Childrens Books

Whether you’re rediscovering the magic of children’s books by reading to your little one or picking up a classic you haven’t read yet, we’ve got you covered on the best children’s books, classics, and more.

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    40 Young Adult Novels Grown-Ups Secretly Love

    Looking for fresh reading material? Skip the traditional bookstore aisles and head to the young adult section, where you'll find some of the world's most addictive and compelling literature.

    15 Best Websites to Find Free Online Books for Kids

    Yes, you can encourage your children to read (without going broke).

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    15 Free Audiobooks Your Kids Will Love (and Where to Find Them)

    Your children (and their imagination) will thank you later.

    Why National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman’s Books Are Already Selling Out

    Three books by the "The Hill We Climb" poet are climbing to the top of the bestseller list—and two of...

    8 Children’s Nursery Rhymes That Are Actually Racist

    Can a catchy little rhyme really be that problematic? Yes—and it’s one way racism was inextricably woven into American life....

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    The Best Audiobooks for Your Next Family Road Trip

    Audiobooks are perfect for passing the time on long car rides. These terrific selections will keep a wide range of...

    13 Books to Read to Your Kids About Race

    Children are always learning, and it's important to have homes and libraries filled with books that talk about the world...

    17 of the Best Books to Read as Children (and Adults)

    Twilight and The Lorax aren't the only books meant for younger readers that adults can enjoy too. Our staff selected...

    7 Funny Test Answers From Kids Who Didn’t Have a Clue

    Think your kids are acing school? Well, check out some of their test answers.

    The Kind of Book You Think Helps Your Children Read Actually Doesn’t, Says Study

    Picture books are an essential part of teaching children to read, but some types of picture books could actually be...

    12 Children’s Books That Encourage Kids to Be Nice

    Kindness is a must-have trait in today's world, and it's made easy in these kid-friendly reads.

    8 Kids’ Books About Bullying Every Parent Should Own

    Some kids are hesitant to bring up struggles at school. Open the lines of communication between you and your kids...

    10 Best Books to Help Your Child Fall Asleep (You Can Thank Us Later)

    Books go with bedtime like peanut butter goes with jelly, but not all books are suitable bedtime reads. Looking for...

    6 Parenting Lessons from Denmark, the Happiest Country in the World

    Denmark is the planet's happiest nation, and part of its secret has to do with their people’s upbringing. Here's how...

    7 Ways That Your Kid Is a Brat—And How Calm Parents Deal With It

    Even the most angelic of kids can sometimes be a brat. Here, from the book 'Your Kid's a Brat and...

    11 Early Reading Habits That Make Young Kids Love Books

    How parents read to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can have a huge impact on how much they love reading and...

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    27 Classic Children’s Book Quotes Every Adult Needs To Hear

    "All grown-ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it."

    When Two Awesome Parents Made the Dinosaurs Go Wild!

    One couple's silly plan to thrill their kids went viral. A peek at their new book makes it obvious why....

    Incredible: How One Couple Saved 50 Children From the Nazis

    Gil and Eleanor Kraus, a well-to-do American couple, risked everything to come to the rescue.

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    A Book Club Built for Kids

    Tim Richter and his wife, Linda, had taught for over 30 years near Buffalo, New York—he in computers, she in