Amazon Shoppers Say This “Miracle” Spray Revives Their Dry, Mature Hair

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

Add some "wow" factor to your hair with the Color Wow Dream Coat frizz-fighting spray.

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Achieving a salon-grade blowout from home is harder than it looks—especially when you’re plagued with the dry locks, frizziness and coarseness that comes with age. Certain tools combat the frizz, but what if there was a way to make mature hair essentially waterproof? Thousands of reviewers say you can with the Dream Coat spray from Color Wow. 

 The anti-frizz spray first rose to fame when celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton demonstrated droplets of water sliding right off his model’s Dream Coat-ed hair. Since then, it’s become a cult-favorite product that banishes humidity and revives dry hair in just one use. 

What is the Color Wow Dream Coat? 

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Hair is naturally porous, so when it’s humid outside, hair absorbs the air’s moisture and creates frizz. The Dream Coat provides a barrier to repel water and maintain glossy, frizz-free hair. When used in conjunction with a hairdryer, the lightweight formula doesn’t leave hair feeling greasy, either. 

Color Wow Dream Coat is vegan, cruelty-, gluten-, paraben- and sulfate-free. The spray is heat-activated, so a blow dryer is necessary to get the best results. The heat-activated polymers are what block out the moisture and act as a raincoat for your hair. According to the brand, the product lasts three to four washes, helping you achieve glossy, frizz-free hair between wash days and beyond. 

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How to use the Color Wow Dream Coat 

The Dream Coat works on all hair types and textures. Whether you have fine or curly tresses, the spray will serve as a base for any styling. For inspiration, check out these hairstyles that make you look younger.

Follow a shower routine like normal. (Looking for a new product lineup? Here are the best products for frizzy hair.) Make sure hair is damp, not sopping wet, before reaching for the spray. 

Spray a generous amount of Color Wow from root to ends. They don’t call it the Dream “Coat” for nothing, so make sure your hair is evenly and thoroughly coated. This step may take some trial and error because reviewers with fine hair say too much product adds unwanted weight. Use a comb or anti-frizz brush to distribute the product, then enlist the help of a hairdryer.  

The Color Wow spray also doubles as a heat protectant, which is helpful considering it’s heat-activated. Blow dry your hair and make sure it’s completely dry as humidity will infiltrate any wet or damp spots left over. The product lasts up to four washes, but reapply as necessary. 

The best Amazon user reviews 

Sporting frizz is a common hairstyle mistake that makes you look older. These reviewers lean on the Dream Coat spray for younger-looking hair, and you should, too. 

Carol Williamson struggled with her changing “old lady” hair texture and wave pattern as she got older. “I bought this mostly based on the reviews and I was elated that it actually does what it says it does,” she raves. “WOW! The first time I used it, my hair was straight and curved under on the ends—just the way I wanted it. And it stayed straight even when it was drizzling rain outside—a minor miracle! My search is over, this is the stuff for me from here on out!”  

Not one to leave frequent reviews, Shannon Phillips urges everyone to invest in this. “My hair can feel like a horse’s mane if I let it dry naturally,” she says. “With this new hair regime, I have the silkiest hair that feels like I just left the salon every time I use it. I rarely use my hot iron now that I can get rid of the frizz with a blow-dryer.”  

“All I can say is if you are Black and have thick hair that frizzes up in humid weather this is for you!” writes five-star reviewer D. Brady. “My hair stays straight soft and shiny until I wash it again. The only thing coming between me and my silk presses now is getting caught in the rain or wash day!” 

Where to buy the Color Wow Dream Coat

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The Color Wow Dream Coat is available on Amazon and directly from the Color Wow website. You can also shop the spray at Sephora, Walmart and Ulta. Not only will you look better in photos, your hair will feel youthful again—and it’s hard to put a price on having smooth, frizz-free locks once again.

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