5 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Amazon Alexa

Updated: Jun. 14, 2021

Are you treating Alexa right? If not, you’re going to need a new device a lot sooner than you expect.

You love Alexa. How could you not? This personal assistant can do anything from lock your front door to order takeout. While you can use Alexa just about anywhere in your home, you may be putting your Alexa devices—like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show—in compromising situations. They need a little TLC to make them last as long as they’re intended to last. Here’s how you may be accidentally mistreating your Alexa device and how to change your ways.

You’re letting it get wet

Alexa devices are like any other electronics: They don’t do well in wet environments. Keep them away from steamy places like the bathroom, around humidifiers, and near the stove in your kitchen. Also, keep them away from spill-prone zones on kitchen tables and countertops, as well as around any areas where you prepare food. While we’re on the subject, make sure you know these 8 simple tricks that can save a wet cell phone.

There was an oops and you didn’t wait

When your Alexa device does get wet, unplug it and let it dry completely before plugging it back in. Plugging it in too soon can short out the electronics and also possibly shock you. Drying out could take a few days, so be patient. And whatever you do, don’t try to dry it with a hair dryer, no matter how much you miss Alexa. The extreme heat can fry the internal components.

If the liquid is anything other than water, you will need to take it to a professional for cleaning. Other liquids (i.e. soda, salt water, etc.) have contaminants that need to be cleaned out of all the internal components to prevent harmful corrosion from developing. Some liquids corrode the internal components much faster than others, so time is of the essence. This corrosion will cause shorts in the internal circuitry and severely diminish the lifespan of the device, according to training and development manager Joshua Sutton at uBreakiFix, a leading tech repair franchise. In the market for a new device? Here’s how to decide if an Amazon Echo or Dot is right for you.

You’re using third-party accessories

It’s best to stay away from accessories that aren’t Amazon-approved. “Use of third-party accessories may impact your Amazon Echo Dot’s performance,” notes Amazon’s help page. “In limited circumstances, use of third-party accessories may void your Amazon Echo Dot’s limited warranty.”

Why does Amazon say this? “In some cases, third-party accessories are not built to the same quality standards as OEM [original equipment manufacturer] accessories and may have unintended effects on the device,” says Sutton. “Occasionally, third-party accessories may actually damage the unit. This is a frequent occurrence with low-quality power accessories.” What should you buy? Try these top must-have Alexa accessories.

You’re not cleaning it properly

You don’t need fancy cleaners to keep your Alexa device spotless. In fact, some cleaners can be abrasive and scratch the screen or body of the device. Amazon recommends cleaning devices with a soft cloth dampened slightly with just water and a bit of rubbing alcohol. One important note: “Make sure your device is fully powered off and disconnected from all power sources before cleaning, and wait until it is completely dry before reconnecting power and turning it back on,” says Sutton.

You’re keeping it near a heat source

Alexa devices don’t do well when exposed to extreme heat. That means you should keep them away from heaters, ovens, stoves, and heater vents.


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