These Quotes Prove That Teachers Make the Best Mentors

School is one of life’s most important milestones. Small wonder we can’t forget the people who lived through the challenges with us.

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“I’m retired after 42 years as a teacher, and I never miss an opportunity to watch To Sir, with Love (1967) and Up the Down Staircase, which was released the same year. I also enjoy Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995). Exceptional movies about a job I loved for almost half a century.”—Louis Alt • Union, NJ

“As a sixth-grader, I went through that awkward stage, lacking self-esteem. Mrs. Huser helped me believe in myself. Because of her, I became a teacher and taught for over 38 years. Thank you, Mrs. Huser, for your example of what a teacher should be.”—Rick Ward • Champaign, IL

“My first-grade teacher in 1965, Mrs. Segal, made reading fun, especially the Dick and Jane books, which we still used then. One very snowy day, Mrs. Segal actually hitched a ride on a garbage truck to get to school! My dad was flabbergasted and repeated that story for years.”—Richard Tususian • Bayside, NY (Read these 34 inspirational quotes about teaching.)

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“My favorite teacher was my older brother Max French, who was a Baptist minister and high school teacher. He was so good to me, planning a good future for his little sister. Max cried when I married at 17, but he was always there for me.”—Becky French Nunnery • Cleveland, OH

“Having been brought up by my grandmother, who taught for 35 years, and then having been a high school English teacher for 30 years myself, of course I have a favorite teacher movie. It’s Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939). My whole family identified with the dedication and love shown in that movie.”—Sonia D. Schork • Sierra Vista, AZ

“My wife, Joan, and I had many memorable teachers in Niles, Ohio, in the late 1940s, but one English teacher was especially effective. Miss Mable Hatfield (later Mrs. Garfield) was raised in West Virginia. And, yes, she belonged to the Hatfields, who famously feuded with the McCoys.”—Richard Bullock • Cary, NC

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“Caroline Bonnewell, who taught seventh- and eighth-grade English in Webb City, Oklahoma, in the early ’50s, was also the girls basketball coach—and a good one, too. She taught me a new word at practice: “If you don’t stop those long passes and dribble the ball, I’m going to poke it down your ESOPHAGUS!””—Sharon Singer • Everhart Oklahoma City, OK

Originally Published in Reminisce Extra