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Meet the Heroes of the Trusted League: The Most Trusted Brands in America

Meet the Trusted League, a confederation of superheroes who embody the winning characteristics of the 40 most Trusted Brands in America.

Meet the Trusted League, a confederation of superheroes who embody the winning characteristics of the 40 most Trusted Brands in America.

For the third year in a row, Reader's Digest teamed up with research firm Ipsos to ask 5,000 Americans which brands they trust most across 40 categories, from auto insurance to airlines to kitchen appliances, salad dressings and much more. And America has spoken, electing the 40 brands below to the Trusted League. Scroll down or page through to see which brands Americans trust most— and the superheroes who fight for good, using their special powers endowed to them by the qualities that make the Most Trusted Brands great.

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1. Tropicana: Most Trusted Juice

  • Codename: Cee Cee Strong
  • Powers: Cee Cee gets her super-strength by starting every day with only the freshest, pure squeezed juices. Bolstered by her vitamin-rich diet, Cee Cee has one of the strongest immune systems in the galaxy and has only called in sick to one Trusted League meeting in her entire career (and that was just an excuse to binge-watch season two of Orange Is The New Black). Some say she is totally immune to scurvy.
  • Trivia: Cee Cee is one of the only members of Trusted League without an original theme song, as nobody can think of a word that rhymes with “orange."
  • Favorite part of human anatomy: The navel
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2. L’OREAL: Most Trusted Hair Color

  • Codename: Shade
  • Powers: A master of cool, confidence, and charisma, Shade gets all the intelligence she needs by looking great for any occasion. Shade’s ability to effortlessly change her hair color and style at a moment’s notice has helped the Trusted League infiltrate many a rival agency, including the Blonde Bombshells Syndicate, and the Guild of Redheaded Stepchildren. Multi-dimensional as Shade is, her teammates agree: She always looks (and acts) like her flawless self, no matter the task at hand.
  • Trivia: Shade claims to have developed her powers as a teenager, when changing her entire personality was a daily imperative.
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3. Listerine: Most Trusted Mouthwash

  • Codename: Swish
  • Powers: Swish, the so-called “Dental Desperado,” is just small enough to duel germs and bad breath in the least hospitable of environments — your mouth. A gum-dwelling gunslinger, Swish and his twin pistols (nicknamed “Minty” and “Fresh”) have defeated 99% of every germ fool enough to face them.
  • Catchphrase: “This mouth ain’t big enough for the two of us.”
  • Arch nemesis: Professor Hal Itosis, the mad scientist who has a really hard time retaining lab assistants.
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4. Purina: Most Trusted Pet Food

  • Codenames: Mr. Bark and Princess Bite
  • Powers: Mr. Bark and Princess Bite disagree on many things — whether to bork or mew, whether the humans are beloved masters or pitiful slaves — but in one thing they are in perfect agreement: their love of Purina pet food. Thus has the duo dedicated their lives to promoting inter-species friendship throughout the galaxy, uniting doggo and cat alike to the Trusted League’s cause, and cleverly stupefying weak-minded human interlopers with their adorable little masks and capes.
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5. Campbell’s: Most Trusted Soup

  • Codename: Knight of The Hearth
  • Powers: Ever equipped with his trusty ladle and cauldron, the Knight of The Hearth warms even the coldest situations.
  • Trivia: Though he prefers to stay at base researching the mythical “Excalibur of Condensed Soups,” the Knight of The Hearth is the most-requested companion for Trusted League field agents; with an inner warmth that calms the nerves and boosts the confidence of all his teammates, anywhere the Hearth goes feels like home.
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6. Glade: Most Trusted Air Freshener/Deodorizer

  • Codename: Scentsei
  • Powers: Using an ancient form of T’ai-chi developed by his master (a.k.a. his mother), Scentsei can wield a room’s natural energies to push bad smells away and usher in fresh, pleasant scents in their place. Scentsei’s otherwordly sense of smell has also aided the Trusted League on many manhunts. “Think of him like a bloodhound,” one teammate has remarked, “but way more zen.”
  • Catchphrase: “Namaste fresh. Namaste clean.”
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7. Kraft: Most Trusted Salad Dressing

  • Codename: Zing
  • Powers: Zing may be small, but he packs a big punch. No taller than the average toddler, Zing is easily overlooked on the battlefield — but when properly juiced on fresh vegetables and spices, Zing’s super strength becomes the secret ingredient to many of the Trusted League’s victories.
  • Trivia: Zing has taken to wearing his uniform 24/7, after one too many companions caught him dressing.
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8. Olay: Most Trusted Facial Moisturizer/Cream

  • Codename: Athena Young
  • Powers: Descended from a long line of demigods and one or two Highlanders, Athena Young is forever young and uses her great experience and wisdom to do good in the world. Athena’s ability to regenerate herself, body and soul, after any skirmish makes her an ideal team player, even if she is prone to repeating the same old Trojan War stories over and over again.
  • Trivia: Athena still keeps Socrates’ info in her contacts, but he almost never calls
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9. Hilton: Most Trusted Hotel/Resort

  • Codename: Sanctuary
  • Powers: Sanctuary is a sorceress who dabbles in inter-dimensional travel. Her favorite spell: opening a portal to a relaxing, refreshing paradise whenever the going gets too tough for her team to handle.
  • Trivia: In Sanctuary’s oasis realm, time slows so that she and her fellow Trusted League members can regenerate in peace while the real world waits. It also has HBO.
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