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15 Cell Phone Accessories You’ll End Up Using Every Day

Given our dependence on smartphones, the idea of making them even more useful is not just enticing—it's exciting. See what these accessories can do for your digital best friend.

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phone accessories
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Get ready to fall in love with your phone all over again

It seems crazy to think about now, but cell phones are still a relatively new invention—especially cell phones as we know them today, with all the bells and whistles they provide. But despite how new they are, they’ve become a fixture in our lives, and most of us can’t imagine making it through even one day without them, especially if you’re a highly organized person who uses your smartphone wisely. These must-have cell phone accessories improve upon that already stellar dynamic.

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phone case
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Mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Pack Case


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The struggle is real when it comes to maintaining the battery life of your iPhone, especially if you do any of these things that kill your smartphone battery. Between texting, streaming, FaceTiming, and scrolling, that charge can run out quicker than you’re prepared for. But the Mophie Juice Pack Air can provide a little extra boost to your phone. This low-profile case comes with an extra battery, keeping your phone working even when you don’t have access to an outlet or charger. A portable or magnetic iPhone charger can also be a great go-to when you need an easy and wireless way to give your phone an extra power boost.

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selfie ring
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Aptoyu 8″ LED Selfie Ring Light


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If you film a lot of at-home videos or take your fair share of selfies, you need the 8″ LED Selfie Ring Light. This genius cell phone accessory will improve your complexion immensely, making you look better instantly on camera. It offers three different lighting modes, which each have 10 dimming options, so you can choose the best possible lighting for every occasion. And with a built-in tripod and camera remote, you’ve got all your photo-taking needs covered in one simple and affordable product. Here are more tricks to make yourself look better in photos.

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bluetooth speaker
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A2 Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


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Most mini speakers don’t offer much advantage over your phone’s speakers. However, the A2 Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a different story, offering up incredible battery life, HD sound bass, and a built-in mic for hands-free calls. It comes in a variety of colors and fits in the palm of your hand, but best of all, this wireless speaker plays for up to five hours before recharging. Tip: While you’re enjoying your speakers, consider sticking to downloaded music instead of streaming your songs. You’ll save a bunch of battery power and have less of those annoying “buffering” pauses. In case you were wondering, this is exactly how Bluetooth technology works.

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ear buds
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Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds


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The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds have Alexa capabilities built in, which makes them an ideal digital assistant. They give you all the features of Alexa on the go, so when you wear them, it’s pretty much like having an Amazon Echo in your ear at all times—whether you’re driving to work, taking the train, or going out for a run. If you’re a Nest thermostat user, you can even change the temperature in your apartment with them. They’re particularly useful if you prefer to leave your phone in your pocket or your purse but still want to have access to various functions.

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phone stand
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Pendulux Microphone-Designed Phone Stand


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Being able to call someone and see their face while you chat is one of those remarkable tech advances everyone loves (at least some of the time). However, holding up your phone—or tablet—can get tiring. This Pendulux docking station solves that problem stylishly: It resembles a 1940s-style microphone, so it will look good on your desk even when you’re not using it. The stand supports a range of phones and tablets, and it has a slot for charging cables. This also makes a great present, as do these 45 cool tech gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself.

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phone tripod
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UBeesize Phone Tripod


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Today’s smartphones have essentially retired the click-and-shoot cameras of our past. They take sharp, colorful images so that even novice photographers can capture professional-quality photographs. They also allow for timed images, so you can set up your camera with a countdown and be part of the picture. But if you want that image to be steady, you need an adjustable phone tripod. That’s where the UBeesize Phone Tripod comes in. It’s a super affordable and portable option.

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camera remote control
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CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control


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So, you’ve got the ability to take professional-quality photos, as well as a tripod to keep things steady. Why not get a remote shutter to add just the right amount of exposure and light to your pictures? The CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control works for both iOS and Android and can help take your phone pictures to that next level. While you’re at it, check out these genius tricks for taking postcard-perfect pictures on your smartphone.

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car phone mount
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Vicseed Universal Car Phone Mount


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We all know it’s not safe to use your phone in the car, but many of us rely on our phones for GPS, music, and hands-free conversations while driving. That’s where a good car mount comes in—placing your phone securely on your dash and removing any need for you to fidget with it while driving. Even better? By mounting your phone in the car, you eliminate the risk of it becoming a projectile in case of an accident. Win-win! The Vicseed Universal Car Phone Mount will keep your Android or iOS phone securely in place so that you can focus on the important task of driving safely. Here are another 23 car gadgets that make driving safer.

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tablet stand
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CLCKR Tablet Stand


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The car isn’t the only place you may find yourself wanting to use your device hands-free. What about FaceTiming with friends while cooking? Or asking Siri to look up something while giving the kids a bath? With the CLCKR Tablet Stand, you can set your phone up for hands-free viewing and usage just about anywhere you can find a flat surface to set it on. And since it’s compatible with pretty much any phone or tablet, you’ve got a multifunctional tool that can come in handy in any number of instances.

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phone grip
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LoveHandle Cell Phone Grip


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Never drop your phone again with the Love Handle Cell Phone Grip. This accessory makes it easier to hold onto your phone with one hand without the risk of it slipping to the ground. It’s compatible with most smartphones and tablets and even works with waterproof cases. And the finger strap means that your phone will be safe even when you’re unsteady.

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iphone wallet case
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TORU CX PRO II iPhone Xs Wallet Case


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Let’s face it—carrying around a wallet or purse can be a hassle. But if you get this handy accessory, you won’t have to! The TORU CS PRO II not only keeps your phone secure; it also safely houses your ID, cash, and credit cards. And with a wrist strap and mirror, you’ll never find yourself yearning for a traditional wallet again. That said, you might make an exception for these 11 smart wallets for people who always seem to lose theirs.

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wireless chargers
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CHOETECH Wireless Charger


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Charging cords are unpredictable. They work one day and suddenly crap out the next. Maybe your cat chewed on it, maybe it has a short, or maybe its shelf life just ran out. Whatever the case may be, it’s a big enough pain to have to always have that cord and plug within reach—and it’s an even bigger inconvenience when they don’t work. But with a CHOETECH Wireless Charging Pad, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Compatible with the iPhone 11 and higher and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and higher, this is the accessory that meets all your charging needs—without the use of unreliable wires.

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cable memory charger
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MEEM Memory for Android


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When was the last time you backed up your phone? We thought so. That’s why you need MEEM, a charging cable that contains a backup drive. Whenever you plug in your phone (iOS and Android) to charge, MEEM automatically backs up your phone. With the companion app, you can easily restore photos, videos, documents, and apps if your phone is lost or stolen—or you drop it in the lake (again). And while we’re on the topic, this is how often you need to back up your computer.

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tile mate
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Tile Mate


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You can use Tile Mate to keep track of items like keys and wallets through the device’s simple companion app. Thankfully, it also has the reverse capability if it’s your phone you’re looking for: Simply press a Tile to make your phone ring—and it will, even if it’s set to Silent.

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thermal phone camera
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Flir One Gen 3 Thermal Camera


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With Flir One, a thermal-imaging camera attachment for iOS (Gen 3) and Android devices (Pro LT), you can find how the hot air is creeping into your house. Also good for DIY projects, camping, and cooking, the Flir One is handy around the house, as well: It can help you pinpoint water damage in floors, walls, and ceilings, find sink clogs, and detect overloaded circuits. If you’re trying to keep on top of home improvement, this can make life so much easier. And you’ll love your smartphone even more once you learn these 17 hidden iPhone hacks you never knew about.

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