What’s the best (and worst) Easter candy? Why does Easter fall on a different day every year? How can you plan the perfect celebration with family and friends? And what is with the bunny and all those eggs? Find out here!

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    20 Easter Riddles That Will Have You Hunting for Answers

    Hop right on up and get your fill of these super fun Easter riddles for kids!

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    30 Cutest Bunnies You’ll Want to Take Home

    They're soft, cuddly, and irresistibly cute! These photogenic rabbits are guaranteed to make your day a little hoppier.

    Here’s a List of Stores Open on Easter Sunday (and a Few That Will Be Closed)

    Here are the grocery stores closed on Easter, and those that are open, so you can spend less time driving...

    When Is Lent and Why Is It Celebrated?

    As spring...well, springs, you may find yourself wondering, "when is Lent?" Find out what it has to do with Easter...

    27 Happy Easter Quotes to Inspire Hope

    Winter is over, and spring has sprung! Let these wise words get you in the Easter spirit.

    16 Easy Easter Crafts That Kids Can Make with Stuff Around the House

    These Easter crafts for kids are easy to make—even for preschoolers. And the best part is that they use items...

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    The 22 Best Easter Movies to Watch This Year

    Did your go-to family favorite make our list of the best of the best Easter movies to watch again?

    The Nicest Place in Massachusetts: Springfield

    With salaries cut and Easter around the corner, an unlikely heroine made sure those who need a ham got one.

    18 Entertaining Easter Games for Kids

    Once the baskets have been found, keep your kids’ spirits festive with some Easter games.

    Here’s How Eggs Became Synonymous with Easter

    Sure, everyone loves a chocolate egg, but how did eggs themselves become such an important part of our Easter celebrations?

    What Is Good Friday and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    If you weren't raised as a Christian—or didn't pay close attention in Sunday school—you might not all the details about...

    Why Is Easter on a Different Sunday Every Year?

    The date of this spring holiday is nowhere near as random as you might think.

    Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From?

    The origins of the Easter Bunny are more mysterious than you think, and religion has nothing to do with it.

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    10 Ancient Mysteries Researchers Still Can’t Explain

    Stonehenge and Easter Island are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unsolved mysteries.

    It Can Take 2 Weeks to Make 1 Jelly Bean—Here’s Why

    Bet you never realized how much TLC went into that tiny piece of candy.

    12 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Good Friday

    Good Friday marks the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. From flying a kite to abstaining from booze, here's...

    15 Simple Easter Recipes That Need Only a Handful of Ingredients

    Don't stress over your Easter dinner recipes this year with these simple dishes that get you from the kitchen to...

    14 Easter Dinner Ideas That Break from Tradition

    Get creative with your Easter dinner recipes this year by trying these fun, healthy, and fresh takes on the holiday's...

    15 Easter Treats You Can Make Yourself

    With Easter right around the corner, it's time to start creating some fun and tasty Easter treats. Here are some...

    The 26 Best and Worst Easter Candy Treats for Your Basket, Ranked by a Nutritionist

    Obviously Easter candy isn't health food, but some pastel picks are way junkier than others. Registered dietitian scores the popular...

    The Easter Candy Everyone Secretly Hates—But No One Will Admit

    It's time to have a serious conversation about Easter candy. We're looking at you, Peeps.

    13 Adorable Bunny-Shaped Recipes to Make for Easter

    These are sure to hop to the center of attention on your Easter table.

    8 Sweet, Surprising Facts About Jelly Beans Every Candy Lover Should Know

    In the world of candy, jelly beans might seem like bit players that take center stage every Easter. But the...

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    How to Make Flowers Last Longer: 8 Pro Tricks

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