is part master chef, part kitchen. He never, ever forgets if he left the oven on.
  • Catchphrase: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen’s way.”
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

32. Ford: Most Trusted SUV/Crossover


  • Codename: The Transporter
  • Powers: The Transporter is the ultimate bodyguard. Capable, accommodating, and versatile, this loyal robot transports the most precious cargo, safely and quickly.
  • Trivia: The Transporter always keeps his mouth shielded, to hide his blue tooth.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

33. Ford: Most Trusted Car

  • Codename: D.A.S.H.
  • Powers: Meet D.A.S.H. — the Digital Audio Speed Hub. This companion-bot is a fully upgraded mobile command center, providing all the information and tech the Trusted League needs on every journey. If that wasn’t enough, his alpine air-freshener NEVER goes stale.
  • Catchphrase: “Beep boop” [that’s robot speak for “I got u, fam.”]
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

34. Nivea: Most Trusted Body Lotion/Moisturizer

  • Codename: The Smooth Operator
  • Powers: The Smooth Operator is the John Bosley to the Trusted League’s Charlie’s Angels — a master problem solver, she makes even the roughest, stickiest situations feel silky-smooth. With the confidence that comes from feeling great, she can talk her way through anything.
  • Trivia: When SIRI needs a question answered, she asks The Smooth Operator.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

35. Walmart: Most Trusted Mass Merchandiser Retail Store

  • Codename: The Evaluator
  • Powers: With her magical monocle and wizened eye, The Evaluator sees the true value in everything — products, services and even people. While this makes watching cable news virtually insufferable, The Evaluator’s true-sight gives her an unbeatable edge in every social and business interaction.
  • Trivia: The Evaluator is banned from The Price Is Right after nearly bankrupting the show in 1982.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

36. Visine: Most Trusted Eye Care Product

  • Codename: Private Eye
  • Powers: When the master detective Private Eye sees Red, his arch nemesis, there is nowhere to hide.
  • Trivia: Private Eye only took to super-sleuthing after a brief stint in the military. A person can only take so much of being called Private Private Eye.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

37. Bank of America: Most Trusted Bank

  • Codename: Stronghold
  • Powers: A veritable human vault, Stronghold is the strongest, most secure person with whom to store anything valuable. He has been charged with guarding some of the world’s greatest treasures, including the Hope Diamond and Beyonce’s horcruxes.
  • Trivia: If you let Stronghold borrow money, he’ll pay you back with interest!
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

38. Fidelity: Most Trusted Investment Firm

  • Codename: Super Botanist
  • Powers: Super Botanist can grow green things even in the most inhospitable of environments. Given a little time and love, she can turn the most modest seed into a flourishing forest.
  • Trivia: Some say Super Botanist is a true flower child — like, literally, the offspring of sentient flowers.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

39. Tide: Most Trusted Laundry Detergent

  • Codename: Clean Kid
  • Powers: Clean Kid plays all day and never gets stains. His gift of super-cleanliness makes him the darling of mother’s everywhere — Clean Kid ALWAYS gets invited to stay for dinner.
  • Trivia: Clean Kid saves the Trusted League nearly $1,000 on uniform maintenance a year.
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Michael Castellano/RD.COM

40. Weight Watchers: Most Trusted Weight-Loss System

  • Codename: Nutricia
  • Powers: Nutricia makes incredible, legendary meals that are both satisfying and healthy. Her balanced diet (and calories burned fighting evil) leave her in peak physical condition 24/7/365.
  • Catchphrase: “Don’t weight up!”

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