The Skittles Flavor Americans Like the Least

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Skittles might help you taste the rainbow, but one flavor and color sticks out.

There are five different colors of original Skittles candies: purple, yellow, green, orange, and red. All colors are popular in the state where Skittles are the most popular Halloween candy. But it turns out there’s one Skittles color that people care for the least—yellow.

Only 6 percent of Skittles eaters favor the yellow or lemon flavor, according to a recent survey. The Skittles brand analyzed how people enjoy the candy, so the least-favorite Skittles flavor is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the survey shows that how you eat your Skittles says a lot about you. For example, yellow Skittles eaters are more likely to have their read receipts on their texts.

How you eat Skittles says a lot about you

The survey also touches on how people eat their Skittles. People who prefer eating Skittles one at a time are more likely to leave a party without saying goodbye, to be shy daters, and to self-describe as cautious. Meanwhile, people who eat Skittles by the handful enjoy being the center of attention, making the first move on dates, and being competitive, according to the survey. And if you can make a whole bag of Skittles last over several days, you’re more likely to make your bed in the morning.

Some people might not have a preference as to how they eat Skittles, but you may still have a favorite flavor or color. Here are some fun facts about people who like each flavor and color, per the survey:

Fun facts about Skittles flavors

Red Skittles lovers are more likely to be in a relationship and identify as hopeless romantics.

Green Skittles lovers are 50 percent more likely than other single Skittles eaters to not hear back from a date.

Purple Skittles lovers are happiest spending time alone.

Orange Skittles lovers are more likely to root for their local sports team.

Yellow Skittle lovers are more likely to be in-the-know about pop-culture.

And, overall, red Skittles are America’s favorite flavor.