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45 Teacher Memes to Keep You Laughing Until Summer Break

Updated: May 10, 2024

These funny teacher memes will get you through the last days of school

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Teaching memes you’ll want to share

Hang in there, teachers. Soon, the bell will ring one last time and summer break will be here. But until then, we have some gut-busting teacher memes to help you get through the last crazy and stressful days of the school year. Sure, the thank-you notes to teachers filled with heart-tugging teacher quotes are appreciated, even if you secretly hope students and parents will use their vacation time to study the polite habits teachers actually dislike.

Until then, find a comfy place to prop up your feet and enjoy these ever-so-relatable funny teacher memes that epitomize teaching at the end of the school year.

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Well that was a waste of time

You can’t say teachers don’t try.

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Do I have to?

Admit it, there’s always that one teacher you want to avoid.

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At least I’m honest

If you’re a teacher and you find this teacher meme relatable, we understand. No explanation required.

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We all know that look

Every student, past and present, knows that stare.

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Where did they all go?

The case of the missing glue sticks will forever be unsolved.

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Counting the days

Hey, teach! Take a breath and read some hope quotes that will instantly lift you up.

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You would rather have money than cake

Time to remember why you love teaching.

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Your thoughts when May rolls around

Whether you stay or go, you’re going to need funny cartoons to get you through the month.

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Conked out

Get yourself psyched up for the week ahead with Monday motivation quotes.

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Fingers crossed!

You could write a book of hilarious classroom stories and teacher memes with everything you’ve seen and heard throughout the year.

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Run! Get ’em before they’re gone!

Teacher memes and these hilarious coffee quotes go great with baked goods.

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You can’t fool us

You wouldn’t believe the wacky and funny parenting stories we hear at parent-teacher conferences.

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Pardon? Could you repeat that?

Time to revisit “stay in your seat and use indoor voices.”

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All together now: A, E, I, O, U

How many times during the school year do you say, “Use your letter sounds to read and write, and we read and write from left to right?”

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Only a teacher gets this

You sure hope it’s pizza day because you’ve got some cheesy pizza puns and teacher memes to share.

ART: capitalize Bible

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Game on!

But seriously, one of the things your child’s teacher wants you to know is that open communication is key to your child’s success and you should feel comfortable talking to them about your concerns.

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Kitty power activate!

You would rather be reading hilarious cat memes than grading papers, but such is life.

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The struggle is real

You just wonder what the kids are doing while you’re trying to figure this out. Whatever it is, it will be good material for another teacher meme.

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Parent fail

Word up, parents: Support your kiddos efforts and trust that they can do a good job on their own.

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Absolute mayhem!

Three kids are trying to kill it. One kid is hiding in the corner, and the rest are scrambling for the door. If it wasn’t so chaotic it would make for a funny school joke.

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Prepared for battle every day

Need a boost to rekindle your love for teaching? Read one of these inspiring books for teachers for a little shot of encouragement.

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Are you kidding?

To top it off, requests for extra credit are pouring in—even though they haven’t even finished the regular assignments yet!

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You’ll live

Emotions run high when a scrape on the knee feels like a broken femur. Better have a few doctor jokes on hand to help your kids laugh through their tears.

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What have you done?

But seriously, you’re flattered, because most educators really do have a list of powerful reasons teachers love their jobs.

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At least you’re getting points on your credit card

This could literally be how you fund your next trip and become a vacation meme that’s all too accurate.

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Bye-bye, weekend fun

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is laughing at TGIF memes and your weekend plans just got canceled.

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Some funny photos and teacher memes are just so relatable you won’t be able to stop laughing.

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Take your pick

While you’re sipping your rocket fuel, take a peek at the funniest coffee memes only java lovers understand.

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Some things you can’t unhear

Are they making this stuff up? It’s hard to tell, because kids say the funniest things when they spill the tea about their home life.

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Suck it up

You just want to stay home, listen to funny podcasts and scroll through teacher memes in bed, but you can’t without writing your sub plans first.

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Snotty season is here

You almost made it through the year. Time for another Costco run.

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Some parents need a time out

Most parents are cool, but it only takes a few people with bad parenting traits to ruin the year.

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This is my time

No offense, but I just bought a juicy summer book and want to read it in my favorite coffee shop—alone.

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Stay hydrated and caffeinated, my friend

You’re prepping for happy hour and looking forward to sharing funny drinking quotes with fellow teachers after school.

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You’re done

The best teacher memes are the ones like these. They are so relatable you can’t help but laugh your head off.

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We gonna need a bigger trash can

Open all the windows, because there’s a lunchbox with a rotten banana and a carton of chunky milk that’s been there for months. Oh, and there’s an apple for the teacher that someone forgot to give you—three months ago.

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The best day of the week. Now all you need are some Friday quotes and teacher memes to welcome the weekend!

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Ahh, no thanks

You’ve got a date with a hammock, a cold drink and these comical summer memes.

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But it feels like a year and a half

You’re not sitting around all summer watching teacher movies and looking at funny work memes. You’re already creating lesson plans, attending classes for certification and have a summer side hustle to supplement your teacher salary.

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For real, though?

One week feels like a month when you’re ready to start summer break and already have the best beach captions ready for your Instagram stories.

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We can all relate

What do you know, parents and teachers have something in common.

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You’re too tired to laugh

You appreciate that they’ve learned all the knock-knock jokes for kids, but you’re over it.

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It never fails

Suddenly the kids are taking an interest in their grades. Why do they wait until the last minute?

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If only

Teachers could go incognito and create a funny TikTok user name to issue the challenge.

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New vocab

Some of the cutest mistakes kids make are mispronouncing words, but “hanitizer” really does make more sense!

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