This $12 Root Spray Conceals Gray Strands Until Your Next Wash Day

Updated: Apr. 28, 2023

No one has to know about your grays—unless you want them to. It's up to you with the help of this handy hair product.  

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As someone who started growing gray hair at a young age, I’ve accepted that I can either pay monthly visits to my hairstylist or let my genetically silver strands stand out (I’ve rolled with the latter). But for those who would rather touch up their roots every once in a while, there’s always Rita Hazan Root Concealer.  

The root concealer offers instant coverage on gray hair without an expensive trip to the salon. There’s nothing wrong with letting hair go gray naturally, but the spray is a handy resource for the days we need a little refresh.

What is Rita Hazan Root Concealer? 

The root concealer, which has the appearance of a mini hairspray, spritzes gray hair with a tinted spray. It’s available in five shades, including blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown and red. While it’s easier to blend a lightweight spray than a full root touch-up at the salon, you’ll want to match the shade as closely as possible before use. 

Whether you’re working with curly hair, fine hair or hair loss, the concealer is safe for all hair types and textures. The dye won’t stain skin thanks to its transfer-proof properties. Plus, there’s little-to-no downtime because of how quickly it dries. Apply it in minutes, then head out the door. It’s also a handy trick to look better in photos and selfies.

A narrow nozzle ensures the concealer sprays exactly where you want it to, instead of coating your entire head in the product. However, if the goal is to make fine, thin hair look fuller, try the Toppik Hair Fibers insteador even both for extra coverage and volume. 

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How to use Rita Hazan Root Concealer 

When gray strands are peeking through a little more than desired, take out the root concealer. Shake the can well and hold it about six to 12 inches away from the roots. For first-time users, spray in bursts, then hold a steady stream once you’re comfortable with the application. Once finished, try one of these hairstyles to make you look younger

The formula is waterproof, so it’ll outlast those particularly hot and sweaty summer days. Keep in mind that it is a temporary dye and will wash out on shampoo days. But given the easy application, the root concealer can be reapplied between washes. It’s blendable, so you’ll always be able to get the desired coverage. 

On hair-wash day, go about your typical routine. Any shampoo and conditioner will bring hair back to its original state, and a scalp massager will remove any buildup. Just repeat the process with the concealer to cover the grays again.  

The two-ounce bottle is an approved size for TSA, so it can be taken practically anywhere. Stow it in a toiletry bag to take on vacation or pop it in a work bag for a refresh throughout the day.  

The best Amazon user reviews 

Rita Hazan Root Concealer is a beloved product on Amazon for its quick, effective and temporary results. Just read these reviews to see why. 

Verified purchaser Steven D. Valadez has dark blonde hair with light blonde highlights and roots that are about 20% gray. “I have tried other root touch-up sprays and this one is high quality and longer lasting than other, more expensive brands,” he writes in his five-star review. “Do be careful about choosing your color. Highly recommend this product!”  

After using this product for a year, reviewer Erica Levine says she loves the coverage it gives. “Saves me from doing my hair as frequently,” she writes. “Stays put until you wash it out. Excellent product!”   

M. Marton says the spray was a lifesaver during the three-month salon shutdown. “Covered my gray roots, nicely blending with my blond hair. When I finally returned to my salon, my stylist thought I had covered my hair—she was very impressed with this product,” they rave.

Where to buy Rita Hazan Root Concealer 

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Rita Hazan Root Concealer is available on Amazon and Walmart. It’s only about $12, which easily beats the salon prices these days.

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